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How To Be The ONE And ONLY Guy
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It's exciting when you start texting that hot girl you want...

But when you never hear back from her - or she ignores your calls - that's when you feel your heart drop and realize that it's not as simple as knowing a few clever words...

    • If you've ever spent hours thinking up the perfect thing to text that special girl, only to finally send it and then she ignores you for hours, days, or weeks on end...

    • If you've ever been hanging around that hot girl, watching her check her phone and texts every 5 seconds - but when it comes to replying to you, she takes forever, and it's nevery flirty...

    • If you find yourself calling women on their cell phones, and they never seem to answer, or return the voicemails you leave...

What I'm about to show you is going to completely flip the game so that you finally have the upper hand and the advantage.

You'll Get Her So Hot To Hear From You
That You'll Be Getting Texts
And Call-Backs Almost Instantly...

There's a reason you're not getting women to respond to your texts - or your phone calls to her, and it has nothing to do with your looks, your age, or your income.

It has everything to do with your ability to use your cell phone as a direct link into her sexual mind.

In the next few minutes, you'll learn what the critical mistake is that most men make with texting (*and calling) women...

The answer is in this question: Why do women love using cell phones so much?

Why are they always texting - always chatting away on them...?

Believe it or not - It's all about how we grew up as kids.

Girls' friendships focus on making connections -- and talking is essential to this process. Sharing secrets, relating experiences, revealing their problems and discussing drama are essential as girls develop.

Women Don't Text Like Men Do!

The fact is that among girls - she can never communicate enough! She considers texting, calling, talking as part of the bonding process.

This shouldn't surprise you too much:

FACT: 60 percent of women name their mobiles as the most important device in their lives - significantly higher than men, at only 43 percent!

Not only is her smartphone the first thing she looks at in the morning (for 78 percent), it consumes her free time throughout the day, when she uses it for her facebook, texting and shopping.

Guys don't do this. We tend to just communicate the essential information, and we're done. Or surf the Internet, or check sports scores.

Guys Use A Phone In Just ONE Way:
Information Transfer!

Men are looking to either get data or receive data.

A typical conversation for a guy goes like this:

  • "Hey, what's up?"

  • "Nothin'..."

  • "Wanna go to that club on Saturday? Meet some chicks?"

  • "Sure. What time?"

  • "10:00"

  • "Cool, later..."

    Guys just need to find out what's going on - and then get on with it.

Women, on the other hand, want to talk about every little detail and interpret every subtle meaning of every word...

"And I was like... and then she was like... And I said... and then she looked at me in that way... you know..."

So guys use the phone as a TOOL...

And women use it to CONNECT.

And This Is The KEY -
The "Trick" To Getting Women
To Pay Attention To You
When You Text Her Or Call Her...

I'm about to reveal a little-known secret that could easily TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE the number of women you date or pull to your bedroom.

These secrets are something I found after thousands of hours researching what works and what doesn't. And I found the answer almost completely by mistake.

Because chances are, you might be one of the guys who doesn't know about the secret ways to use your phone to get her attention. And I don't want you to have to use trial and error - and lose dozens of women - the way I did.

FACT: Women send at least 3 times more texts than guys do...

And The Texts That Women Send
Are COMPLETELY Different From
The Texts That Guys Send

They're like "pings" that tell her where everyone in her world is on her radar.

It's spooky, but I'll bet you've seen it when her cell phone goes off, and she doesn't even look at it - but she can tell you who it is that's calling her. Without even looking!

Look, you already know that women need some mystery to be interested in you, right?

If she knows too much about how interested you are, you'll be friend-zoned almost immediately.

If You Use Your Phone The Wrong
She'll Get Bored,
And You Get Forgotten

She won't text you, or call you, or snapchat you - or anything.

But the worst part is that women can see tiny signals from how you use your phone to connect with her...

And these tiny signals tell her PRECISELY...

  1. How interested you are...

  2. Whether or not you're a guy she will sleep with or end up in the friend zone...

  3. How "available" you really are

  4. How long she can wait to - or if she even SHOULD - call you back

And a whole lot more...

She gets all this information based on how you use your phone.

The Single Most Important Thing
To Winning The Texting/Cell Phone Game Is THIS:

You have to text women with the same method that other WOMEN use!

It goes back to using your phone as a TOOL - or are you using it to create a connection?

What you're doing with the phone is all about FOREPLAY! You know that old joke, right? Well, it's true about how you text her and call her just the same.

If you skip the foreplay, you skip the connection - and she puts you in the friends zone. And ignores you.

