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Customer Testimonial #1

"I used to think meeting & dating women was all about getting the numbers. Then I read your advice Carlos and you made me realize what an idiot I was. It's like you said: the reason why most men fail with calling women is because they screw up before they call a woman. They screw up before they even get the digits of women. You showed me what to do about it. Thanks so much!

I now finally understand why women give fake phone numbers, why they don't answer the phone, and why they don't call back. These 3 things haven't happened to me again after I got the Calling Women & Texting Women Program."
-- Jason from Bridgeport, USA

Customer Testimonial #2

“These are the most powerful insights on calling women I have ever seen. It's now hard not to get a date when I call women. I've gotten 8 numbers in the last 14 days... and I've went on dates with 6 women thanks to you!”
-- Sander A. from Brussels, Belgium

Customer Testimonial #3

"I was a big nerd back when me and Carlos went to college together. I wasnt exactly popular with the ladies. But Carlos motivated me to keep on trying. He showed me how to talk to women over the phone. He even called women I met online for me so I could go on a date with them. We've been friends ever since.

I couldnt stop tripping over words when calling women. I was so nervous! And the awkward silences killed the attraction every time. But now I always know what to say and I say it with confidence. Problem solved."
-- Andrew (a close friend of Carlos) from Rotterdam, Netherlands

Customer Testimonial #4

"Before I heard about Carlos, I never even got to the calling women part of the dating game. I couldn't get women's phone numbers!! Maybe it was because I got nervous as soon as I tried to talk to a woman.

But I wish I had the Calling Women & Texting Women Program 5 years ago. It would spare me from hearing no dozens of times when I asked for women's phone numbers. I'm going on a date later today thanks to you D."
-- Mikey F. from Shelby, USA

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Customer Testimonial #5

"These tips for calling women are so addictive. I got the Calling Women & Texting Women Program, immediately started reading the ebook, and I was on page 13 after half an hour. I couldn't stop reading!

I got it because I wanted to keep the attraction going when I called or texted my girlfriend and it does exactly what I hoped it would do. So I guess this stuff doesn't only work with meeting women, it also works with keeping women hahaha. Thanks for the Program and for always answering my questions Carlos. You rule!"
-- Dave L. from Spijkenisse, the Netherlands

Customer Testimonial #6

"When I first checked out the Calling Women And Texting Women Program, I laughed so hard! The conversational techniques you use for calling women are so funny Carlos. Women think so too: they work well. They love it every time I call them.

The stuff I've learned is crazy, just like you are! Thanks so much!"
-- Tom Danial from Utrecht, the Netherlands

Customer Testimonial #7

"I used to have a tough time with being single. I always stayed home during weekends because I didn't get a date even if someone would introduce me to a girl. But now I'm having a tough time with calling all the girls I get the phone number from. I can't keep up with the number of phone numbers women give me! If someone would have asked me a year ago if I would have this much success with women I would tell them they're crazy.

You're the master of calling & texting women Carlos. Anyone who gets your Program about it will agree with me after checking it out."
-- Darryl C. from London, UK

Customer Testimonial #8

"Hey Carlos, I love the ebook but I love the first bonus video of the Calling Women And Texting Women Program even more! Did you know that your R3 technique also works when you're talking to women face to face? Well, it works great for me. I've called women I got the number from ages ago, but thanks to R3 I have went on 2 dates with women who weren't interested in me before. Awesome dude!

I didn't expect these results to be honest. I had my doubts after getting an ebook with tips from another dating coach. His advice didn't work at all. But your advice works Carlos! It's obvious that you have a lot of experience with calling women. I would love to talk to you some more about R3..."

-- AJ from Miami, USA

Read more information about the Calling Women and Texting Women Program…

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