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3 Steps To Winning Back Your Girlfriend

3 Steps To Winning Back Your Girlfriend

We’ve all been there…

You find this one girl, this one fantastic girl. You woo her – and you win her.

You make all these crazy good memories together.


You hump like insane rabbits every chance you get.

You find yourself thinking crazy thoughts, like maybe even … gasp … marrying this girl someday. Maybe popping out a baby or two.

And then something changes…

One day, she gets a little cold toward you.

She starts arguing with you over small things.

She isn’t as sweet as she once was…

Maybe the sex slows down – or stops

You begin to wonder why you don’t see each other as much

Maybe she even cheats on you with some guy. Maybe even someone you know who’s a total douche.

Your heart is broken, but you want to win her back.


One of the worst situations for a guy is being stuck with the task of winning back your girlfriend.

But it’s also the most painful, which means a guy is more likely to do something crazy and compromise his dignity to win his ex back.

My buddy Carl had this exact situation play out with …

6 Body Language Confidence Signals – How To Create Attraction With Girls

It’s tough to be confident with girls when you suspect that maybe you’re not giving off a “confident” vibe.

If you suspect your own body is betraying you, how confident can you feel?

That’s why you need to know the secrets to decipher body language and know what signals are good – and which ones will mislead you.

How to seduce women

Most of the people that I coach on body language are mostly interested in flirting signals of the opposite sex. Most body language signals and clues are fairly obvious if you spend any time observing people.

However, the more subtle indications of interest and attraction can be missed, so we’ll go through a few of the most important body language signals you can read.

What’s her body telling you? Body Language Signal 1: Emphasis

Men and women emphasize different aspects with body language.

how to get the girls

Men try to appear taller, usually by sucking in their gut, and straightening up their spine.

Guys also try to puff up their chests. In general, guys try to highlight their muscles and stature.

On the other side, women emphasize their cleavage as much as possible.

Her chest is also a large part of her sexual

How To Get Laid

How To Get Laid

What most guys want to know most is how to get laid. There’s really no doubt about it.

how to get that girl

When it comes to getting laid, guys want the step-by-step blueprint to go from talking to her to getting her to come home with him.

And we don’t want the douchebag method either. You’ve probably seen articles where a douchey looking guy tells you he can get you laid.

Usually after he’s yelled “YO! Player! F***!” at you with his badly shaved face and haircut. Oh, and he’ll usually have a really ridiculous tattoo.

Well, I’m here to help you avoid that kind of advice – and get the good advice that will really help you.

So let’s tackle the big elephant in the room right off the bat…

Do you want to get laid?

Here’s the deal: A lot of guys will deny they want to get laid.


I should know – I did this all the time.

How to seduce women

I repressed my natural male sex drive when I was with women, denying to them (and myself) that I really wanted to have sex.

But after I realized that I was just fooling myself, that I was hiding …