For women - it's all about: PATTERN AND TIMING

The pattern and timing of your texts and calls is ten times MORE important than what you text her or what you say when you're on the phone with her.

The pattern you use is the deadly secret to either getting her to text you back right away, or having her ignore you for days at a time, leaving you angry and ready to throw your phone out the window.

Most Guys Text Women The First Time,
And Completely Destroy The Attraction...

Some guys call her all the time, and get put right into the friends only bucket almost instantly...

They do things like text her: "Hey, what's up?"

Or ask: "What are you doing?"

I've asked about 1270 guys about their experience texting and calling women over the last 2 years

And you know what?

Maybe a few dozen of them were aware that this stuff was going on behind the scenes.

A few more SUSPECTED it was going on...

But almost NONE of them knew HOW it was happening - or what to do about it!

The simple fact remains...

How Most Guys Use Their Phone
To Get Women Hot

Your pattern is probably to blame, not you.

It's like this...

Your car could be an $80,000 BMW, but if you have one flat tire, your car can barely CRAWL.

And it's the same thing with your "phone game" with women.

Without a solid understanding of how to use the phone with women...

  • Texting

  • Calling

  • Sexting

  • Sending pictures

  • Leaving messages (you need to do this, by the way, but almost NOBODY does it right!)

...without knowing all these fundamentals, you could be a master at meeting women and still be doing horrible with your success rate.

The Fastest Thing You Can Do
To Have More Success With Women Is...

KNOW what to do with her number after you get it!

KNOW when to text, when to call, and what to say when you do...


Because getting her number is only a SMALL part of it.

Knowing what to do with that number is the biggest part of winning the dating game!

Let Me Share With You ONE Quick Fix
That You Can Implement RIGHT NOW

This one tweak will almost guarantee you get her to text you back...

It doesn't matter if she's in one of your classes with you, or you work with her, or you just met her on the street.

It's so simple, but it's INCREDIBLY POWERFUL.

The next time you're tempted to just text her "What's up" or something else that you're not sure about, send this instead:

"Hey, I was just talking about you..."


That's it.

There's NO WAY she won't text you back when you send that one. Why? Because there isn't a woman alive that won't want to know "What were you saying?"

(I'll even bet that's exactly what she says when she texts you back!)

That right there will make sure you get her to text you back. Problem solved.

And if this is a chick you know, it gets even easier from here.

Oh, and if you can throw in some drama, emotion, and OMG stuff into your texts - like I'll show you - you're golden.

You Will Literally Have Women Calling
And Texting You At All Hours

But you might have more parts of your game you want to fix...

    • Like what to say when you talk to her...

    • Or what to text her...

    • And when you should text...

    • How to ask for - and get - the date...

    • And how to Seal The Deal with her.

And that's why I created

The Ultimate Calling Women
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The Calling Women & Texting Women Program

It's your complete guide to easily multiply your success on the phone with women OVERNIGHT.

There are very few things like this that you can fix this quickly, by the way.

This Is Just ONE Of Many Opportunities
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But you might have more parts you want to fix in this equation.

    • Like what to say when you talk to her...

    • Or what to text her...

    • How to get the date...

    • How to Seal The Deal.

And that's why I created

The Ultimate Calling Women & Texting System.

It's your complete guide to easily multiply your success on the phone with women OVERNIGHT.

There are very few things like this that you can fix this quickly, by the way.

Here's What You Get In My
Ultimate Calling &
Texting Women System...

The Calling Women & Texting Women Program
  • The BIG secret to why ASKING for a phone number ruins your success with women. Then it shows you why TAKING a phone number is much better... and you'll see how to take any number you want ...

  • How to use my "Stalker Objection" Technique to stop women from saying "NO" when you tell them you would like to have their number. Once you learn how to use the Stalker Objection "against" women - You'll know why I always get women's numbers when I ask for them...

  • 3 simple, word for word sentences you can use to get a woman's number, ever time. No more fumbling for words and feeling like a fool when you get refused...

  • You'll get 3 techniques for writing down a woman's phone number that make her feel insanely attracted to you, and you haven't even called her yet...

  • 2 powerful tactics that will tell you EXACTLY when to call a woman. (HINT: It's not the same for every woman, and this is where most guys completely ruin it.) And... at what time of day to call women. If she sees your call, she will pick up the phone...

  • I'll show you how to know if a woman is too busy to talk... This test will tell you if a woman will answer the phone so you'll never have to wait for her to call you back when she's busy...

