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What gets women to respond to
your online dating message? Most men admit they don't know. If that’s you, discover what women really want, so you can jump to the head of the pack in the dating race...

Down On His Luck Computer Geek "Accidentally" Hacks Into The Online Dating Profiles Of His Drop-Dead Gorgeous Sister And Her Friends And Discovers Eye Popping Secrets Of What Women Want In A Man

Prepare to be blown away by honest, straightforward advice that proves any man with even modest looks and talents can get any woman he desires – even the ones who look totally unapproachable!

Fair Warning:
Some people may easily believe the information available to you here and now has been obtained by less than legal means. But it only goes to prove how far some men will go to meet interesting women.

No guts – no glory.

You are one of the first men to gain access to this information. You may very well be the last if this website gets shut down for any reason.

Do Not Delay! Read what we have to say and decide now how many sizzling hot dates you want to set up for next weekend. We assure you the secrets our geek friend discovered will make you totally irresistible to just about any woman looking for romance online. In fact, we guarantee it. Keep reading ...

TO: Every man looking for an easy way to meet hot women online
FROM: Carlos, who just keeps getting “lucky” thanks to the geek

Imagine you have the ability to hear what women are quietly thinking to themselves. Mel Gibson played such a lucky guy in the 2000 film "What Women Want." A little blow to the head and all of a sudden he hears every thought of the women near him.

And you're thinking, "Damn! That could get real interesting."

I agree. Too bad it's just a Hollywood fantasy.

But hold on! I've got the next best thing. My geek buddy Thomas shared
it all with me.

Now ... Thomas isn't psychic. He isn't very intuitive either. And Lord knows, Thomas is not sexy or even that good looking. But …

Thomas can go online, pick a random girl on any dating site or a social networking site and have a serious conversation going with her before the
day ends.

And chances are pretty good that within a week, they’ll hook up. Seriously. I am not making any of this up.

He has done this over and over again. His success rate with women would make any Casanova green with envy. In fact he's got these women so hooked, that by the time they do meet eye-to-eye, his pimply face and fat belly don't even matter to these women. And many of them have been total knockouts.

So what's this "magic" my overweight geek friend seems to possess?

Well, it's not magic at all, though some of these women will openly admit Thomas has put a "spell" on them. The truth is, Thomas has gotten a hold of some "insider" information.

See, he was playing around with some of his favorite "geek tools" and ended up on the inside of this his sister's online dating profile. Ooops! Sorry! He did the same with her friends’ profiles. Yeah … sorry again!

Anyway, it's there that he began to unravel the secret to ...

What Women Want

Even more important, he discovered that most of the guys who contacted these women (like 98.8%) didn't have a freakin' clue. And by studying the girls’ responses (and the lack of responses) Thomas was able to create sort of a scientific profile that's proven almost 100% foolproof in its ability to attract hot, sexy women – exactly what Thomas desired.

If you're looking for another type of woman, his system will work equally well for you. That means if you're looking for brainiacs, you can easily attract them.

Want the artistic types? No problem. Rich women, classy women, sassy women ... you can have it all. About the only profile Thomas hasn't tried yet is nymphomaniacs. He says he needs to get in better shape first.

The research Thomas did has put him way ahead of the pack. If 100 guys responded to a woman's online dating profile (very typical), Thomas was often the first or second to get a response from her.

Plus ... he got to choose whether or not they went out on a date. Imagine that. He quickly learned how to turn the tables and ...

Take Control
Of The Situation

STOP for a minute. Just imagine what it would be like ...

You log in to an online dating site. You find a hot looking babe who seems to be so out of reach you could only dream of meeting her. You write a message based on the detailed guidelines Thomas has agreed to share with you.

Within a day or two (maybe even just a few hours) you get a reply that gets your heart pumping.

She's interested and she wants to know more about you.

So you reply just the way Thomas would. And before you know it you really are sharing a romantic walk on the beach or doing the mambo in the middle of the dance floor (or some other, more private place).

In fact, you're so in control, you can dictate, way before you even meet this girl, what the outcome of your first date will be.

So What Did Thomas Discover That Makes Women So Hungry To Be With Him?

