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This is me: Dennis Miedema Personal note from Dennis Miedema:

"Hey there! Thank you so much for coming here to find out how we here at Win With Women got started. You might find it fascinating, because it tells the story of the obstacles I have faced in the dating game. Let's dig in..."

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It’s January 2003 and I’m just like most other kids in high school: I hate math, I love lunch break, and nothing excites me more than shooting rubber bands at my teachers’ head.

I live with my parents in an average-sized house in a boring little neighborhood. But I have everything I could wish for at home: a Xbox to play videogames on until my mother screams at me “Turn that damn thing off and come eat already Dennis!” There’s also a TV so I can enjoy my greatest addiction: watching movies. Don’t you just love movies?

Meanwhile, I have a temporary job as a newspaper boy. I hate almost being bitten by dogs every day, but hey, it allows me to afford to go clubbing and buy some nice clothes… which is kind of awesome. Oeh! I almost forgot: I even have a girlfriend I got after much effort.

I want to keep my girlfriend interested in me, but I find myself struggling to get her attention. I send her sweet text messages like “Hey baby, I miss you and want to see you soon! Text me back! Xx me” but she often doesn’t reply at all. That’s when you hear me thinking: “I hate that bitch! What does a man have to do to get some love man? Jeez!”

Have you ever wanted to get a woman’s love and attention, but you didn’t get it? Then you know how I feel right now… it sucks balls. It really sucks.

I find it hard to feel happy when I’m with her. I can’t stop thinking “I deserve more attention than she’s giving me, but I like her too much to leave her. What should I do? Stay with her or leave her? I just don’t know!” And I only feel more confused as time goes by…

Then six months later all hell breaks loose: my parents get divorced. I definitely did NOT see that one coming! At the same time I learn my girlfriend is a gold digger. How I learned?

She asked me for money a lot, but I didn’t mind before. I didn’t mind until she calls me to say “Dennis my best friend almost tried to rape me just now! He stole my book bag and now I can’t go to school! I need $100 for books, please help me…” Meanwhile, her best friend is at the same party I am at while she calls.

She’s lying to me. Oh my God! Was she also lying to me all those other times she asked for money? Now that I think about… she does have a loooot of expensive clothes… more than any girl I know…

I can’t stop thinking: “My life sounds way too much like a Jerry Springer episode right now! That bitch! This sucks. This sucks so much. I never thought something like this could happen to me… my girlfriend is a gold digger!”

My entire world collapses on me faster than the Twin Towers on 9/11 when I also discover something else: she has been stealing money from me. She caused me to go into debt for more than $1500. It’s a debt I can’t possibly pay. I have to do something about it NOW… but how, and what?

I don’t have a choice other than working my ass off to pay off my debt. Everyone tells me:

“Find her and let her pay all of it. She did it! She has to pay!” and I agree, but I can’t find here anywhere. She doesn’t live where she used to live anymore. She’s gone. It frustrates me so much that I feel like destroying every single object in my room with a damn hammer!

Because now? Now I’m forced to drop out of high school thanks to my ex so I can work for 32 hours a week to pay the money I owe. And boy, was I looking forward to that. Hell no!

But I work and work and things are starting to look better. After 6 months I am finally done paying all of my debts and I feel relieved. I feel saved and free again. Free at last! But then…

Then my dad meets my soon to be stepmother and she and I don’t get along. The situation quickly escalates and I’m kicked out of the house. I now have no home, no income, and no education. My future looks like a freaking nightmare all of a sudden…

You know, I used to be arrogant whenever I saw a bum: “Look at this loser living on the streets, haha! Why don’t you get a job fool!” I’m willing to bet that you think about bums in the exact same way as I do. But now? Now I am suddenly a loser of the streets too…

And I must figure out quickly what the hell happened. I must know what caused all this mess in my life so I can fix it, but… I don’t know where to begin. But I don’t want to be a loser of the streets either. I deep down feel like the clock is ticking and with each day that goes by I’m getting more desperate. I’m getting so angry that I’m thinking about breaking into a home just so I will have a freaking home! How could this have happened to me?

Then I realize that my inability to communicate with women and my lack of self-respect around women is the cause of much of my problems. I consider learning how to meet and date women as the solution to my problems, but I feel overwhelmed.

“Should I change my entire life for it?” is the question that keeps running through my mind.

