Why try to learn how to meet women and risk putting so much effort into it, so much time… with nothing to show for it? Why go through the frustration and rejection that come with do-it-yourself learning?

Why do that when you can learn secrets about meeting women most men will never know effortlessly, and in half the time, thanks to Carlos’s knowledge and experience? Check out his full program catalog below to see how you can get the dating success you want:

The Bad Boy Formula

Somewhere, there’s a BAD Bad Boy waiting to steal the girl you want – or the girl you’ve already got. Are you going to let him get away with this…? The Bad Boy Formula shows you how to take the “edge” of the Bad Boy and use it for good – to attract women and treat women the way they want. Learn how to turn women into addicted & obsessed ‘Love Junkies’ – Beat Them At Their Own Game, Without EVER Being A Deceptive Or Manipulative Jerk…

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The Girlfriend Training Program

The Girlfriend Training ProgramAfter years of learning the art of attraction with women, back in 2002 I released my first book on the subject: The Dating Black Book. I wanted this book to help guys become successful with women and dating. And for the last 9 YEARS, I’ve been working on all the tips for this program I’ve just completed: The Girlfriend Training Program. It’s a “stealth” dating program that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your relationships with women. This is the pinnacle of my teachings, because it takes all the attraction tips, tactics, and techniques that you’ve used so far to get things started with a woman and focuses them like a laser beam on the goal of being able to actually KEEP any woman interested in you. For a night, or for a lifetime, it will now be up to you what happens with her. For the short and long-term.

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Alpha Sexual Power

Alpha Sexual PowerThe Alpha Sexual Power system includes a ton of content, including over 31 videos showing you the entire Alpha Sexual Power System, audiobooks and MP3 files of the course, Bonus P3 Method, bonus audio and video Masterclass sessions (16 sessions), reference ebooks and short-cut notes, including the mindmaps.

So that’s 6 course modules, the bonus “P3 Method” for attraction, the mind maps, the audiobook and MP3 audio program, the video presentations, and all 9+ hours of the Masterclass bonus sessions from 15 of the top gurus!

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How to Talk to Women

How to Talk to WomenIf you’ve ever found yourself struggling to start or keep a conversation going with a woman, you know how frustrating it can be. You want to say the right things at the right time to keep her interested, and get her number – or a kiss – or more… In this program, Carlos Xuma explains all the core elements of conversation, how they work, along with examples of cocky humor, texting, and his complete bag of tricks to keep her talking to you for as long as you want…

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The Lust Response

The Lust ResponseIf you've ever spent minutes (that felt like HOURS) trying to work up the courage to talk to a woman only to have it go nowhere - or worse, you never work up enough courage to do it at all, this could change your life forever. And that's not an exaggeration in any way! Creating that sexual spark of desire in a woman seems like the most difficult thing in the world to do, but when you have a roadmap to her Lust Response, it's easier than turning on your computer...So what I created was a fast and easy video for you to "plug & play" this Lust Response system in just minutes.

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Carlos Xuma
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P.S. Looking for a more personal approach? Not sure my products can fix your problems, because they’re HUGE problems? Good news for you: I also do personal coaching where I’ll help you with your specific problems with confidence, women, and dating during 1 session or multiple sessions. There are lots of extra’s that comes with all of my coaching packages too, so be sure to check out my personal coaching services now.