He discovered two things that are really important.

#1 – Women are much easier to understand than men realize.

#2 – Most men don't get #1 because they're just plain stupid.

Hey, don't take it personally. I think the problem is genetic. Almost all of us guys suffer from the stupids when it comes to women. The object here is to get smart before the other guys do. This is how you eliminate the competition.

This is how you get your pick of the most attractive women.

Thomas showed me how to go from "so not..." to hot and I've got to admit – it all works!

Oh trust me, not too long ago I'd see a gorgeous babe and my fantasies would go into overdrive like usual.

But I'd be too damn scared to do anything. I mean time would just stand still. And if I dared to make a move, my mouth usually disconnected from my brain right at that critical moment when her eyes met mine. I'd always walk away with the same thought –

“I can’t believe
I actually said that!”

And meeting women online wasn't any easier. Because if you don't know what women want, you will still crash and burn. But now thanks to Thomas’ research, I know the secrets of successfully finding, attracting and meeting women online.

And I'm ready to show you ... if that's what you honestly want. It sounds a little outrageous, but I can show you how to become a chick magnet using nothing but your own brain.

That means you don't need a fancy sports car, designer clothes or a six-figure salary to get their attention.

That also means you don't have to memorize silly pick-up lines, or copy and paste what supposedly works for other guys, or even have seduction on your mind.

Thomas discovered all that is B.S. because ...

He’s still an unattractive geek who trips over his own words and the women can't wait to get down and dirty with this guy.

And get this ...

He barely makes a living (mostly because of his gaming addiction) so the women actually treat him to what he calls "fantasy weekends."

“30 Days Ago I Was A Lonely Guy ... But Now I'm Meeting New Women Almost Every Day”

Thomas made attracting women into a science. First he looked at the initial messages sent to his sister and her friends from literally hundreds of guys. Then he studied the responses and the non-responses of these women. And then the follow-up messages. Soon, a pattern began to emerge.

What Thomas discovered shocked the hell out of him.

A guy who uses standard pick-up lines (the ones promoted in all those books and websites) gets shot down almost 82% of the time. Boy did they waste their money!

A guy who compliments a woman’s looks right out of the gate fails about 77% of the time. No email. No phone number. No date. Another lonely Saturday night.

It gets worse ...

A guy who tries to be someone he really isn't (like trying to be the James Bond when he’s really an idiot) fails nearly 100% of the time.

BTW, genuine guys did surprisingly well with women, as long as they possessed one particular trait women find very attractive. And any guy can use it to his advantage (once he knows what it is).

Little by little Thomas began to solve the mystery. Little by little he discovered what did work. Not some times. Not most times. But every friggin' time.

It worked so well that within 30 days Thomas was meeting a new woman almost every day. Some of the encounters were pleasant. Like meeting a best friend you haven't seen in a while. Others were more like chemical explosions – torn clothing, passionate screams ... even a broken bed.

Never Fear Rejection Again Now Get “Any Girl – Any Time”

Thomas has discovered what women really want. Generally speaking, every woman wants the same thing. But the key to winning the women you want is getting down to the little details – the ones most guys just don't pay any attention to. And Thomas is ready to show you how to do exactly that.

He wants to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons). So he asked me to sort out his hundreds of detailed notes and arrange them all so even a guy in a coma can become stud material almost overnight.

If you think I'm joking, just understand that this offer is backed up by an absolutely insane "There's No Way In Hell You Can Lose" guarantee. I'll tell you about that a little later.

First, a quick test to see if you're even a candidate for Thomas' “The Online Dating Mentorship Program”. Just give an honest answer to these four questions:

1) Is not getting a girl's number a crushing blow to your ego?

2) Have you ever been paralyzed by the fear of rejection?

3) Do you believe women are impossible to understand?

4) Do you secretly envy the guys who seem to get "all the girls?"

1 "YES" answer – You're possibly comatose, but there's still hope for you.

2 "YES" answers – Way too much time spent looking at porn sites dude. You need a “taste” of the real thing.

3 "YES" answers – Couldn't decide on four "YES" answers, huh? You will have the most difficulty remembering the names of all the chicks you'll soon be dating. So be careful.