“And where do I start and where do I stop with changing everything I do? I just don’t know…” is the question I ask myself right after that…

Have you ever gotten an assignment or a task that seemed so freaking BIG or difficult, that you just didn’t know what to do with it? That you thought about giving up before you even began working on the task? Then you know how I feel!

Anyways, I decide to wait it out and don’t do anything about my issues. I think to myself: “I first need to get a roof over my head, but I need to apologize to my parents while I didn’t do anything wrong!” It haunts me at night: I don’t want to bite the dust just to have a home again… a roof over my head again…

But after many arguments with my parents and damaging my confidence immensely, I have no choice. It’s either apologizing or living on the street. I apologize and with much effort and frustration I manage to finally finish high school. I still hate school because of it. I think of it as the monster that swallowed my confidence whole and then spit me out with a high school diploma.

With a high school diploma in my pocket I hope to have a better life now, but my problems with women haunt me. Every woman I meet I can’t keep and it’s starting to have some serious emotional effects.

I’m starting to think “Maybe there’s not something wrong with what I say or do, maybe it’s me. Maybe there’s something wrong with ME that makes women dislike me…”

I know it’s time to do something about this before I get even more insecure. Meanwhile, I want to get my college diploma so I can get a GOOD job and have a normal life like everyone else. But there’s only one problem:

I need more time than I expected to improve myself and to learn how to understand women. College is getting in the way of that: the only college that’s right for me is located 1.5 hours away from me, so I’m traveling for 3 hours per day for my college education…

And almost every day I’m getting piles and piles of homework to be made. This all means I can hardly go out to meet women, maybe one night a week at best. I’m improving very slowly with women and it’s discouraging me to continue. It almost makes me want to give up and I find myself saying:

“Dennis, this is bullsh*t! You know you can’t have both a college diploma and women. It’s freaking impossible to make ANY progress in the dating game because of all those travels to school and the piles of homework… unless you start sleeping only 2 hours a night or something. That’s not healthy. It can’t be done. It’s college OR women. Not both.”

So I realize I’m forced to make a choice: I either get my college diploma and suffer more problems with women… OR… I quit college to solve my problems once and for all.

I decide to take a big risk and I quit college. I feel excited to start changing my life and I’m very motivated to do it!  I can’t wait to get started with the beginning of the rest of my life, but I don’t know anything about how to improve my life or how to meet and date women.

After several weeks I start to have serious doubts about if I will pull this off or not. Why? Because there are no results I can use to prove myself I’m making progress! And it’s so damn stressful, because I keep thinking:

“Now I HAVE TO succeed enough with women to build a life around it since I can’t build a life around a college education anymore. So this isn’t a joke anymore, this is for real. This is your life now dude.”

Have you ever experienced a situation where you made a mistake, you see the consequences of your mistake, but you can’t go back to fix it anymore? It’s the worst feeling in the world. It’s knowing you’re beyond the point of no return and you can’t do anything about it.

And with all this pressure on my shoulders I don’t know where to start with it all… and it makes me feel like having a mental breakdown. I just want to build a freaking time machine, travel to the future and see how I did it all, but I’m no Einstein. Damn it! I’m forced to wait to find out whether I made the right decision or not…

Because I don’t know what to do myself, I figure that maybe other people do know… and knowledge is power is what they always say, right? So I go to a book store filled with knowledge. There I buy my first self help book: Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I rush home with a big smile on my face as fast I can so I can start reading it. This is awesome! Now I can really improve my life dude.

I’m really motivated to change things in my life, but I read it and just know: “This sounds like some out of this world stuff. All this talk about acquiring riches, why failure carries the seed of success in it, and more. Yes I’m learning about myself, but there is NOTHING about women in here. Damn it! Is there no one then that can help me get better with women? Please tell me there is someone out there… I must know! I have to know! I quit college for this sh*t!”

I start going to one book store after the other in a desperate attempt to get advice about meeting and dating women but I can’t find anything worthwhile. I decide to just put myself out there in the world. I will try to meet women. All I can do is hope for the best, right? Most things don’t work though and it’s causing small objects in my room to be destroyed one by one. Me and my frustration give all of them flying lessons!

I keep trying and trying but my results aren’t matching my efforts. It’s getting to the point where ANY man would give up, even action heroes like Rambo and the Terminator who don’t get shot while dozens of enemies are shooting at them!