  • Learn the 1 thing you need to do BEFORE calling women that will set you up for an AWESOME conversation... You'll have fun and flirty calls even if you're normally quiet or shy...

  • Discover the secret of why calling women is like the stock market. (HINT: it has a lot to do with "investing" principles) and why it's better to let a woman talk more than you. After you discover this secret, it will be a piece of cake for you to make women want to go on a date with you as soon as humanly possible...

  • 5 techniques for teasing women on the phone that drive them CRAZY - with desire. They will get crazy over you. When you're done, they will DEMAND to go out with you...

  • How to deal with women who flake on you. This takes care of women who never pick up your call - or never call you back after you leave messages. And it takes care of women who keep saying "NO" when you talk about taking them out. Say goodbye to "phone rejection" for good!

  • The 5 KEY parts of ANY successful phone call. After you discover these elements you'll always know what to say. No stuttering or hesitation, or nervousness. You'll be able to easily call women and get a date within minutes. No resistance or head games...

  • The TRUTH about how many times you should call women...

  • THIS technique gets women to call YOU the first time after exchanging numbers with them. It's the lazy man's trick for getting dates - without begging or pleading...

  • What about after you hang up the phone? 6 phone attraction strategies will make a woman call her BFF (best friend forever) to brag about you. And tell her how awesome and sexy you are...

  • What to do when a woman calls YOU. This "Rule of 5" lets her wait - AND creates attraction for you - while you haven't even talked to a woman yet. My friends that I've taught this to call it the "Fight Club" technique - and it works like a charm. It also works completely opposite to common sense...

  • 3 KEYS to ANY successful text message conversation. If you have trouble creating attraction using text messages, THIS is one part of the System that will completely turn your game around...

  • Do you know when it's better to call a woman and when it's better to text her? Knowing this is CRITICAL, because doing the wrong one at the wrong time will RUIN your chances with a woman...

  • 3 situations that are PERFECT for texting a woman. And if you miss this window of opportunity, you may never get it again. You'll make her fall in lust with you within minutes. (I learned this from seeing what my sister always does when she's bored...)

  • How texting women is the doorway to something much greater: "Text Game Online". You're about to learn how text messages easily let you meet TONS of women online too...

  • Seven strategies for how to send text messages to women. As soon as you start using these strategies, women will literally sit and wait on your next message - just because she CAN'T WAIT to find out what you'll text her next...

  • The rules of calling women - the confidence mindset that gets dates FOR YOU. No more calling women and just wasting your time. No more talking over the phone with no results. Wait until you see how many calls this mindset turns into dates...

  • 4 powerful tactics that will get a woman to want to go on a date with you. These tactics will do it all for you without guilting or pressuring women to go on a date. By the way: My Chinese friend Han has proven that this stuff works all over the planet. He's become the Hong Kong version of Hugh Hefner...

  • How to use your phone to test if a woman is going to show up for a date. Every man hates women who flake out on a date. It's drives you nuts - but that problem will be a thing of the past with this simple test...

  • The best technique I know to get a SECOND date with a woman - and a third date, and a fourth... Using only phone techniques - cell phone, home phone, business phone - it doesn't matter...

  • How to use my "R3 process" to get date after date... after date. I developed this secret technique to work with women & dating. R3 "forces" women to either date you - or feel like a complete fool. (Guess what? They always choose the date.) You're about to use R3 to get what you want from women whenever you call...

  • How to treat the 3 types of girls on the phone. Most men who fail with calling women don't know that ALL women behave in one of 3 different ways when you call them. If you don't know how to handle each caller type you can forget about connecting with women...

  • The #1 secret to creating a connection with women while talking to them on the phone. If women don't feel comfortable around you, they won't take the next step with you. That's why you need to have a connection with them. This 10-year old "customer service" secret builds a connection FOR YOU...

  • How to use my "storyboarding" technique when texting women to make them want more. This one method will can push women into STALKER mode you with text messages until you finally take them out...

  • You'll come up with spontaneously fun and attraction boosting text messages. How? With my "S3™ Method". This Method has been the KEY to my success with texting women. Use it often and the "S3™ Method makes women want to call you to start telling you their feelings...

    BONUS: Tantalizing Texts -
    Make Her Horny With Texting

    Have you ever texted her and gotten a response that confused you?

    Or you didn't know how to reply to?

    Maybe you wanted to text her something that would get her thinking about you - but you just didn't know what to send?

    In this special ebook report, I'll reveal dozens of texts that you can use TONIGHT on her to get her fantasizing about you, and downright OBSESSED with you.