4 "YES" answers – You're a pretty normal guy and will see the most improvement after receiving your personal copy of “The Online Mentorship Program”.

Oh, I should tell you I’ve been using “The Online Mentorship Program” myself. I’m sort of a beta tester. Not long ago I was a lonely IT guy working at an office of one of America’s biggest communications companies. Damn boring!

Well, I’m out of that boring IT job, but the rest of my days (and nights) are filled with heart-stopping fun. Thomas, me, and a few other beta testers are competing to see how many women we can line up for dates this month.

Right now I’m in the lead, but this guy Billy is moving up on me real fast. He’s in his 30’s, divorced, and reliving his youth to the max. Looks like he missed out on an awful lot the first time around. So now he’s making up for it.

Right now you might be wondering just what’s inside “The Online Dating Mentorship Program” that’s causing geeks and average Joes like me to be able to meet attractive, interesting women.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn once you jump into “The Online Dating Mentorship Program” ...

  • The single most important quality you must display to attract any woman. Few women consciously know what it is and yet they all crave it. Hint: It is not a sense of humor, honesty or a steady income. I'll not only tell you what it is, I'll show you how to instantly prove to any woman you've got it in abundance.

  • How to spot the time wasters (there are actually nine different varieties) and the strategies you must use to make them vanish before they begin to waste your money too.

  • Why “getting the girl” is a step-by-step process that cannot be violated. I'll show you how to stay on target so you don't miss out on that little piece of heaven because you were in a rush!
  • Your profile is killer man! She'll read it like a romance novel, develop passionate feelings way before she ever meets you and think you're one clever guy. Together, we'll break the profile creation process down into bite-size chunks that are easy to manage and easy to understand. Have no fear!
  • 2 rules you can’t afford to violate when choosing a social networking site. Warning: missing either of them can spell disaster for you very quickly.
  • How to legally and ethically “spy” on your competition so you're always a step or two ahead of those other guys (especially if they get their dating advice from the “usual sources”!).
  • How to liven up your online profile in places that are meant to be boring. Example: the answer to the question is either “YES” or “NO”. Every guy on the planet will answer either yes or no. But because I’ll show you a little “trick” I discovered quite accidentally, your answer will shock (and probably impress) the heck out of any woman, and make you stand out in a crowd.
  • Single woman reveals all – critical comments on the 12 biggest blunders men make in their online profiles and her personal advice on fixing each one.
  • Instantly grab her attention by adding this introduction pitch to your profile. Customize it to your personality. Most women will find it (and you) irresistible.
  • Create an urgent sense of curiosity, almost forcing her to message you before she’s even done reading your profile.
  • Every picture tells a story – 9 photo mistakes to avoid at all cost ... plus expert tips and tricks on creating images she’ll just about drool over (even if you look more like Shrek than Brad Pitt).
  • Put your photos on steroids by studying these 15 facial expressions mastered by every male fashion model. Tests at several universities confirm the intense woman-attracting nature of these subtle tweaks.
  • 5 “inner character traits” and 7 “outer character traits” women equate with sexual intelligence and how to add sexual “muscle” so she'll take you over your average well-hung stud.
  • A feature-by-feature comparison between dating sites and social networking sites reveals which will get you more women more often. It's not what you think so you don’t want to miss any of these details!
  • The 7 unbreakable rules of the online game. Play by these rules and you’ll win every time!
  • Spice up your profile with these “power words” professional salesmen always use to close the deal. A handful of these words will attract the eye of the most discerning woman.
  • How to use contradictions in your profile to get her to notice you in the crowd. She might be confused but she’ll laugh and she's gonna want to know why you said that.
  • Why women love “naughty” guys and how to successfully carry your naughtiness to the limit without getting your face slapped. BTW, most women hide a secret desire to be naughty themselves, but they want you to take the lead on this one.
  • Why you should NEVER send a wink or a heart to a woman and how to get her to open right up to you if she sends you one.
  • Appeal to her most primitive desires by doing this. Warning: Not for every guy. If you don’t have a pair of huge cohones (balls),
    be sure to skip this one.
  • Why no response doesn’t always mean she’s not interested and how and when to “remind” her you’re expecting one. This one takes some skill (I’ll lead you through it step-by-step) and the rewards can be seriously outrageous!
  • Speak their language! – How to use ethnicity, lifestyle, occupation, hair color, body type and many other profile specifics to tailor a message for each woman you contact. The more you notice about her the more interested she'll be in you. Forty-three examples just to get you started!