Little did I know that my luck was about to change…

Here I was: failing to meet women time after time. And then one day when I really want to give it all up I meet and befriend Patrick. He’s a natural with women. I always see him leaving the club with groups of women. I hear his stories about the threesomes he has had. I’m so jealous of the lucky bastard! I want his success with women. I want his exciting lifestyle. I want to steal his freaking brain and put it in my head so I can have what he has!

I start to imitate everything he says and does. I’m getting plenty of phone numbers almost every night and I have never felt so confident as I do now. I feel like I’m on top of the world! I feel like Scarface standing in front of his gigantic “The World Is Yours” art. The world is mine!

I can now finally talk to women longer than a few minutes in a way that gets THEM excited. But I quickly discover there’s something wrong: I almost never end up going on a date. What the hell? How can this be!? I’m having more success with women, but I have to work too damned hard for it. I thought I had all the answers, but I still don’t have sh*t!

I realize something is missing. I know I’m missing a piece of the puzzle, but I don’t know which one. It seems my lucky streak is over… OR… maybe. Maybe there’s a big secret about women that I don’t know about yet? I’m determined to find out… I have to find out…

So I meet and befriend many more men and women who are naturals at seducing the opposite sex. I complain to them about my lack of success with women, but when I look around? I can’t help but feel guilty about my complaints, because other guys? Man, other dudes SUCK at meeting women! I’m thankful that I have at least partly figured out how attraction works and that I can get phone numbers from women almost every night. My results are much better than the majority of single guys get.

I begin to realize that even though I went on this journey to solve my own challenges with women, dating, and myself, that there are lots of other men out there who are struggling more than me. They’re struggling not in a contest way, but struggling in a way like Leonardo Di Caprio wants to survive too in Titanic… but he can’t. It’s an insanely tough battle for most.

I start thinking more and more about this entire group of under-performers in the dating game that I am somehow a part of. Better known as nice guys. I realize that if I can figure this out for myself I might be able to help thousands, tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of other nice guys who always seem to finish last with women. It needs to stop.

Nice guys don’t want to finish last, they don’t NEED to finish last with women. They’re going through the same things as I am. So in a way, it’s my duty to help them. Because I’m one of them.

But I’m not there yet: I have to find a way to see the big picture, but I’m confused about what’s the cause and what’s the effect of my lack of results with women. Where does the dating game start and where does it end? How deep into psychology do I need to go just to understand women? Will I even find the answers I seek when I do that? I don’t know. I don’t know again damn it! I’m once again forced to wait and see what happens to me as time goes by…

And out of nowhere I finally stumble on the answer! It’s like a miracle happens to me. It’s like I see the beautiful, bright light at the end of the tunnel. And it all comes from a conversation with my friend Sherwin.

In it, he mentions how women have different psychological needs. I realize that if you cater to these needs, you will win women’s hearts, minds, souls, and bodies. It’s my biggest realization ever… and I feel like celebrating with $500 champagne, a limousine that takes me to the club and other over-the-top craziness. Why?
Because now I finally realize why I am working so hard. I realize why I am meeting more women than ever but only dating a few of them. It’s because while I am over-thinking what to say and what to do, I completely forget about a woman’s perspective on things. And so is every other nice guy I’ve met. How could I NOT see this? It was right in front of me this whole time! I’m surprised by my own stupidity.

I feel like a total dumb blonde who can’t open a door and has to stay at work allll night because she doesn’t know you need to push a button first before the door can be opened. Really stupid.

Instead of focusing on learning what women truly want and looking at things from their perspective? I was pre-occupied with trying to come up with witty things to say to get a date.

I make myself a promise to never over-think anything ever again. I’m a f*cking brunette, not a dumb blonde who’s too dumb to figure things out! I promise to completely focus on a woman’s perspective: to discover women’s psychological needs and to cater to them.

Starting the next day I am going to start focusing on learning everything there is to know about female psychology and helping any other nice guy I meet to learn as well. I promise myself that I will stop being an egoist who over-thinks what he needs to say instead of thinking of what the women I’m talking to need…

But if I really want to change, it means deleting what I have been programmed with all my life. It feels like trying to tell a Christian that there is no God and then trying to prove it. It’s like trying to let people see for themselves that there are other dimensions they can’t see, while they can’t see them!

This means installing new beliefs about the world, women, and myself on my mental hard drive. That’s a lot of work, and the toughest challenge so far… and I don’t know if I can pull it off.

