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Dating Expert Testimonial #1

"This system isn't just another lame pick up artist guide, this is almost like David De Angelo's double your dating ebook on crack.

It probably contains some of the best explanations for why bad boys are attractive and what attraction really is. The psychological needs part is especially effective.

I suggest you get Carlos Xuma's Simple Inner Game System. Here's a guy who walks the walk and talks the talk, without the big ego but with knowledge of human psychology that will amaze you."

Jerry, dating coach from New York City, USA

Customer Testimonial #1

"Hey Carlos I just wanted to say that today I had an awesome day.. felt really happy and used NLP when I was bored at school and used it to make me more concentrated. I also noticed and I could see a big difference in my ability to communicate with people (including women).. I was having a lot of fun smiling and had a lot of energy and more positive which was amazing! None of my insecurities came up and I felt so good!

Now I also want to work on being more of a bad boy though and being more mysterious. So you should let me know about any time you can teach me about more how to bust on girls and have a better personality to make me more attractive. Thanks so much man for everything you tought me."

Brad F, Ventura, USA

Customer Testimonial #2

"After getting your Inner Game System I feel like Im part of some secret society, because I seem to know what other men don't thanks to you Carlos. I was skeptical about how effective your techniques would be at first, but the results after going out last night (on a Sunday) are almost scary.

Im an below average looking guy (in my opinion) and I dont have a particularly cool style of clothing, but I tried to talk with 10 different girls last night and I cant believe what happened yesterday: 

I got 8 phone numbers and 1 Facebook after talking to 10 girls!!! I did everything you said: I stayed, I kept talking, I used the words to pass their tests and it worked!!! Im pissed off that its Monday today because if it was up to me I would go out every day of the month right now!!! You're awesome!"

Christopher, York, United Kingdom

Customer Testimonial #3

"Carlos your Simple Inner Game System really has given me an Axe Effect Lifestyle!!
I can't believe it. It has been 3 weeks since I joined the first lesson on MSN Messenger and my confidence has gone through the roof while I used to be scared of women. That's right: scared! Scared of what they might say if I would approach them.

I'm starting to notice the effects of more confidence. Last night the cool brunette who moved in next door a couple weeks back asked me out on a date, I never had someone ask me out on a date!

And my ex suddenly started calling me way more often this week, says she wants to hang out with me soon and stuff. You rock! Can't wait for the second lesson to start!"

Hank M, Boston, USA

Customer Testimonial #4

"You're like the master of approaching women or sumthin master D! I never knew walking up to women and starting conversations could be this fun, but it is thanks to the playful teasing which you taught me dog.

I use to have problems with getting to talking with women and man, was I wrong about what to say to them. It was like we were from different planets man! I was stumbling and choking up without any words left to say all the time, but now it's no longer what women say about me but what I say about them.

I feel more confident thanks to playful teasing and after I got your Simple Inner Game System, my life hasn't been the same dog. I got 6 phone numbers from women yesterday, 6 man, that's more than I managed to get in the last 3 months! You're the top dog of"Inner Game" Carlos and I'm a big fan from now on."

Marvin C, Los Angeles, USA

Customer Testimonial #5

"Your situational openers rule! Carlos I was waiting in front of the elevator at work yesterday and this hot Asian woman joined me. We were waiting and waiting and then I thought about what you said.

So I said to her "Then you think you´ll take the elevator early so you won´t come back from your lunchbreak too late, but the elevator never comes!" She laughed and I continued "but the stairs are right next to the elevator, so why haven´t you taken the stairs yet? You´re not a stalker are you?"

By the time the elevator came, I already had her phone number in my pocket! Playful teasing really works well in these kinds of situations. After that I went back to my cubicle after the elevator adventure, and the cute secretary of the boss was waiting for me and asked if I could help her with this report that was due today. I showed empathy for her stress levels haha, but then I accused her of being a lazy ass who should have started earlier than the day before. Got her digits too!

Consider me hooked to your newsletters from now on, because this stuff works really well. I´m buying your System later this weekend."

Andrew, Grand Junction, USA

Customer Testimonial #6

"Dear Carlos, I was hesitant to try out your advice of failing a.s.a.p. and then I actually tried it. The results have been smashing! I realized what I´m doing wrong with my body language, that the volume I talk with is sometimes so low that it makes me come across insecure, and that I´m focused on myself way too much instead of focusing on the woman in front of me and having some fun talking to her.

After your email I saw that rejection is othing more than conditioning really, thanks for helping me find that out good sir because now I´m conditioning myself not to make a big deal of it: the more I expose
myself to not getting the outcome I want (because that is rejection), the less value I attach to it.

So far I´ve approached 30 women these last weeks and I´m now almost indifferent to rejection thanks to you, so thanks again!"