Plus ...

  • 14 sample profiles of hot women where I show you how to write a first message based on the content of those profiles – AND – their replies along with sample follow-up messages for you to study.
  • 12 good and 11 not-so-good reasons to follow up on the phone, MSN/Yahoo Messenger and email.
  • Why focusing on the end result (the date) can spell disaster for you and what you should really pay attention to in order to get that date.
  • Salesmanship 101: 3 surefire ways to close the “deal”, how to perfectly time it and how to handle the most common objections so you both win in the end.
  • How not to become a slave to your email inbox. A simple strategy that will allow you to eat, sleep and breath normally while you wait for that killer babe to reply.
  • Seduce a woman way before you ever meet her. How to structure your profile, emails and other online communication so she'll be begging for it before she even knows your name.
  • How to set your imagination on fire (it’s much easier than you realize) so everything you think, do and say will make all those other guys look like cloned sheep.
  • Become a master pick up artist. I'll show you where to meet guys who've tested the waters and know the ropes ...guys willing to share their most successful moves.
  • Transform a lame profile into a literary work of art (even if you flunked English class!). Hot tips and tricks from the masters of print advertising.
  • How to ensure your message gets read first (and responded to quick as a flash) even when her inbox is filled with dozens of competing messages. Learn these simple tricks and she may quickly forget about all those other messages.
  • Escape the boredom trap! Most guys never get to meet the woman of their dreams because their profiles and messages are downright boring. I'll show you killer ways to make your words pop right out of her computer screen and pull her into your world.
  • Never be left speechless again! These tips I stole from a drama coach show you how to wow a woman on the phone – even if you stutter, babble uncontrollably or struggle to find words to say.
  • Why you should never eat the same food she orders at a restaurant, even if you're on a cheap date at McDonald’s. Here’s a great opportunity for romance you don’t want to miss.
  • The one thing every woman looks for in a man but few men know how to use properly, even though it costs nothing to produce and can be created on demand.
  • Why roller skating, dancing or even bowling will get you intimate with her more quickly than a movie, a bar or a restaurant. And if you can't dance, that's even better!
  • 17 proven (though sometimes unusual) ways to use email to attract hot women like a giant magnet.
  • Going out with her at night is cool for any situation except this one. Learn this before you meet her and romance will be right around the corner.
  • Instantly let her know you’re not one those lame, boring guys. Do this one thing and you’ll both laugh at the other guys’ expense.
  • Why women can’t resist the “bad boy” type. Hint: it’s got nothing to do with being bad. Understand this little female trait and you’ll have all the “good” girls chasin’ after you.
  • Frozen in the fear you’ll say something goofy? I’ll show you why goofy is attractive to women, how to let it out naturally and how to balance it with other traits she’ll go wild over.
  • Want her to sleep over? Pick these particular days to get together and you more than double your chances of waking up the next day in bed together.
  • Take all the pressure off yourself by getting her to kiss you first. Now you can relax and have a good time, all while secretly building in her mind an irresistible desire to have you come closer.
  • A girl in every port: How to have a hot babe waiting for you at your destination the next time you're traveling for business or pleasure – and no, I'm not talking about one you have to pay for.
  • What took you so long? Why you should never wait until the end of a date to kiss her ... plus ... how to set the stage to “steal” a kiss early on the first date so she’ll expect you to kiss her later on.
  • How to consistently score “points” with her – helpful hints from the world of psychology you can use to seduce her without her realizing it. By the time she catches on to your little tricks, she won’t be able to resist you.
  • Why the fear of losing a woman almost always guarantees you'll lose her and how you can turn your insecurities into strengths she'll find electrifying.
  • How to instantly (and with little effort) double your chances of meeting new women. Use this same strategy to triple or even quadruple those chances. When you learn how to be in control (and I'll teach it all to you) you get to make all the rules.
And more. So much more.