These weeks are the toughest ones of my life: every single day I need to challenge my way of thinking. It’s like I have to start over with everything I do almost every day just to have some minor results with women. It almost feels like that one Greek tragedy where the guy has to push a BIG, BIG rock up a hill in hell all day, but at the end of the day the devil lets the rock roll back all the way down and he needs to start pushing the rock back up all over again. That’s how it feels. But lucky for me, the end for me looks different:

I live up to the promise I made to myself and after weeks of struggling I go on one date after the other… after the other… after the other. Getting a date itself requires less and less effort.

Over the next few months my schedule continues to fill up with dates and I learn so much about female psychology thanks to my experiences. I get myself as much books about psychology as I can until I feel like an almost scary combination of Sigmund Freud and Dr. Phil: I feel like a psychological powerhouse! Now I’m finally someone who can cater to almost all of women’s psychological needs.

Friends I’ve made see my success and start asking for help. They don’t have any knowledge of female psychology or only know the stereotypes about women, so they need much support. I feel bad for the poor suckers, because they were raised just like me: not knowing a crap about how attraction works… OR how women REALLY work. I give them all the advice and guidance I can, and they have success as well.

The word gets out about my skills and more nice guys are asking for my help. It feels like they suddenly invaded my country or something, because they really are everywhere: at work, in clubs, online, at a friends’ birthday, and the list goes on and on… and on. I decide I’ll try to help more people, but I hesitate to get started with helping more like-minded men.


Because I’m thinking: “Here I am helping all these guys that are friends or friends of friends. I see them face-to-face and know them personally to a certain extent. But how in the hell am I supposed to help men I don’t personally know? I can’t see what’s bothering them or what their biggest mistakes are, so what makes me the man that can help? I’m not, or am I?”

I give it a shot and hope I can truly help someone I don’t know and can’t see. And the first “unknown” student ever? The first student who I’ve never met face-to-face? He sleeps with a girl thanks to my tips while he ruined his chances with her only a week before that! I now see the proof for my knowledge and skills and it feels awesome. It feels really great now I see how well my knowledge can help other men. There’s nothing like it. It’s complete satisfaction, like completing a Xbox360 videogame that took you weeks to play through or something.

Three months later many more students are in a relationship with my help. They have friends with benefits with my help… OR… they’re dating multiple women a week. I want to help even more, guys but I hardly have time to meet and date women myself anymore.

It makes me fall back into negative habits from the past. Something needs to change because I feel like I’m quickly losing control over my life. I feel like my life is being driven around by others, while I used to be in the drivers’ seat. This lack of control is causing me to lose my confidence… but what can I do about it?

I think to myself: “Weren’t you the one who chose this life? Well, now you’ll have to accept the consequences of your decision! Suck it up and be a man!”

But things get worse: by now dozens of guys contact me for tips in one way or another and I’ve neglected my own love life and social life because of it. Things get crazy as some guys start stalking me for advice by calling me 10 times or more a day.

I’m trying hard to come up with ways to get my life back again and I think about starting a blog with tips so I can help more guys without ruin my own life.

Then a student asks me if I´ve ever heard of Neil Strauss’s book The Game and I Google around a bit. Boy… am I surprised as I search the internet! My eyes feel like they’re popping out of my head, because I can’t believe what I am seeing online. I discover that there are thousands of other guys looking to improve their lives by meeting and dating women: pick up artists.

Plus, there are many experienced pick up artists teaching the newer ones about the dating game. I’m proud to see that I’m not the only man who fights to improve the lives of men worldwide, but… my positive state of mind quickly disappears when I take a closer look…

What these teaching pick up artists are doing looks and sounds so awkward to me. They don’t talk about good-looking women but about “HBs”. They don’t talk about the fear of rejection but about “AA”. They give themselves names like PUA Valor or Nightshift or other weird stuff instead of just using their real name. And I can’t help but think:

“Instead of naming things as they are, they make up new names or give every concept of the dating game letters so everything becomes less personal. They’re also afraid to use their real names. And this can only mean one thing: they are ashamed of who they are, ashamed of what they are doing, and they hide behind false names and letters because they’re insecure and don’t dare to name things as they are! What the hell? This isn’t improving men’s lives, but teaching them to hide from the true nature of things! This is teaching men to be ashamed of wanting to improve their lives with weird little nicknames for everything!”

