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Win With Women started in June 2008 and we’ve been giving dating advice to regular guys like you and me ever since.

Now, we know we’re not the only ones giving dating tips on the internet, but we’re definitely different from other dating coaches, so called “pick up artists”, and companies because:

1) We start with you.
First you need to improve yourself AND your life, because techniques are great but it’s only a matter of time before women see through them. In short, we show you how to BE attractive… instead of how to do attractive things

2) We’re not looking to make you a different person OR make you a Carlos Xuma clone.
We show you how to get women by being yourself, not by “faking it”.

3) We’re available and try to explain everything.
Too many times, people give techniques without explaining why they work… and when you go ahead and ask them about it? The only thing you get is silence. We always explain the reasons WHY something works… and we answer as many questions as possible.

4) We show you how to have fun.
I mean, meeting and dating women is a sensitive topic, a personal one, and things can get really serious. But does that mean you should worry about what to do, when to do it, and that you should follow boring and complicated routines and methods all the time? Nope. Why learn something if it’s never any fun? We bring the fun back to the dating game for you.

This is, in short, what we stand for.

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Want to know the story of how Carlos Xuma learned how to meet and date women, why he started giving dating advice, and what we over here at the Win With Women blog are all about?

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If you want to contact us with questions about your problems with women, about your order (whether it’s a product or coaching) as a Win With Women customer, about business-related matters or anything else, then please visit our Contact Us page.

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