Author: Carlos Xuma

How To Call Her And Get A Date With 7 Simple Steps

It’s one thing to get tips for how to call her and get a date, another to know EXACTLY what to do every step of the way. Learn every step today!

Let’s cut what happens when you call her into little pieces, see what goes where and why, and put it all back together again so you know how to call her and get what you want.

It’s not often that I do this, but since most regular guys like you and me ask a girl for her number and then want to know everything there is to know about how to call her so we can’t screw up?

I thought I’d give it a try. Here we go!

How To Call Her: Initial Anxiety

The first stage of figuring out how to call her is all about getting past the initial anxiety.

It’s when you get nervous and start sweating the moment the phone starts dialing… duuuu… duuuu… and then she answers the phone (or not).

Let’s assume she answers the phone so I can show you how to call her by overcoming your stage fright.

Do you start to ask yourself if you have something witty to say …

How To Seduce Females By The Dozen Without Much Effort

If you want to seduce females, then forget about those Hollywood fantasies and pick up artist tricks. Discover the real way to seduce a female today!

Let’s be honest here: you don’t seduce females by buying them flowers, dinners, gifts, and I don’t know what else Hollywood tries to make you believe…

And you can’t seduce females and have long term dating success (or an actual relationship) by using pick up artist tricks and routines that transform both you and women into robots. You just can’t expect to seduce a female by pushing a button, waiting for a response and then pushing another button…

I can almost hear you think: “So what is the real way of learning how to seduce females then?”

It’s following a number of rules of how women work. To be more specific: they’re guidelines for how to seduce a female that will serve as training wheels until you have enough experience to do it yourself.

Ready to check out the rules of how to seduce females? Ready or not, here we go!

The 8 Rules Of How To Seduce Females

The following rules of how to seduce a female cover not only what you need

How To Call After A First Date And Have Her Begging For More

Want to know how to call after a first date and get a second date with her and more? Then pay attention, because today I’ll show you how to do that!

In case you’re thinking to yourself right now: “Should I even call after a first date in the first place?”

Then the answer (if you want to see her again) is hell yeah! But… you need to call after a first date in a different way than most guys do. And WHEN you call after a first date is important too…


Because you don’t want to come across like you’re indifferent, too cool for school or whatever you want to call it. You don’t want to be seen as a player…

On the other hand, you don’t want to come across too excited either because desperate little wussies scare women away faster than spiders and mice do COMBINED!

Needless to say, there’s an “art” to calling after a first date: call after a first date too late or don’t say enough and you’re screwed, but you’re also screwed when you call too early or say too much.

I don’t want to put pressure on you, but the reality …