 And I see so many of these pick up artists spending hours every day on a forum talking to each other. Meanwhile, they could have gone out to practice meeting women in real life!

I´m not sure what to do: there´s no doubt I´d work less and date more by starting a blog. No doubt I’ll possibly earn an income with the thing I do best.

But then I would have to compete with all these influential pick up artists, while I don’t like OR have their weird nicknames, language, or habit of being online more than being outside to meet women. I know that if I would start a blog, that these men would criticize me and my unconventional ways and that I would have to battle them in one way or another.

But if I wouldn´t start a blog however, no one would deliver what all those struggling nice guys really need: a way to stop over-thinking things and a way to start understanding women better so they can “keep the girl” they meet.

I think to myself: “What the hell should I do? What would be best for me and what would be best for my fans and customers? Can I even make a significant difference that makes quitting college worth it? But I need to do something: men are being taught to be ashamed of wanting to improve their lives, to be ashamed of naming things as they are, and more… and it has to stop. But will I be the one that can stop it?”

In June 2008 I decide to go for it: I do it! I start the Win With Women blog as a simple Windows Live Space Blog. Real basic stuff. Looking at how these teaching pick up artists teach men all the wrong things about themselves and about women, I make a promise…

I promise myself to be different from the pick up artists by not hiding behind pick up artist language, routines and methods that treat all women as equals while every woman has different psychological needs. It was only later that I found out how big the lies of the teaching pick up artists were… that their weird language, routines, and methods were only the beginning…

Anyways, when I open the doors to my blog? Hundreds of visitors start dropping by from day one! I am speechless. I certainly wasn´t expecting that level of demand! Woohoo! This is awesome! But now I have to quickly create a website that can handle more visitors and create a system that can deliver more tips to more guys, because my little blog is wayyyy too small to handle this many people. I also need to put a team together to keep everything up and running.

But it´s important to me that Win With Women, my new company, does what I promised myself to do: give men social success and dating success without hiding behind weird pick up artist language or feeding them other pick up artist lies. I hate their lies!

And it’s important to me to KILL the idea that all women are created equal by showing men why all women are different. I’ll show them catering to women´s psychological needs is more effective and more fulfilling than what pick up artists are doing.

Before bringing anyone on board the Win With Women team though, they must know and fully commit to what we want to achieve. It helps us help men better. But where do you find someone who looks at the dating game in a different way than pick up artists do? And if such a guy exist, does he still know enough about women to give good advice men can take action with? We discover it’s very difficult to find such a guy…

We look and look for help and ask anyone offering help if they can recognize themselves in the objectives of Win With Women. Most don’t, because they’re totally brainwashed by either pick up artists or how they were raised. I define the objectives of Win With Women as follows:

To guide, advise, and help nice guys everywhere to do less, date more, while achieving dating success and social success beyond their wildest imagination.

Win With Women delivers nice guys everywhere freedom in their love lives and social lives via our extensive ebooks, programs, coaching packages, and community.

Our big idea behind all of our advice: meeting and dating women isn´t supposed to be a long-term struggle where complicated pick up artist routines, language, and methods are needed just to get a freaking date.

This is where we think in a different way than everyone else giving dating advice. The dating game is supposed to be a ticket to freedom in your love life and social life and a ticket to an enjoyable lifestyle in general. But right now? It’s a ticket to weird ass pick up artist language, routines, and lies that help “gurus” sell more of their garbage advice to you.

Frustration and many failures… most nice guys enter the dating game without the critical knowledge they need to succeed. They quickly become frustrated. They become overwhelmed and find themselves working their ass off just to get a date. And still the majority end up being rejected by women… OR… they’re left behind because women lose interest in them.

Win With Women’s goal is to improve the lives of 90% of the male population (the nice guys) that are being rejected by women. We want to help the nice guys that are losing women to bad boys or a lack of interest, because it just isn’t right. We want to help the nice guys who are getting confused because of weird pick up artist language, methods, and routines. That’s who we want to help. We want to bring clarity, deep psychology, and a no-nonsense attitude to the dating game. But we realize something important as well…

We strive to have a long lasting positive impact on society by improving these nice guys’ quality of life both romantically and socially. But the moment they improve their social lives and love lives? The lives of the women they meet and the friends they make are also improved. Those people also become happier and can enjoy a better quality of life.

That’s what we realize: we have an impact on society the moment we improve a man’s social life and love life, and the more men’s lives we improve? The bigger the difference we can make in society!

