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Creating a sexual spark of desire in a woman seems like the most difficult thing in the world to do, but when you know how to take Remote Control of her mind, it's easier than turning on your computer...

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This is also not a skimpy 10 minute video.

You and I are going to take a little time to go deep into each topic so you're completely deadly. When you're done, you're going to know more about texting women than 90% of guys will ever learn. (Especially your buddies!)

I created this program as a fast and easy video tutorial - and I will walk you through the quickest method for getting the upper hand when you text her: "Remote Control - The Unfair Texting Advantage."

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bullet THE biggest mistake guys make texting women that guarantees she won't sleep with you - and how to avoid EVER making it again...
bullet 4 Questions you can ask any woman to flip the tables, take control of the texting, and get her to feel an instant sexual connection with you...
bullet 38 of my own personal text messages that make her fantasize about you all day long - so that she can't wait to see you again...
bullet The One Essential Text you must send her that most men miss - if you don't send it, she ignores you later...
bullet The 16 essential texts you must know how to use: The Intro, The Openers, The Teasers, The Reversals ,The Blasts, The Flirts, and much more...
bullet How to turn things around so that she is the one chasing YOU - and working to get your approval - so you can relax, enjoy all the attention she showers you with - and so you can start to choose the women YOU want...
bullet Bonus Texts for high-risk situations - Do you know what to do when she asks you text questions you don't know how to answer, or if she starts to back off from the date... You will know now!
bullet And MUCH much more...


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