Expect a Complete
Mind Transformation

I promise you my program for meeting exciting, attractive women is different from anything else you may have tried ... or thought about trying, but didn’t.

What makes it different? Simple. Everything else I've seen out there pretty much says and does the same thing. Some guy says he had great success meeting women and now he says, “just do what I did.”

He sends you a bunch of profile samples to cut and paste. And some email samples you can cut and paste. No work involved. Pretty easy.

Have you done this? Are you just "thinking about it?"

Are You Friggin’ Crazy?

Women are not dumb. Not even the blonds.

Cut and paste some other guy’s stuff into your profile and emails and a girl’s gonna give you a whole new set of names (unpleasant ones) when she finally meets you.

She's going to know the guy who wrote those emails isn't the same guy who's looking to share bodily fluids with her. Fail!

Understand this: My approach is radically different.

I give you all the possibilities and let you customize them to your own situation, your own personality, your own lifestyle. I’m talking about retraining your brain so instead of pretending to be a boldly confident chick magnet, you will actually be a boldly confident chick magnet!

It will take more work on your part (after all, you’re worth it) but the results will be genuine. And they’ll last a lot longer … if that’s what you’re looking for.

You’ll never have to worry about her noticing you were “this way” in your emails and now you’re “that way” in person. Get a girl feeling uncertain, even a little, and she’s outta there (after she gives you some "nice" new names). So play it safe. Adapt what I will teach you to your own personality and you can’t lose.

And Yes... You Will Become

You’ll feel a confidence deep down in your bones you never even knew existed. You’ll be eager to go after the woman of your dreams. You won’t back down. Knowing what to say and when to say it will become second nature.

You’ll become super efficient at making those dating and social networking sites work overtime for you. You’ll discover a steadily increasing stream of women. They’re rushing to you because you stand out amid the oceans of boring, self-absorbed guys. Guys who simply don’t know the secrets of attracting beautiful women I’m about to reveal to you.

You’ll be able to read a woman (any woman) like your favorite magazine.

Flip to any page and you’ll instantly know what’s going on in her head, in her heart, and in any other body part you wish to zero in on. No more mystery. No more confusion. You’re in total control now. In fact I’m so convinced my course will change your life forever, I’m offering you a ...

Lifetime Guarantee ...
Proof You’ll NEVER Be Disappointed

Listen … I’ve done some crazy things in my life … most of the time without thinking. But I’ve put a lot of thought into this.

Some of my friends say my guarantee to you is the craziest stunt I’ve ever pulled. I say I’m willing to risk it all because I know “The Online Dating Mentorship Program” will work for any guy who wants it to work.

Just imagine … in a few short days, you’ll begin to confidently attract any woman you wish … and as many women as you wish.

If ever you decide my course has not lived up to your expectations, next month, next year, next century … tell me and I will immediately refund every penny of your investment. No questions. No hassles. No hard feelings. 

I’m taking all the risk here. There’s no way in hell you can lose.

I’m Not Done Yet
Here’s Even More …

I just finished producing as series of dating tools. There are ten in all. Any one of them will double your chance of success at online dating. Here’s your chance to get all ten.

With these tools, you can easily add fuel to the fire of my online dating course, making it ...

Freakin’ Explosive!

I originally intended to sell the Dating Success Doublers as part of a new product I’m currently working on. Then I decided “what the heck!” ... let me just give them all away to the guys who are willing to get up off their butts and actually order “The Online Dating Mentorship Program” instead of just thinking about it.

Act fast and here’s what you get ...

Dating Success Doubler #1:
To Easily Triple Your Dating Success”

Value: At Least $44.95 Each Yours FREE!

I've handcrafted three UNADVERTISED BONUSES you'll receive after your order as my way of saying "THANK YOU" and delivering even more value to you.

I won't mention anything about the contents of these bonuses, because I want to reward you, as my future customer, with some surprise gifts that will BLOW YOUR MIND.

