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Dating Expert Testimonial #1

“Where most online dating experts talk about profile, profile, profile Carlos immediately said: first the conversations, then the profile stuff. He has successfully met women online for 5 years in a row before he even thought about improving his profile and it shows...

I was shocked to discover that 90% of the women online use one of 5 or so kinds of replies, ranging from cold to hot as he calls it (interested to not interested) and even more surprised when he showed me exactly what to do to get the phone number for each kind of reply.

It's like he can see the conversation happening in the future and then shows you in advance.

Weird, but cool! Did I mention that it's now hard not to get a phone number online these days? Now that's experience. With all the results you are bound to get with it, this program is definitely worth the investment.”

Michael, dating instructor from Newcastle, United Kingdom

Customer Testimonial #1

“The thought of me being able to meet women from the comfort of my own house made me get your Program. After my ex-girlfriend broke up with me about one year ago, I was a wreck. I became people shy. I created an absolute fear of rejection in myself. I got so afraid that it would happen again.

Then I started applying all of your program, launched a MySpace profile, launched a Facebook profile... and I just got a crazy amount of replies from women. I mean it has been insane.

Eight dates in one month, and I mean with eight different women. Screw clubs and bars! Thank you so much Carlos!”

Leroy M., Minneapolis, USA

Customer Testimonial #2

“Not only am I getting a lot of replies, but all of them are MUCH warmer. It almost seems like I'm greeted by almost every woman I send a message to like I'm a long lost best friend.

I can kiss the clubs and shopping malls goodbye forever... because I'm meeting more women and better quality women online. Your material is simple to apply, complete, and VERY effective.”

Leo, Kerkrade, the Netherlands

Customer Testimonial #3

“Hey Carlos, I wanted to thank you for all the insight, the megaton of advice and your free help afterwards just because you really care about your customers. Now I'm feeling WAY more comfortable sending messages to women and I'm getting numbers right away, on the first day I talk to them!

I'm also in a power zone right now because I longer have to stress over any particular woman. I know there will be others waiting if I suddenly don't hear from a girl anymore..and it makes me feel more confident and free than I ever felt before.

I can now choose who I date, instead of date who I have to settle for. Buying this Program was the best thing that happened to me all year.”

Anoop S., Yanam, India

Customer Testimonial #4

“I was already getting contact info from 3 women a week on average... but getting a woman's contact information means you're only halfway there if you want a date. After getting the info, you still need to call them, mail them and so on, then arrange a date and then there's the actual date itself off course...but it never got to that part...and I just didn't know why!

It was so frustrating for me, so disappointing...but you taught me how to connect with women on a deep level, how to constantly get to the next step as quickly but at the same time as seductive as possible. I can now successfully go on a date with the majority of the women who give me their contact info.

I wanted to tell my whole story to you while I'm here in Japan.. .and oh yeah... I dated a Japanese girl who lives here in Tokyo the day I got here (which was 9 days ago), thanks to the messaging techniques and apparently universally attractive profile tips you gave me! I almost can't believe the success that I'm having right now.”

Stan B., Calgary, Canada

Customer Testimonial #5

“I get THREE TIMES as much response as I used to get, in half the time. I have been applying your insights of online dating for a few months now and all of my friends regard me as an Meeting Women Online Oracle because of it.

The rate at which I'm now able to get a woman's contact info is phenomenal, and it doesn't even matter if she doesn't have a phone but does have IM or vice versa.. because you showed me how to be great with EVERY way of moving towards a date: email, IM and the phone.”

Dwayne, Tampa, USA

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Customer Testimonial #6

“After I started using the techniques for sending enticing messages and the tips for using all of the profile areas you gave me I was able to almost monopolize a major local social network over here: I have hundreds of profile friends (among which the most beautiful women of the site).

This has turned into a game where I just CAN'T lose, where ALL the odds are in my favor, and where the "house" always wins just like a casino..thanks to you. Thanks again for the great material.”

Diederik, Gent, Belgium

Customer Testimonial #7

“I work 50+ hours a week and am a really shy guy, which prevented me from getting a date for many, many years and I kinda settled for staying miserable and single. I didn't have a sex life for almost 11 years, but thanks to Carlos's entire arsenal of clever timesaving techniques and messaging strategies, I still work 50+ hours AND have a very hot girlfriend!”

Damian L., Chicago, USA

Customer Testimonial #8

“Carlos, your stuff works! I've been going at this internet dating since 2001, and I thought I knew it all. Then, during the first month of following your mentorship program, I went from dating 14 woman to 29 women! For the record, that's more than 90% of the women I got the number from that went on a date with me.

I now have 2 relationships because of it at the same time... yes I said TWO... and they're okay with it because they're blown away by the mega confident, sexual new me. I feel like I'm living like Hugh Hefner these days, and I owe it all to you Carlos!”

Jamie, Toulouse, France

Customer Testimonial #9

“I didn't order your program to get a girl..and I also didn't want to date several women at one time. Not at all. I already have a girl!

Your program taught me absolutely everything about how to send messages that create attraction, how to communicate on IM. The whole dynamic of our relationship has changed..things are so fun with my girl right now, the sexual tension is unbelievable...

And thanks to your tactics for connecting with women? I can communicate with her on a much deeper level than I ever did..and not only with her, with all of the women I know, even family! My girlfriend has never been so attracted to me as she is now, thanks to you Carlos!”

JD, Verona, USA

Customer Testimonial #10

“Hi Carlos, I wanted to get a date the same week I started..and the Online Mentorship made that happen. Before it was such a long drawn out process that it discouraged me to move things forward a lot of times.

But your method doesn't beat around the bush, it's easy and supremely effective!

There is no cheaper, faster, and more effective way to meet women. Getting your product was money well spent. Keep it up!”

Scott, Liverpool, UK

Customer Testimonial #11

“I've been using your product for the last week or so and I've only completed HALF of the Program. but already I can say that it has put my world upside down Carlos. Almost two dozen phone numbers in 2 days!

I messaged about 80 women on Although no one message was the same as the next one thanks to your genius like format, almost all of the replies I got said the same kinda things.

Things like "You are the first guy on here that has managed to keep my attention longer than a split-second" and "I've never had so much fun sending messages as I did with you." And that right there is pretty damn fantastic.”

Carlo S., Puebla, Mexico

Customer Testimonial #12

“All of the women I sent a message to have replied so far, that's one hundred percent! One really cute Bavarian girl replied after 5 weeks, gave me her number and told me I should call her! I can't describe how glad I am that I ordered your course..”

Wiktor, Poland

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Carlos Xuma
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Getting Women Made Easy With Carlos Xuma’s Dating Tips