Hendrick F, London, United Kingdom

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Customer Testimonial #7

"Carlos do you know that movie with Mel Gibson where he can hear what women think all the time after he bumped his head?? Well, thats how I feel after getting the simple inner game system!! Its like Ive become a psychological powerhouse that can look into their minds hahaha!!

After talking for a while to this girl I met I discovered that her father died when she was really young, you mentioned it somewhere inside the System and I remembered so I did what you told me to do: everything a father figure would normally do. This girl has been all over me since. We went on a date last Wednesday and she went all the way with me!! When does that ever happen to a guy that a woman sleeps with him on the first date?? Like never!!

Im so grateful. It was the first time I had sex in months. The psychological needs techniques are more powerful than I though they would be, and I have to be there next time you organize an inner game meeting on MSN!!

Thank you so much."

Roger, Dallas, USA

Customer Testimonial #8

"You're a Jedi master of dating Carlos! I've done everything inside the system: from reading the ebook to joining your free personal coaching session, and I couldn't be happier than I am now. I used to have no sense of humor and was a woman's slave instead of the dominant leader women want. But I also didn't know what to say to women or how to be attractive enough for them.

With the help of your simple system I worked on being selective first because everybody always comments on how I complain about everything. I'm surprised by the results, because I now have two girls who are best friends fighting over me and trying to prove who's the cutest every time I'm making disqualifying comments!

I didn't think learning something about traits would be useful, because how can you display them if you don't know the words or body language to display them? I was pleasantly surprised that your system contained how to do all of that and more! I treat the ebook as my bible. I'm not kidding!! I go through the part on character traits before I go to bed every night and I always can't wait to get up and attract more women the next day. You went above and beyond all my expectations and I can't thank you enough for putting this system together."

Raymond R, Charlotte, USA

Customer Testimonial #9

"Carlos I can't thank you enough for also organizing a free inner game meeting on MSN that accompanies your ebook, because it gave me ample opportunity to ask you whatever questions I had. Especially with how to use pre-selection and catering to female archetype fantasies you gave my so many examples that even techniques as advanced as those were easy to understand!

There's this woman I've known and liked since grade school but that never showed any sexual interest in me before, but now I got a date with her thanks to your pre-selection tips! Thanks a bunch!

BTW: while we were supposed to talk for 2 hours on MSN, you stayed an extra hour for me alone to make sure I understood everything fully and I just wanted to say that I really appreciated that. You're the most helpful dating expert around and someone who's always ready and willing to answer any questions your students might have. I don't know any other expert that is just as reachable as you are! You're a cool guy. Thanks again."

Simon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Customer Testimonial #10

"Carlos is the man! And I can't stop saying that lately haha. Carlos I got your Simple Inner Game System exactly 1 month ago, but the difference between then and now is amazing. It has been a transformation from mud to stud for me and all it cost me was 25 bucks! 

I'm a short guy and I had major issues with my length, mostly because most women are taller than me and I assumed they didn't want to date  the dwarf as I would call myself. After going through your ebook I felt super confident and compelled to take action immediately. I did: I met a beautiful Spanish lady at a mall nearby and because I did the quick exercise for getting rid of limiting beliefs I felt free as a bird, walked her home, and she invited me in to drink a cup of coffee. We didn't have sex or anything, but it was the first time a woman invited me in! That was 3 weeks ago.

Then came the Session, do you remember how I asked you all these questions about how to get rid of my insecurities in bed? You urged me to do 3 things and gave me the techniques for doing them, and thanks to your help I had what has probably been one of the best nights of my life with that same lady from before. I didn't expect to get results so fast, within a month! I have to go now because I'm getting ready to go on my sixth date with her, but like I already said: you are the man Carlos! When is the next Session? Mail it to me!"

Carlos K, Houston, USA

Customer Testimonial #11

"I didn't think your system would be able to help me at first because I'm not an educated man and have to work two jobs that ask a lot from my body. I work 50 hours per week and sometimes more than 60 hours so I was thinking that I didn't have the time to use it, but I still tried it.

I was feeling insecure about my life: I don't have a lot of money and I'm not a good looking man and I don't have a big house so why would the German women like me. I quickly read your ebook during my lunch at the construction site and came back too late from lunch because the book was just too interesting hahaha but it made me feel so confident that when a pretty woman walked by I approached her and said I just had to talk to her. She was blushing and she gave me her phone number! 

Carlos your system works so fast that I start to think that I can meet new women even if I work 60 hours. Your price is good too: I don't have a lot of money but could still buy it. If you are ever in Germany, I would like to meet you. Thank you!"

Mark, Berlin, Germany

Customer Testimonial #12

"First off, let me say thank you for offering the Simple Inner Game System. It has to be one of the best purchases I've ever made. The unadvertised bonuses you send out (I'm only on the 1st one out of three btw) are worth their weight in gold. The routines you suggest sound crazy, but they actually work really well!

Thanks for everything."

Dean H, North Carolina, USA

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