All I have to say about your three unadvertised bonuses is THIS...

Each bonus alone will easily get you TWICE as many dates with women without much effort, but you'll only get them if you order the Online Mentorship Program within the next 24 hours...

Dating Success Doubler #2
“IM Fast Track To Bountiful Babes”
Value: $49.95 Yours FREE!

A 14-page report courtesy of a dyslexic high schooler who couldn’t type a complete sentence to save his life. So he developed his own “shorthand” for use on MSN Messenger and now the girls are just falling all over this kid.

We actually met at a public library. I was doing some research and he was going fast and furious on the keyboard, talkin’ trash to the ladies and lining up date after date. Funny thing is, he had heard of my reputation for attracting women and he set out to beat me at my own game. And he’s getting damn close!

So if you use MSN Messenger (or even if you use another IM) you gotta get your hands on this report. I originally priced it at $49.95, but it’s yours free today when you grab your copy of “The Online Dating Mentorship Program”.

.... Just as an aside, listen up if you believe some kind of mental or physical problem you may have is gonna keep you from meeting attractive women online. Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s because chicks aren’t anything like us guys.

We gotta have tits and ass (and a nice face wouldn’t hurt either). We’re definitely into physical things. Women are into the emotional side.

Make them feel comfortable around you, make ‘em laugh, even make ‘em cry (in a good way) and they’ll fall for you. That’s why sometimes the guys who look like the biggest losers always end up with the hottest chicks!

So if your entire body is covered with acne, you stutter when you’re nervous, or you fart when you laugh ... stay frosty dude. None of that matters because what really gets women hot is fully explained in my course. You just have to read it.

Dating Success Doubler #3
“Red Hot Relationship Enhancers”
Value: $49.95 Yours FREE!

Great! You’ve attracted one hell of a woman. Now what? How do you keep the attraction alive? How do you build a better relationship?

In this exclusive report we’ll look at eleven formulas for connecting with women on a deeper level – mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually – so there will actually be a date after the phone call, a second date after the first, and maybe a relationship after that.

If you’re sick and tired of striking out and you really want to make contact with that “sweet spot” then this report is a must-read.

Dating Success Doubler #4
“Insider Secrets of a Dating Mastermind”
Value: $67.95 Yours FREE!

Hit the brakes dude and pay attention to every word of this interview with dating guru Scot McKay. You’ll discover it’s okay to be a real guy and not the wussy types you see portrayed on popular television shows.

Learn how to read profiles objectively and how to spot the little white lies women use to hide their faults and insecurities. And how ‘bout this: How to write a profile that reflects who you are rather than merely says who you are. Big fat difference. The right profile will get you far more quality responses.

Plus … the hottest “stealth” site on the Internet to find women fast.

There’s a lot more great info packed into this 66 minute audio interview. Don’t miss out on any of it! Get it as a free Bonus program when you order “The Online Dating Mentorship Program”

Dating Success Doubler #5
“Conversation Cheat Sheet”
Value: $49.95 Yours FREE!

Ready to find attractive women online but just need some examples of what to say? No problem! Here’s your chance to “eavesdrop” on nine real world conversations. Learn what he said and what she said in reply.

And not just a quick “hello, how are you?” … “I’m fine, thank you.” We’re talking full back and forth dialogue until she gives up her phone number, address, favorite sexual fantasy … who knows!

I even include comments so you’ll understand why he said this and she said that. See, I refuse to teach you to be a simple talking head.

Use your Conversation Cheat Sheet to gain deeper insights into why people do the things they do. Then you can develop your own conversation style – one that feels natural to you and fits your personality like a fine tailored suit.

Dating Success Doubler #6
“Essential Emoticon Library”
Value: $49.95 Yours FREE!

Nothing makes communication faster, easier, more convenient than text messaging. There is one little problem though. Words can often convey more than one emotion.

Emoticons to the rescue! I’m including a whole slew of those little yellow lifesavers, each displaying a different emotion – so she’ll always know exactly what your emotions are saying along with your words.

This could mean the difference between hurt feelings and feeling fantastic, or the difference between a heated argument and hot sex. Use them wisely!

