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“Inner Game”

In case you’re wondering what “inner game” means, it stands for everything in the dating game that is internal – Your Confidence. In my Inner Game Newsletter I’ll show you:

– How to build IRON CLAD confidence
– How to create Raw Sexual Attraction
– How to meet girls & get them to approach you
– How To Get Girls Like Bad boys do
– How to conquer your fear of rejection
– How to destroy your fear of failure
– How to get rid of your insecurities
– Why women test you
– The character traits that women fall in love with
– And more…

The Newsletter explores the psychology behind all of these things so you can learn how to “get the girl” not with tricks, stunts, hypnosis or other garbage… but by thinking straight… and by knowing and responding to what women think. Believe it or not, but it’s the easiest way to get girls!

Calling Women and Texting Women

Inside my members-only newsletter, I share secret strategies including:

– How to call & text girls
– How to get a girl’s phone number
– When to call her after you get her number
– How to talk to women and attract them
– How to get her asking you for a date
– How to text girls & What to text girls
– And tons of other stuff…

As you can see, my newsletter will give you a ton of great stuff…

Some people prefer talking to girls online, others prefer talking over the phone. That’s why each method of communicating with women is covered differently. But you know what?

No matter if you call or chat on Facebook, you need to know what creates attraction, why nice guys aren’t attractive and Bad Boys are, how women test you so you can pass their tests, and so on…

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