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Dear Friend,

First off: welcome to the Win With Women Affiliate Network!

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In case you're not an affiliate yet, then let me explain what this is:

What you're looking at right now is the "Training Page" for all affiliates. This will be your "Marketing Central Station", because on this page you´ll find:

The promotional materials you'll need to promote my products and promote them in such a way that you can earn a fat stack of cash month after month... after month. Why? Commissions up to 100%, that's why! Plus, we have a conversion rate of 2.5 to 4% while the industry average is 2%!

The available promotional materials include: product reviews, testimonials, emails, videos, articles, blogs, banners, keywords for pay per click advertising, text links... and there's more coming soon!

Products to promote that give you a second tier commission of 2.5 to 5%, which means that when anaffiliate YOU helped sign up makes a sale? You get paid 2.5 to 5% commission (depends on the product) of his/her sale!

Products to promote with an average or extremely low return rate, meaning almost no one asks his money back or complains... and guess what? That means my products BOOST your reputation, instead of making your website visitors and email subscribers think you're a spammer that promotes junk (which is caused by lots of affiliate products, but NOT mine!)

Internet marketing techniques you can use to promote my own or ANY other products better than before, so you'll earn even more money on top of what you're already making

How to contact me in case you have questions, comments, or when you're looking for better ways to promote my products on your site or to your list with special promotional materials (YES, I AM willing to see how I can help you individually to make more sales)

Below, you can click on the product that you're an affiliate of and you'll be taken to a page with your promotional materials, tips and tricks.

So, what are you waiting for? Get going!

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And oh yeah... if you have ANY questions, requests or comments about how to promote products, me, or something else? Send me an email at [email protected] and I'll be happy to help you. After all, your success is my success!

To More Dating Success,

This is me: Dennis Miedema
Dennis Miedema
Win With Women

What Other Affiliates Have To Say...

"Anyone that has read Dennis Miedema's blog at least once knows that he's a rising star among dating coaches. He helps single guys AND affiliates personally, he always pays on time, and his products convert well enough for me to be able to only promote Dennis's products. I don't need more money than his affiliate program gives me." Jeffrey, Connecticut, USA

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"Most "dating coaches" are usually internet marketers who recycle other people's insights, throw a new label on it and then sell it as a new product to scam people out of their money. Either that or they're guys who think they know everything about dating because they lost their virginity thanks to 1 silly technique.

But Dennis is a different story. He walks the walk and talks the talk for lack of a better word. Promoting his stuff is amazingly easy: name one type of promotional material he DOESN'T have! And besides, his stuff sellf itself: in-depth advice from a guy who's been through what most single guys go through. I highly recommend his affiliate program."
Stephany B, London, UK

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"What I think of Dennis Miedema? Great guy, great blog, great products. He has a certain way of saying things that keep you entertained and motivated while either learning how to meet women or while promoting his products. He treats his affiliates as real people, not as numbers like so many big companies (and internet marketers) do." Gary, Boston, USA

Become a Win With Women Affiliate right away to start earning a pile of money more easily than anywhere else!*

* By becoming and being a Win With Women Affiliate you agree to the terms & conditions found below:

Earnings Disclaimer

Any estimates of how much you as an affiliate can make by promoting my product is just that: an estimate, NOT a guarantee.

Anti-Spam Policy
I don't tolerate affiliates who promote my products through illegal or unethical techniques.

If you really want to go there, then I will terminate your affiliate account without further notice, you will lose any outstanding payments of sales gained through spamming, you can't promote my products ever again, and you will hold Dennis Miedema and Win With Women harmless in case of any legal measures taken against you.

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Getting Women Made Easy With Dennis Miedema’s Dating Tips