Dating Success Doubler #7
“Questions & Answers”
Value: $47.95 Yours FREE!

Here’s where you get to read all the questions you thought about asking but may have been too embarrassed to ask. Don’t worry. Some guy, more desperate than you, has already asked and I’ve answered.

I answer questions about proper etiquette, winning strategies, keeping emotions in check, pumping up your imagination, surviving disastrous mistakes, what really attracts women (and what scares them away) and everything else you need to stay in the game and win big.

Dating Success Doubler #8
“Dating Junkies’ Journal”
Value: $67.95 Yours FREE!

An hour and 10 minutes of no holds bared, almost X-rated dialogue between me and my womanizing buddy Roeland. Learn how to put your search for women on autopilot, literally attracting women while you sleep (or even while you’re out on a date!).

And why dating sites are the worst place to find women (and which sites are the best). Where to find beautiful, exotic women who are absolutely desperate to meet you (because here, there are four women for every man!). Damn, those are great odds!

Want more? Okay: how to snag a girl even after she tells you she’s got a boyfriend. Plus lots of conversation starters for many different situations. How to sweep her off her feet by teasing the hell out of her … or by totally ignoring her. Lots more. You gotta get the MP3 to hear it all. it’s FREE with your order for “The Online Dating Mentorship Program”.

Add It All Up
I Think I’m
Losing My Shirt!

Holy s**t man! I’m giving away $549.50 worth of goodies. The entire 8-day Win With Women Mentorship Program costs less than that.

Way less! Just 3 installments of $33.

That's it.

It’s almost like you give me $1 …
and I give you $3 back...

Am I certifiably insane? Nope! I’m just figuring that if I treat you like royalty (even if I lose money now) and do everything I can to help you learn how to attract the women you secretly dream about …

You’ll stick around.

You might try my other products down the road.

Maybe you’ll turn your friends onto my site.

Maybe you’ll write me and tell me how wildly successful you’ve become.

See, right now I just want to get “The Online Dating Mentorship Program” into the hands of every deserving guy on the planet. I can’t give everything away, but I think I’m giving away more than I have to.

And the price I’m asking for the course is probably going to be the cheapest investment in attracting women you’ll ever make. Probably the most rewarding investment too.

Why You’d Be A Fool
To Wait Another Minute

I’m always getting emails from guys who say something like this: “If only I had known about ‘The Online Dating Mentorship Program’ sooner, I could have saved myself a lot of grief.”

Some guys tell me: “I could have met more beautiful women.”

Others tell it like it is: “I could have gotten laid a lot more.”

So why should you be the only guy not getting any? Every day you wait is another opportunity lost. So get with it man!

Fear of rejection haunted Leroy for the past five years. Now he reports going on eight dates in one month – with eight different women!

Dwayne says he now gets triple the responses he used to get.

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Read What Others
Have To Say...

“The thought of me being able to meet women from the comfort of my own home made me get your Program. After my ex-girlfriend broke up with me about one year ago I was a wreck and I became people shy. I created a huge fear of rejection in myself and got so afraid that it would happen again.

Then I started applying all the techniques of your program, launched a Facebook profile... and I just got a crazy amount of replies from women. I mean it has been insane!

Eight dates in one month and I mean with eight different women. Screw clubs and bars because online dating is the best! Thank you so much!”

-- Leroy M., Minneapolis, USA

“Not only am I getting a lot of replies, but all of them are MUCH warmer. It almost seems like I'm greeted by every woman I send a message to like I'm a long lost friend.

I can kiss the clubs and shopping malls goodbye forever because I'm meeting more women and better quality women online. Your material is simple to apply, complete, and VERY effective.”

-- Leo, Kerkrade, the Netherlands

“Hey Carlos, I wanted to thank you for all the insight, the tons of advice and your free help afterwards. Shows you really care about your customers. Now I'm feeling WAY more comfortable sending messages to women and I'm getting numbers right away on the first day I talk to them!

I'm also in a power zone right now because I no longer have to stress over any particular woman. I know there will be others waiting if I suddenly don't hear from a girl anymore and it makes me feel more confident and free than I ever felt before.