    AND I'll show you the biggest mistakes to avoid when texting her (and chances are, you're making one of them!)

    Value: $67

And more... MUCH much more.

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All you have to do to have INSANE levels of success with calling women & texting women is download my system and use the tactics and tips I show you...

It's that simple. You'll love how easy it is. You'll probaby hate yourself for not getting my tips for calling women WAY earlier...

But I can almost hear you think. You have some questions for me:

Why Should You Believe This Stuff Works?

Why Should You Believe That I Can Help You?

I worked in callcenters for over 7 years, and I handled an average of 40 calls per day, every single day. Do you realize what that means?

It means I've done 14000+ calls each year... for 7 years.

I'll do the math for you there... that's almost 100,000 calls I handled.

Why can my experience with selling stuff and helping people over the phone help you with calling women?

I quickly discovered the stuff that makes people buy from you on the phone.

And it's the same stuff that gets women to date you when you call them. It's the same psychology at work!

What worked in callcenters, worked with women. Do you realize what that means?

This means I've had the chance to try every single technique for calling women I could think of thousands of times... every year... for 7 loooong years.

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"I Don't Know Anyone Else Who
Can Talk So Easily To Women
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"He's good. Real good. Especially with women. He always made female customers laugh and forget about what they called for in the first place. He received an average of 2 emails per week from customers giving him compliments... and almost every one of those emails came from the women he helped that week. Carlos somehow mastered flirting with women over the phone. I don't know what he did, but it worked.

I'm kinda jealous. Because I don't know anyone else who seems to have this much conversational skills. And I don't know anyone else who can talk so easily to women over the phone like Carlos does!"

Marcel Jacobs, Team Manager Customer Service At T-Mobile

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I know EXACTLY what works and what doesn't on the phone
with people in general, and women especially.

I know EXACTLY what works and what doesn't when you call women...

And during the last 10 years as a dating coach, I've helped thousands of men approach hundreds of women, and get unimaginable amounts of phone numbers, and go on thousands of dates.

If not more...

You're about to discover how thousands of average guys just like you got success with my techniques for calling and texting women.

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2) Bonus Video: Extra Conversational Tactics For Calling Women (Value: $97)

bonus video In this 30-minute long video, I'll show you the secrets I "stole" from many different callcenters and customer service departments...

One of them is the R3™ Method I mentioned before. It's quickly gaining a reputation for being "the ultimate date-getter for when you call..."

R3™ makes you say goodbye to NOT knowing what to say when you call

3) Bonus Video: Extra Conversational Tactics For Texting Women (Value: $97)

bonus video
In this 30-minute video, I'll show 2 powerful strategies for sending text messages to women that you won't find ANYWHERE else...

These strategies have almost filled up the memory on a few of my student's phones. THAT'S how responsive women will get to your texting and phone game.

Imagine what your life would be like if you knew that almost every single one of your texts leads to a phone call... and if you knew almost every phone call leads to a date.

What would that do to your success ratios?

I'll tell you: They will skyrocket.

4) Three Unadvertised Bonuses
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And after the book and the videos that show you how to easily get dates when calling women? There are 3 unadvertised bonuses for you to check out.

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Okay... I'll give you one hint... but this is all I'm going to tell you...

HINT: More video... including the best ways I know to use your phone as a TOOL for approaching women... and a couple more ebooks on maximizing your game with not just your cell phone, but with online dating.


The Seduction Code - Secret Sexual Desire Triggers

Do you know how to talk to women to bring out her inner attraction for you? This is the complete architecture and method to meeting women so that you do NOT wind up in the friend's only zone with her.

I'm going to show you my private technique for reading a woman's personality, and making her feel like she's known you forever... comfortable and ready to let you past her defenses.

This is a guaranteed system to melting any woman's resistance to you in just minutes... And have her eating out of the palm of your hand.

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Sexual Activation System - How To Make Her Hot For You

This is the key to unleashing her sexual craving for you.

Deep inside, you know that she's been a prude and a "nice girl" for you, even if she's gotten really naughty with other guys before. You need to know how to get a woman to unleash her sexual desires with you.

You don't want to always wonder if she's just faking orgasms with you... Discover the secret sexual psychology for a woman's inner nymphomaniac.

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The Attraction Blueprint - How to Get Hotter Women

90% of all men struggle to connect with women simply because they don't understand what woman want from a man.

In this video tutorial, I will reveal the blueprint of the man that women want, and her secret checklist that she uses to choose the man she wants to sleep with, and what makes a woman fall in love - whether she wants to or not.

