How To Please Your Girlfriend In Bed – Sex Advice

Today is about how to please your girlfriend in bed. How come? Because it’s more than logical for me to start giving sex advice, because let’s face it:

What happens if my dating tips help you get a successful date? That’s right: porn-like sex! But for that to happen, you need to know how to please your girlfriend in bed first!

But first, let’s get something straight about how to please your girlfriend here…

When I say please your girlfriend in bed, I mean the woman you’re in a relationship with for months or years. But I also mean a girlfriend for 1 night…

If you want to know more about how to please your girlfriend, then start using my tips for pleasing your girlfriend in bed.

Hell, even if you want some advice for all twenty of your girlfriends. It’s fine with me. I don’t judge.

Whether you’re an one night stand man or a relationship man, I don’t care. I’m just the guy giving sex advice.

So, let’s get started with that advice for how to please your girlfriend better then, shall we?

How To Please Your Girlfriend In Bed Tip 1: Don’t Be A Wussy

Maybe this sounds obvious, but it’s not. Here’s why…

1) 90% of the men out there today focus on a woman’s pleasure. They want to make sure she has an orgasm, because they think that tells them they’re great lovers. This is NOT how to please your girlfriend, because you’ll screw up in bed (no pun intended) and you’ll find out why a bit later on…

2) Most regular guys like you and me also ask “does that feel good to you?” and similar questions several times. The worst question to ask in the world: “did you come?” Why so insecure about whether you can please your girlfriend or not?

3) Guys also tend to ask women to change position or to do something, instead of telling women or simply putting them where they need to be.

Have you ever felt like you need to achieve in bed? Ever had problems with getting it up because you felt too much pressure to please a woman in bed?

Don’t lie now, be honest: You’re beating yourself up about the fact that you don’t know how to please your girlfriend in bed!

The #1 cause of feeling anxiety to achieve in bed is focusing on HER pleasure and on if you’re doing things the right way. That’s when you think too much. Stop overthinking it and start enjoying it!

And the 3 mistakes in bed I told you about before can be summarized in one sentence: don’t try to get approval from a woman in bed. It turns her off BIG TIME. If you want to know how to please your girlfriend in bed, then know that this is how to FUCK IT UP!

Don’t ask anything and tell women what to do in bed. Hell, don’t even tell them and physically put them where they need to be. Want a different position? Take her hand and put her in that freaking position!

Why is this one of the best things to learn if you want to know how to please your girlfriend?

Women want to meet and date “real” men: dominant, non-approval seeking, confident…

And if they want that with dating already, they REALLY want it in bed. Women don’t want a wussy in bed, ever. They want a gentleman on the street and a beast in the bed just like we want a lady in the street and a freak in the bed…

So if you want to know how to please your girlfriend in bed?

– You don’t ask, you do
– You don’t focus on her pleasure (too much)
– You don’t think about sex or during sex, you enjoy the damn moment

Doing these 3 simple things and knowing why is the first step to pleasing your girlfriend in bed. Hell, it’s the first step towards having pornstar-like sex!

And YES! I said the first step, because there’s more…

Last Longer In Bed To Please Your Girlfriend Better

I have always wanted to last longer in bed. I’ve been practising it for years and I have much sex advice to share with you to please your girlfriend in bed…

And although women usually don’t climax just by having sex, they really enjoy having it! That’s why it’s not a bad idea to try and last longer in bed.

Here are several ways to last longer and please your girlfriend better:

1) The moment you feel like you’re almost going to climax? STOP! Take your penis out of her and leave it out of there for 10 seconds. Then go back in. We can only climax with continuous stimulation. Those 10 seconds are just long enough for us to need stimulation from start to finish again. In short: you will last longer in bed with these extra seconds.

2) Different positions require different amounts of effort. Don’t be stupid by doing her while standing and then going doggystyle. Why is that being stupid? Because you need lots of energy and a muscular sixpack for both positions. You will get tired or get cramps and that’s a sure fire way to screw the sex up. No climax then buddy! So switch it up: go from a position that’s physically heavy for you (doggy) to one that’s heavy for her (her on top facing you), back to heavy for you again… and so on. That way you can last much longer in bed… and please your girlfriend better!

3) Different positions stimulate you and her in different ways. You feel a different sensation when you have sex doggystyle than when she’s riding on top of you. Because you’re stimulated in different places, you can last longer in bed by switching positions. Positions that stimulate different things (than the missionary position): doggy, standing up with her back towards you, her on top, her on top with her back towards you, sideways while laying on the bed, with her legs over your shoulders, etc.

You can learn how to please your girlfriend better in bed by learning how to do the sex positions I just mentioned!

Bonus tip: heard of the Kama Sutra? It’s the most ancient book with sex advice ever and PUA Malibu wants to share some awesome Kama Sutra Sex Tips with you. Check them out.

NOTE: I just gave you sex advice for lasting longer that doesn’t have anything to do with breathing, meditation, tantra or any of that other stuff on purpose. Why? because for most people it’s a little “out there” to start talking about chi and whatever.

Stop being a wussy and start doing these 3 things in bed I mentioned above and you’ll be much better at pleasing your girlfriend in bed.

And remember: don’t overthink it, enjoy it!

Once you start doing this?

– You will feel no more pressure to achieve in bed and can finally relax and enjoy the sex
– You will know exactly how to please your girlfriend in bed
– You will last much longer in bed

In short: follow my sex advice and you will know how to please your girlfriend AND how to have better sex for a longer period of time!

One More Thing About How To Please Your Girlfriend…

Here’s an overlooked secret of how to pleasure your girlfriend:

Study after study has shown that, for women, 80% of sexual arousal happens mentally instead of physically. In other words, your ability to please your girlfriend and to keep her attracted to you largely depends on if you can attract her psychologically.

But don’t worry, because it’s easy to take care of the mental part of pleasing your girlfriend thanks to the attraction tips you’ll find inside my Inner Game Newsletter. So, what are you waiting for? Get more tips by signing up for the newsletter right away!

And do leave a comment to tell me:

1) Which sex tip is the most useful tip for you and why? How do you please your girlfriend?
2) Do you have any sex advice to share with the world? Tell us!

And now if you’ll excuse me?

This movie abuser is going to watch The Matrix for the fourth time now.

No matter what you think of action movies, only a dumb ass would NOT admit that The Matrix raised the bar for all action movies: an incredibly deep story, awesome graphics and slow-motion bullet time…

It makes me want to please my girlfriend in bed in slow-motion to see what happens… just kidding!

Use these tips for how to please your girlfriend wisely. I know I have.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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