I can now choose who I date, instead of date who I have to settle for. Buying this Program was the best thing that has happened to me so far.”

-- Anoop S., Yanam, India

“I was already getting numbers from 3 women a week on average, but getting a woman's contact information means you're only halfway there if you want a date. After getting the info, you still need to call them, mail them and so on, then arrange a date and then there's the actual date itself of course but it never got to that part. I just didn't know why I never got there!

It was so frustrating for me, so disappointing but you taught me how to connect with women on a deep level, how to constantly get to the next step as fast as possible. I can now successfully go on a date with the majority of the women who give me their contact info.

I wanted to tell my whole story to you while I'm here in Japan and oh yeah! Started dating a Japanese girl who lives here in Tokyo the day I got here (which was 9 days ago), thanks to the messaging techniques and apparently attractive profile tips you gave me! I almost can't believe the success that I'm having right now.”

-- Stan B., Calgary, Canada

“I get THREE TIMES as many responses as I used to get in half the time thanks to your Program. I have been applying your insights of online dating for a few months now and all of my friends regard me as an Meeting Women Online Oracle because of it.

The rate at which I'm now able to get a woman's contact info is phenomenal. It doesn't even matter if she doesn't have a phone but does have Facebook or vice versa, because you showed me how to be great with EVERY way of moving towards a date: email, phone and more. ”

-- Dwayne, Tampa, USA

“After I started using the techniques for sending enticing messages you gave me I was able to almost monopolize a major local social network over here: I have hundreds of profile friends (among which the most beautiful women of the site).

This has turned into a game where I just CAN'T lose, where ALL the odds are in my favor and where the "house" always wins just like a casino hahaha. It's all thanks to you man. Thanks for the great material.”

-- Diederik, Gent, Belgium

“I work 50+ hours a week and I'm a really shy guy, which prevented me from getting a date for many, many years. I kinda settled for staying miserable and single. I didn't have a sex life for almost 11 years, but thanks to Carlos' list of clever timesaving techniques and message tips, I still work 50+ hours AND have a very hot girlfriend!”

-- Damian L., Chicago, USA

“Carlos, your stuff works! I've been busy with internet dating since 2001 and I thought I knew it all. Then, during the first month of following your Program I got the number of 90% of the women I talked to and went on a date with all of them. Amazing!

I now have 2 relationships because of it at the same time. Yes I said TWO and they're okay with it because they're blown away by the mega confident new me. I feel like I'm living like Hugh Hefner these days and I owe it all to you!”

-- Jamie, Toulouse, France

“I didn't order your Program to get a girl because I already have a girl!

But your program taught me absolutely everything about how to send messages that create attraction, how to communicate on Yahoo Messenger. The whole dynamic of our relationship has changed and my relationship is so much fun right now. The sexual tension is unbelievable as well.

And thanks to your tactics for connecting with women? I can communicate with my girl on a much deeper level than I ever did and not only with her, but with all of the women I know, even family! My girlfriend has never been so attracted to me thanks to you, man!”

-- JD, Verona, USA

“Hi Carlos, I wanted to get a date the same week I started and the Online Mentorship made that happen. Before it was such a long drawn out process that it discouraged me to move things forward a lot of times.

But your method doesn't beat around the bush: it's easy and effective.

There is no cheaper or faster way to meet women with. Getting your product was money well spent. Keep up the good work!”

-- Scott, Liverpool, UK

“I've been using your product for the last week or so and I've only completed HALF of the Program, but already I can say that it has put my world upside down. Almost two dozen phone numbers in 2 days!

I messaged about 80 women on Orkut.com. Although no one message was the same as the next one thanks to your clever format, almost all of the replies I got said the same kinda things.

Things like "You are the first guy on here that has managed to keep my attention longer than a second" and "I've never had so much fun talking to someone online as I had with you." And that right there is pretty damn fantastic.”

-- Carlo S., Puebla, Mexico

“All of the women I sent a message to have replied so far. That's one hundred percent! One really cute Bavarian girl replied after 5 weeks, gave me her number and told me I should call her! I can't describe how glad I am that I ordered your course.”

-- Wiktor, Poland




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