I'll share my list of "attraction tools" that you need to spark her curiosity and desire, and I'll also reveal my fast "Day Game" strategy that will unlock the door to meeting women ANYWHERE you go.

Value: $67


How To Attract Women - Stealth Secrets Of What Women Want

In this second volume of the Attraction Blueprint, I'll break down the qualities of the "Alpha" that a woman is attracted to, so you can show her the sexual signals that give her permission to unleash her inner "bad girl."

I'll also show you how to use touch to unlock her "sexual combination" - as well as how to avoid the poisonous women out there that are like live land mines waiting to explode.

And I'll give you my personal checklist of how to go from meeting NO women (which is where most guys are) to meeting and dating as many women as you like - with my Blueprint that gives you the complete path from single and alone to sexual success with women.

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I want to stop this from happening to ANY man, including you.

I want to fight for a world where all men get as many dates as they want because they are good at getting phone numbers and good at calling women.

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Learn more about calling and texting women... just like I did.

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"I used to think meeting & dating women was all about getting the numbers. Then I read your advice Carlos and you made me realize what an idiot I was. It's like you said: the reason why most men fail with calling women is because they screw up before they call a woman. They screw up before they even get the digits of women. You showed me what to do about it. Thanks so much!

I now finally understand why women give fake phone numbers, why they don't answer the phone, and why they don't call back. These 3 things haven't happened to me again after I got the Program."
-- Jason from Bridgeport, USA

"I recently purchased your Calling and Texting Program. My friend wanted to hook me up with one of his personal training clients. I sent some pics, and asked him to do the same with her. We text back and forth for a few days before I flew out. When we met, IT WAS ON... BIG TIME! Your programs are BAD ASS! "
-- Ray G.

“These are the most powerful insights on calling women I have ever seen. It's now hard not to get a date when I call women. I've gotten 8 numbers in the last 14 days... and I've went on dates with 6 women thanks to you!”
-- Sander A. from Brussels, Belgium

"I was a big nerd back when me and Carlos went to college together. I wasn't exactly popular with the ladies. But Carlos motivated me to keep on trying. He showed me how to talk to women over the phone. He even called women I met online for me so I could go on a date with them. We've been friends ever since.

I couldn't stop tripping over words when calling women. I was so nervous! And the awkward silences killed the attraction every time. But now I always know what to say and I say it with confidence. Problem solved."
-- Andrew H.

"Before I heard about Carlos, I never even got to the calling women part of the dating game. I couldn't get women's phone numbers!! I just got so nervous as soon as I tried to talk to a woman.

But I wish I had the Calling Women & Texting Women Program 5 years ago. It would spare me from hearing NO dozens of times when I asked for women's phone numbers. I'm going on a date later today thanks to you D."
-- Mikey F. from Shelby, USA

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"These tips for calling women are addictive. I got the Calling Women & Texting Women Program, immediately started reading the ebook and was on page 13 after 30 minutes. I couldn't stop reading!

I got it because I wanted to keep the attraction going when I called or texted my girlfriend and it does exactly what I hoped it would do. So I guess this stuff doesn't only work with meeting women, it also works with keeping women hahaha. Thanks for the Program and for always answering my questions Carlos. You rule!"
-- Dave L. from Spijkenisse, the Netherlands

"When I first checked out the Program, I laughed so hard! The conversational techniques you use for calling women are so funny Carlos. Women think so too: they work well. They love it every time I call them.

The stuff I've learned is crazy, just like you are! Thanks so much!"
-- Tom Danial

"I used to have a tough time with being single. I always stayed home during weekends because I didn't get a date even if someone would introduce me to a girl. But now I'm having a tough time with calling all the girls I get the phone number from. I can't keep up with the number of phone numbers women give me! If someone would have asked me a year ago if I would have this much success with women I would tell them they're crazy.

You're the master of calling & texting women Carlos. Anyone who gets your Program will agree with me after checking it out."
-- Darryl C. from London, UK

"Hey Carlos, I love the ebook but I love the first bonus video of the Program even more! Did you know that your R3 technique also works when you're talking to women face to face? Well, it works great for me. I've called women I got the number from ages ago, but thanks to R3 I have went on 2 dates with women who weren't interested in me before. Awesome dude!

I didn't expect these results to be honest. I had my doubts after getting an ebook with tips from another dating coach. His advice didn't work at all. But your advice works Carlos! It's obvious that you have a lot of experience with calling women. I would love to talk to you some more about R3..."
-- AJ from Miami, USA

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