We exist to enable nice guys everywhere to meet and date more women without complicated pick up artist language or routines. We exist to enable them to do less for better results… and to get to the bottom of their love lives and social lives so they can achieve as much romantic freedom and social freedom as they could possibly want. And it’s real damn easy to do less for women and get better results, because most men are making the dating game more difficult for themselves than it really is!

And you know, it’s funny how things happen sometimes. Because although we looked for people to hire for the Win With Women team? The first actual member of the team is not someone for hire: it’s Roeland, one of Dennis Miedema’s first students who developed into so much more than just a student!

And after Roeland many other great men follow. The team is finally assembled and we’ve all committed to the task of building Win With Women to achieve everything we have covered before. We conquer many other obstacles like other Dutch dating coaches trying to interrupt and mess up our events because they feel threatened by our knowledge and skills. The losers! We just keep doing what we do… and over time we generate more success stories.

We establish our beliefs and values as we fight the evils of pick up artist language, routines, and methods that sleazy dating gurus implant in the minds of our market. We already know that they are teaching men to be ashamed of wanting to improve their lives…

But little did we know that the problem of sleazy dating gurus spreading lies, difficult to understand pick up artist language and routines was MANY TIMES BIGGER than we feared it was. Little did we know that there were way more of these sleazy losers than we had thought when we started…

The number of critics and haters pointing their arrows at us continues to increase beyond what we expected. It’s far beyond what we expected, but more and more success stories get created as well. Stories like that of Tom (“the one night stand man”) and Dave (“comedian in a relationship”), two guys that have achieved more success with women than they were looking for…

Take Tom who I refer to as “the one night stand man” for example. Back in May 2009 when I first met him? He was still a much too shy virgin who was real quiet, who didn’t believe in himself, who didn’t know what to say. He had a hard time approaching women.

Before he met the Win With Women team, he was heavily into the weird pick up artist language and routines. He believed meeting more women was all about improving himself instead of understanding women better. He didn’t get any results with women whatsoever before meeting us.

One week after he met us and started using our advice he lost his virginity to 2 girls and was beginning to see the light! The more we told him about women’s psychological needs? The more he recognized that more was possible with women than he could have ever imagined himself.

Four months later? Tom goes out several times a week and always has multiple one night stands each week. He is truly a changed man that can’t stop smiling. Loving life. Really confident. With our advice he started becoming one of the most popular guys in town: he almost knew everyone, and the women kept coming, and coming… and coming.

It’s quite a difference compared to the Tom from May 2009 who was a virgin and couldn’t get a date probably not even if he paid for it! But Tom is only one of many nice guys who need a lot of help with getting the women & dating part of their lives handled.

During the last 2 years we have helped many of them: we have helped at least 2,321 men approach 18,568 women, get 4,642 phone numbers, and go on 1,547 dates. If not more.  

And we want to reach more guys, but isn’t it already too late? Isn’t it already too late, because there are so many sleazy enemies who are teaching the wrong things to desperate men who want to believe in ANYTHING to get better with women?

We fear that too many men have already been brainwashed by the sleazy gurus up to the point of them not understanding what the REAL problem and REAL solution is…

For example: time after time these assholes teach men the techniques for dating but don’t mention ANYTHING about relationships. But here’s a good question: is it more difficult to get a woman interested in you long enough so you can sleep with her… or is it more difficult to KEEP a woman interested in you for years and years, even if she knows everything about you?

The answer is obvious: relationships are more challenging and teach men way more about women and attraction than any date or one night stand can. Dennis Miedema often admits that he learns more about himself and women from being with his girlfriend Naisa than from anything else in his life.

That’s why we here at Win With Women only focus on long-term success: we look BEYOND a date and one night stand, because that’s where the biggest lessons about yourself, women, and dating are…

And the more men we help? The more we see that most guys first want to enjoy their new level of success and date as many women as possible, but in the end? In the end 9 out of 10 men want to find a woman that’s just right for them. That’s why long-term thinking is so important to us: there is always a next step to make with women, yourself, and your social life.

And we must win this fight against those teaching short-term success… but we’re unsure about who and what we should start fighting… that’s how many enemies there are!

We can only hope that our work will make men separate the good dating gurus from the bad. And we can only hope now that our beliefs will make enough nice guys realize that short-term techniques need to go and that long-term principles need to stay!

