An introduction to sending messages
to women online that work every time...

The biggest dilemma for 99% of the men that want to know how to meet women online is: how do you get them to reply to you, to start talking with you?

Let's first take a look at how crappy the messages in a woman's profile inbox usually are...

Attractive females receive around 20-50 messages a day, which are almost ALL the same ones (they fall into the three categories I describe below) that annoy the heck out of her.

So here are the DON'TS:

- You can tell a woman she's pretty, an angel or whatever, but doing that will only make her think: how many women did you use this one on already? It's letting her know you not even took the time to READ her profile! Or she'll feel that your interest is only shallow (you like her for her looks), and not genuine (which is liking her for who she is - her personality). Being shallow KILLS attraction.

- You can tell a woman that you're probably not here type but would love to talk to her sometime, which reads I'm already writing myself off and think I'm WAY out of your league in her language. It's coming across insecure, and desperate. Being desperate or insecure RUINS your chances. Women just aren't into wussies, deal with it.

- You can tell a woman she's hot and that she should add you on [email protected], but guess how many of those other 50 messages say that? Guess how needy and desperate you'll come across, and why would she even add a stranger to her Instant Messenger or worse: call him? Being needy cripples your chances of getting her number.

These all WON'T work, because you're telling her the wrong kinds of things, and you're not talking to her for who she is but for how she looks.

The best way to get her to respond to your message is by, drumroll please, talking to her about who she is.

But how?

I always, 24 hour a day, use HER hobbies, interests, likes, passions and activities to create attraction by teasing them about it. I let her know I'm selective, that I'm a playful guy and that I'm not afraid to challenge her for who she is all at the same time. In short: let the accusing begin! Off course you'll start to wonder why...

Why is teasing so effective?

There are a number of psychological reasons for it being so darn effective as it really is, and I'd like to share them with you so you'll know WHY you're doing what you're doing, and WHY it works..

- I'm teasing with accusations, and what's the most logical response to an accusation? Defending your case, in fact studies have shown that we're DRAWN to explain ourselves when we're accused of something, so a response is triggered because of human nature itself!

- Most men are intimated by a woman's looks, and will either hesitate to approach her or won't approach her at all. Next to this, they'll try to do everything for her and be really sweet to make her like them, in short: they aim to please. Thirdly, lots of men are NERVOUS when physically around women: they feel uncomfortable, not at ease, they're body is tense.

- But guess what happens when you tease her? You'll show you're NOT intimidated by her looks and NOT afraid of showing interest in her. You're NOT trying to be someone else just so she'll like you more or agree with everything she says, is and does like all those but kissing men out there. You're also showing her that you're comfortable around women, yourself around women, you're at tease and relaxed (almost TOO relaxed). These are all attractive qualities in a man. Now, when you accuse her, you first of all playfully tease her which is a lot of fun, it's exciting and she'll want to play around MORE (and she'll start teasing and accusing YOU because of it).

And finally, women always have been the most selective of the sexes. Why? Because men don't run any risks when they have sex (except for STDs off course), but women?

Women run the risk of becoming PREGNANT: being unstable and limited in their moments for a long period of time, plus they'll have a child afterwards that needs to be taken care of too.

And if a woman would indulge in giving in to every guy trying to seduce her? She A) wouldn't have a life, B) would constantly be pregnant which would make it harder and harder for her and the increasing number of children to survive and C) not every man is born equal, as such a woman will want a guy with genes that offer the highest chance of survival for her offspring.

So women NEED to be selective, they need to select a best possible mate or humankind would die pretty fast. Now you know the reason for not getting any replies..

But when YOU are the one doing the selecting with your accusing, magical things start to happen: all of a sudden YOU are perceived to be the object of desire, YOU are sought after and harassed by women who want to mate making it hard for YOU to have a life.

We want what everyone else is having, because if everything else wants it then it MUST be good, right? You're subcommunicating that you're amazingly good by teasing, challenging and accusing her, and since women want men with good genes?

They'll want YOU!

Examples of how to tease her and attract a woman online
- I looked at your profile and noticed how you like spaghetti, but are NOT from Italy. Tell me: you're NOT of those suit wearing, slick talking, gelled-out hairdo Godfather WANNABEES are you? What are you wanted for? Tell me! :P

- I looked at your profile and noticed how you like horses, and I'm kinda curious because I don't usually hang around with horseriders that much, so is it TRUE, that horseriders get a firmer *SS from ALL that riding in the sadle? :P

- I looked at your profile and noticed how you have BLUE eyes but DARK hair, which is an ABSOLUTE freak of nature, it never happens! :P So that makes me wonder, tell me, you're a DUMB BLONDE by nature aren't you? (A)

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