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3 Ways women manipulate men

3 Ways Women Manipulate Men

I just know this article will kick off a firestorm of controversy…

But I don’t care.

I didn’t write this article to enable a bunch of low self-esteem guys to have more reasons to dislike women, or to paint women in a negative light. Many women aren’t even aware they employ these tactics directly.

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In fact, there’s a whole bunch of women who DO know about them, and refuse to use them.

There’s a saying you might not have heard: “Female cunning surpasses male understanding any day of the week.”

I’m telling you this because you need to know that women aren’t always angels, and an innocent guy can get pulled into a rather unhappy situation if he doesn’t keep his eyes open when he’s out there dating.

I’m not telling you anything you probably don’t already know – BUT you might not know that this “man-ipulative” skill is something that is scientifically established.

Manipulation isn’t necessarily bad, by the way. It’s just that people don’t like to get played by others.

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And the fact is that manipulation is one of the most effective methods for getting you want out of life.

Let’s trace this back along …

7 Ways To Be Attractive To Girls

7 Ways To Be Attractive To Girls

It’s the 21st century… and the truth is that it’s harder than ever for most guys to really attract girls.

When I say “really” – I mean sexually attracted. Like – she wants to tackle you, throw you into bed, and have her wicked ways with you for eight hours straight

Okay, maybe that’s over the top…

Look, maybe you’ve had the experience of going out on a date with a girl, and maybe you bought her flowers – chivalrous chap that you are.

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But then you meet up with her, and she looks at you with a weird expression that says you must have done something wrong. And even if you don’t think you did, you feel like it.

And it SUCKS.

Maybe she gives you a polite “thanks” and takes them, but you can tell she isn’t as impressed as you thought.

Or maybe she tells you, “Thanks, but you’re trying a little hard.”

Which is closer to the truth.

Hey, man – you didn’t know!

And aren’t chicks supposed to like that crap?

Well, don’t get depressed, my friend. I’m going to guide you through a few of the ways that men can be …

5 Ways To Get The Girl

4 Ways To Get The Girl – and Get Her To Like You

Let’s face it – when you see a girl you want to win, you know you’ve got to get her liking you right away.

If she starts out thinking of you as a friend, you’re doomed.

It is possible to break out of that friends zone, but you shouldn’t let yourself get put there in the first place.

It’s like having to start a football game with a penalty in the first few seconds. You’re going to be behind from the very beginning.

Why let that handicap mess up your game when you can avoid it?

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So if you’ve got your eye on her, I want to help you get the girl.

And get her fully wanting you back.

Here are a few tips – a few ways to get the girl liking you right from the first time you meet her:

Win The Girl – Tip 1: Listen to her until she squirms

One of the things I do that works so well to make women respond to me sexually is that I do something that I call OVER-listening.

I ask a woman a question, and then I listen to her answer. REALLY listen.

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If …