And we here at Win With Women? We, together, agree on the following beliefs…

- Learning how to meet and date women should make the dating game and life in general easier and more rewarding. It shouldn’t be a long-term struggle because of complicated pick up artist language, routines, and methods that only work in the short run but KILL your chances with women in the long run. That sucks big time!

- Men make meeting and dating women more difficult for themselves than it really is. Why? Because they focus way too much on themselves while they should be focusing on women’s psychological needs. We want to make dating so much easier, and it really can be easier…

- Men aren’t supposed to become clones of a dating guru no matter how good his dating advice is. Being someone or something you’re not is bad! It’s beyond bad: it’s the worst thing you can do in the dating game, because a woman will find out that you’re FAKING IT! The only rule of the dating game we believe in is that every man makes his own rules with women and meets women with his own, unique style. We simply show men the principles of how women feel, think, and act and let men themselves invent the techniques.

- We believe that every man has to make the transformation from being a product of his environment to making his environment a product of him. It’s the most certain and fastest way to social success and dating success. Success is a result of contributing to your environment: the more you have a positive impact on the lives of people in general and women in particular, the more positive results your life will give you. That’s why it’s win WITH women and not win OVER women or something similar. There is no positive result that comes from taking advantage of women.    

Win With Women’s greatest enemy is the system of corrupt, sleazy dating gurus and its damaging effects on the lives of nice guys worldwide. These sleazy people deserve to be booed at their events and to have rotten tomatoes thrown at them!

Because as more and more men start asking for dating advice, this system doesn’t help them but makes things more complicated. And maybe it’s a mistake in the way WE think, but isn’t advice supposed to make things easier? And right now the dating advice men get only makes it harder for them to meet and date women. We need to stop that and stop that NOW, if it’s not already too late…

Here is a summary of the corrupt, short-term focused system that keeps nice guys everywhere paying for more and more dating advice, while they STILL fail to get the results with women they want:

1) Gurus and pick up artists use hard to understand language so instead of being able to improve a guy’s life right away? He must first learn THEIR language, which takes months to do. This is ridiculous! It’s insane! Meeting and dating women shouldn’t be like this. Someone should buy a dictionary for all these people and show them how to speak normal English that everyone can immediately understand and use.

2) Gurus and pick up artists ban guys from sites and coaching and ridicule them if they have a different opinion or don’t understand certain concepts. Challenging the beliefs these gurus have is not done and that’s bad. That’s not a good or helpful environment to learn in. Plus, never challenging your old beliefs means never making progress. Since we are always about long-term success? We challenge as much beliefs as possible whenever we can!

3) Gurus and pick up artists lie to men by making up false theories for meeting women that haven’t even been proven and the guys, not they themselves, suffer the consequences. Consequences like being rejected, failing to meet women, and getting more insecure with each day that goes by. Guys everywhere should NOT accept this from anyone, let alone the people who claim they know more than they do. It’s time to stop the theories and to start the proven ways to get dates… we have had enough of gurus making up stories and lies.

4) Gurus and pick up artists  teach guys that they need complicated routines, methods, and techniques just to “get the girl” instead of showing men how to make the dating game less difficult for themselves. It will take men months to understand what these sleazy gurus mean if they ever will, which are months they could have spent on meeting women instead. We want to stop men wasting their time. It’s time wasted on making things difficult instead of making it easy for once!

5) Gurus and pick up artists teach guys that it’s good to be their clone so they will buy more of their products each time the gurus offer more ways to imitate them. They also make men believe that short-term success with women is better than long-term success. The result: women sooner or later realize that the students are trying to be someone they’re not. This is setting guys up to fail in the long run so they will buy more of the gurus’ products because the guys think they need more advice to succeed. Meanwhile, the advice is the problem, and not the guys getting the advice.

And this is only the beginning of how nice guys worldwide are being set up to fail by these sleazy dating gurus and pick up artists who keep this corrupt system alive so they can make more money. They’re lucky, because if we were running the banks of the world? We would block their accounts and give the money back to the poor guys they took it from that are STILL struggling with themselves and with women.

That’s right: we fight these sleazy dating gurus and pick up artists so they stop taking advantage of nice guys worldwide! We want to stop their short-term thinking forever…

Millions of men mindlessly follow these sleazy gurus and pick up artists, without knowing what’s wrong and without realizing they’re been tricked into giving their money away. This is a BIG problem. We want to end this madness and solve this problem.

