About Win With Women

Hey there, it’s Carlos Xuma (who else!) here and I’d like to tell you what my company Win With Women is all about…

What I Want to Achieve By Giving Dating Advice

I created Win With Women to help, guide, and coach men all over the planet to get more dating success AND social success.

My vision is helping men everywhere improve their quality of life as much as possible: to help them win with life because they’re winning with women! Allow me to explain…

A lot of my customers have a lack of confidence when they first contact me. They usually have little to no social skills. They have little to no conversational skills. What’s worse, they have a tough time because their insecurities stop them from getting the results they want out of life (and dating).

But after I give them dating advice and they start achieving success with women?

They’re more confident. They’re more social and open and talkative. They know exactly what they want. And because of it, they NOT ONLY get more women… but they get better jobs, better friends, better parties, a better income and so on as well!

In short, their ENTIRE life changes. Because they win with women, they get a better life. That’s what most dating coaches never realize. That’s what most dating coaches never help single men with: improving their chances with women AND their chances in life.

But I, Carlos Xuma?

I focus on long term success. Me, my dating advice and the company focus on consistent success. It’s the only way to go.

Because what’s the use of learning how to “get the girl” if you can’t “keep the girl” afterwards for example? It’s a HUGE waste of your money, time, and energy.

So in short, the goal is simple:

First I help you win with women. Then, I give you the way to win with life because of your success with women.

What Win With Women Isn’t…

Did you know that the quickest way people learn to do something is by telling them what NOT to do first? That’s why I want to tell you what Win With Women isn’t before you read the story of what it is…

– Win With Women is NOT a company that lets you believe you need techniques to get women.

You can easily get women with only your personality and without ANY techniques. That´s what we want to show you. How to be a real man.

– Win With Women is NOT a pick up artist company that lets you believe sleeping with as much women as possible is the only way to have dating success.

We help you achieve YOUR kind of dating success, whether that’s dating 1000-and-1 women, finding your “miss right”, getting your ex back, or bringing the passion back into your relationship.

– Win With Women does NOT give you dating advice that Hollywood gives you:

Giving women flowers, candy, chocolate, fancy dinners, money, gifts, and compliments is what works in Hollywood. But it’s NOT what works in real life. We truly believe in creating attraction by knowing psychology. We believe in making women fall in love with you by knowing psychology.

-Win With Women likes romance (it works!), but we do NOT write romantic blog posts.

We give you the brutal truth about women, dating, and attraction. We give you the way the dating game REALLY works. How love works in real life is what we show you. Like it or not, but it has been proven to work by 600+ men during the last 2 years!

– Win With Women is NOT a company that teaches you how to take advantage of women or how to manipulate women into liking you.

We show you how to be the real man women have wanted all their lives. I show you how to make women happier by making yourself happier.

What’s The Story Of Win With Women?

If you would ask me to describe Win With Women in 3 words I would say:

Honest. Controversial. Psychology-based.

But I´m getting ahead of myself! Here´s how it all started…

I created the Win With Women blog in the summer of 2008 after being SPAMMED with dating questions by dozens and dozens of men.

Don´t know why they were spamming me? Read my biography to find out why…

Anyways, my blog gave me a way to tell and teach them more, without having a full email inbox every day.

It was almost a part time job: I gave dating advice to men around 20 hours a week! Those were the days: 112 emails with questions per day and having to turn of my phone because I was stalked by men, lol!

Then, in September 2008, men from all over Europe and the US asked me to give even more advice. I didn´t have the time, but they “threatened” to pay me if I would help them. I thought about it for a long time and decided to go for it.

Why I decided to go pro with my dating advice? Because there are 3 problems with current dating advice for men…

What´s Wrong With Current Dating Advice #1:

Most dating coaches are in it for the money, the fame, or the ego boost. Meanwhile, lots of their customers come to me looking for answers. So, I decided to start my own coaching company because I DO want to genuinely help men. I don´t ask for more money than you can afford.

Plus, I do lots of free events so you can learn even if you CAN´T afford any products or coaching at all. I think it´s what all dating coaches should do: NOT care about money, but about helping single men.

What´s Wrong With Current Dating Advice #2:

There have been a lot of dating coaches recently who are refusing to help guys that disagree with them. Coaches that make a top 10 of the best dating coaches without telling the world that they got PAID to include certain people in the top 10. And worse. The madness and the lies must stop. I want to start spreading the truth.

What´s Wrong With Current Dating Advice #3:

I genuinely want to help men win with women and win with life. I care a lot about my customers and treat them liek VIPs. But other dating coaches? I won´t hesitate to confront anyone who´s lying, unethical, who treats customers badly, and who gives men less than they deserve. I´m the watch dog of the dating coaches. I do everything necessary for the truth and my fans and customers!

That´s what I was thinking in January 2009 when I launched the “official” Win With Women company. And I still feel the same way: men deserve to know the truth about women and dating (and dating coaches).

Now it has become a fulltime job though: I help single men on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, during my seminars, with my products, with my coaching, with my newsletters, and a whole lot more!

Now you know everything there is to know about my company, I think it’s about time I leave to find myself another GREAT movie to watch. Because here’s something you may not know about Carlos Xuma: I’m addicted to movies!

Take a look around on the blog and leave a comment to tell me what you think…

Goodbye now!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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