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And I’ve even got a special opportunity for all you journalists and bloggers out there! But more on that later…

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Background Information

– Biography of Carlos Xuma and Win With Women: If you’re looking for background info about who Carlos is, what Win With Women is and what we stand for? Then be sure to Download The Story Of How We Got Started Here or you can also Read The Start-Up Story Online.

– Information About Products And Services: If you’d like to know more about Carlos Xuma’s products and services (including topics covered inside, prices, etc.), then Download The Product Catalog Here or if you want to read it right away, then Check Out The Online Product Catalog Here.

– Blog posts Carlos Xuma wrote:If you want, you can check out the most popular Win With Women blog posts OR the top 7 blog posts about online dating, the top 9 blog posts about texting girls, the top 5 blog posts about calling women or the top 12 blog posts about getting girls.

How Men Use Carlos’s Products & Services

– The Online Mentorship Program Reviews: If you want to know what people are saying about the Online Mentorship Program, Carlos Xuma’s ultimate guide for meeting women online, then Download The Customer Reviews Here or Read The Reviews Online.

– The Simple Inner Game System Reviews: Want to know what people are saying about the Simple Inner Game System, Carlos Xuma’s system for improving your confidence, getting over the fear of rejection, approaching women, and creating attraction? Then Download The Customer Reviews Here or Read All The Reviews Online.

– The Calling Women and Texting Women Program Reviews: If you want to find out what people are saying about the Calling Women and Texting Women Program, Carlos Xuma’s ultimate guide for getting women’s phone numbers, calling women, and texting women? Then Download The Customer Reviews Here or Read Some Reviews Online


Videos Of Carlos Xuma And Win With Women

If you want to see ALL of Carlos Xuma’s videos with dating advice for men, then I highly recommend you check out his official Youtube channel and his previous Youtube account with dating advice videos. Below you can find one of Carlos’s best videos so far and links to other great vids… enjoy!

Video #2: How To Keep A Relationship
Video #3: The Trailer For The Calling Women And Texting Women Program
Video #4: Writing An Attractive Online Dating Profile
Video #5: Carlos Xuma Interview Part 1 of 5

Carlos Xuma and Win With Women Photos

Below you’ll find a whole bunch of personal photos, product photos, and more!

– Personal photos:
Carlos's photo taken by surprise
– Other photos and logos:

Carlos Xuma’s Newsletters And RSS Feed

– Newsletters: Carlos Xuma has several newsletters with dating advice for men with each newsletter covering a specific topic. Click each of the links below to find out more about the dating advice newsletters…

Online dating tips newsletter

Calling women and texting women tips newsletter

“Inner Game” newsletter about improving confidence, approaching women, creating attraction

– RSS Feed: You can also be notified every time Carlos Xuma posts a new blog by Subscribing To His RSS Feed Here. Carlos is also present on Twitter and Facebook if you prefer to be updated via your favorite social network site.

Some Of The Best Blog Posts Of Win With Women

1) How to get a girl’s number
Fun fact: regular guys such as yourself think the way you ask for a phone number of some hot chick is obvious: you just ask! Meanwhile, this will only give you a 50% success rate at best… while there are many ways to improve your success rate when you want to get a girl’s number. That’s what this blog post is all about.

2) Writing a dating profile
You can start writing a dating profile without ANY preparation at all… and you can also start a war blind folded and firing your gun at random, but that’s not the way to win the online dating game OR to win a war. That’s why Carlos Xuma has written a post on writing a dating profile so you can OWN the online dating scene in your city, town, or village and date one woman after the other… after the other. Check it out!

3) Get a girl on facebook
With an evergrowing number of members, Facebook offers both many opportunities and many obstacles. If you want to learn how to get a girl on Facebook, then you must know some do’s and don’ts, which are described in this blog post with a little help from poker. There are many similarities between poker and getting girls on Facebook, so be sure to check this one out!

4) How to write a dating profile
If you want to learn how to write a dating profile thanks to Eminem, then this is the blog post you should read. Right now you may ask yourself: “What does Eminem have to do with writing a dating profile?” Trust me, you’ll be surprised to find out that the answer is: a whole freaking lot!

5) How to text flirt
Most guys have no clue about how to text flirt with women and get dates, but it’s actually real easy once you follow the rules of the game. This blog post explains everything a man ever needs to know about how to text flirt with in-depth, effective tips.

An Offer For Journalists And Bloggers…

Here’s the deal: I’m giving all you journalists and bloggers out there a special opportunity:

1) An exclusive interview I’m willing to do an exclusive interview with you in text, audio, or video that you can use as you please. You can ask me any question about anything, bring it on!

2) A live demonstration I’m willing to offer a live demonstration: you can ask me to be coached in clubs and bars, to come and demonstrate my online dating skills with YOUR profile, or to join one of my seminars or events… all for free.

3) A source of background information You can consider me a source of information when it comes to pick up artists, dating, women, confidence, and psychology applied to dating: any time you need a background story or scientifical facts? Contact me and I will help you a.s.a.p.!

How to gain access to an exclusive interview or a live demonstration? Simply email me at:


Once you email me, we can sit down and talk or talk over the phone about what you want and how I can help you.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women