And we realize that the only way to solve it and to reach all these guys and make them see what’s going on is by communicating our values as much as possible… why? You will find out in a second…

We define our values to fight the sleazy gurus and pick up (scam) artists as:

- Responsibility: What we teach is one of the most important and impactful areas of life and has massive effects not only on our fans and customers but on everyone who surrounds them (family, friends, women, etc.) This makes it our MISSION to guide men in their social lives and love lives for as long as we can so they can have long-term success in life that every person they know benefits from.

- Passion:
We are very passionate about self help, psychology, genetics and everything else that helps nice guys to achieve long-term social success and dating success. We passionately answer questions for free all the time, because to us it isn’t about the money. Why? Because we truly believe in what we are doing and in the difference that we can make in the dating game.

- Excellence:
We constantly challenge ourselves to reach for perfection in everything we do: we don’t take shortcuts on quality, so if for example a coaching session needs to last 5 hours? It will last 5 hours, even if we have to stay up all night for it. We seek the best talent and promote its development. We also show every student what his or her full potential is so they can develop their best talents. We are also flexible and we admit and learn from our mistakes, instead of denying them or blaming others for stuff like sleazy dating gurus do.

- Customer focus:
We respect our customers above all else and we never forget that they choose for our advice out of free will. That is why we try to treat every customer like a VIP. Our people are HOLY to us. The entire Win With Women team shares the responsibility to over-deliver value to our fans and customers, to exceed their expectations, and to always increase the loyalty and trust guys looking for dating advice place in us. We will never dishonor the trust people have in us to help them achieve long-term success in life. Hell, we truly believe in being a part of the community and we treat customers like our brothers and friends. We also regularly organize cool events for free so everyone who comes can have a good time.

- Innovation:
We thrive on creativity. We are always learning about and looking for ways and ideas that can help our fans and customers more and better. We’re not kidding: we all read several books a week about psychology and whatever else we think can help men. We seek better ways to give dudes better dating advice and we want to make their social success and dating success more certain whenever we can. We anticipate trends within the world of dating advice for men and we’re not afraid to take risks to spread our message.

- Fun: We believe humor and not taking things too seriously is essential to success. We celebrate the achievements of ourselves and those of our fans and customers. We are proud of every personal victory of our students, no matter how small. We also seek to have a good time while doing good work! Why? Because why do something when you don’t feel like doing it? Hell, we believe achieving social dating and dating success should be all about having as much fun as possible with women, friends, and life itself.

- Open mentality: We strive for open and honest communication and don’t want to spread anything but the truth. Even if the truth is BEYOND brutal we will reveal it and share it even to those who don’t want to listen. That’s why we won’t even lie to make people feel better: the truth helps people grow. We see life as a never-ending and fun challenge. Plus, we’re not afraid to help anyone or answer any question, even if it means contacting our competition if they can help a fan or customer solve a problem better! We are open to all forms of feedback and take all feedback seriously, because our fans and customers also take all OUR feedback seriously. We figured it’s only right that we return the favor.

There are many secrets being kept from nice guys worldwide by sleazy dating gurus and pick up artists, probably even more secrets than we know of...

For example: a recent secret we exposed is that the top 10 of pick up artists, which is claimed to be a list of the best dating coaches for men in the world? The whole thing is fake as hell! Sleazy gurus pay money to get in this top 10, while people base who they get advice from on this same top 10. All these people who made a decision to get advice with the top 10 were lied to by the creator of this faker than UFOs top 10. We and any other guy on the planet can’t accept this.

We want to stop stuff like this from happening and expose the liars AND the lies in dating advice for men everywhere. And it kind of scares us, but we just know there are many other secrets being kept from us… maybe even bigger ones than a fake top 10…

But we’re determined to find out and to spread the truth about the dating game. Screw the lies that pick up artists and sleazy gurus are giving us nice guys! Screw short-term success in your social life and love life! It’s time for long-term success. And it’s time for the truth about dating, social circles, pick up artists, women, yourself, and human psychology.

Now that you know more about Win With Women, we would love the chance to get to know you. The path to dating success and social freedom can be a lonely, long, hard journey filled with hidden land mines everywhere you step. Let us help you. We’ll certainly get you to your dream life filled with women and a huge social circle faster, with less effort, and with more confidence.

Learn more about our products and our coaching services
right away. We’re looking forward to helping you soon!

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