How To Write A Dating Profile That Rocks Thanks To Eminem

Love him or hate him, but you can learn how to write a dating profile thanks to Eminem, because he’s a master of words! Let’s write a dating profile with him.

First of all: don’t worry dude. This is not where I teach you how to write a dating profile by letting every sentence rhyme with the previous one.

This is where I teach you how to write a dating profile by using the same reasons why Eminem is a wordsmith not many rappers dare to mess with:

– Endless practice
– No mercy when editing
– Being bold
– Starting strong and finishing stronger
– Experimenting

You know what? You can start writing a dating profile with these elements that easily beats your competition at any time and anywhere.

Want to see how these “furious five” elements of Eminem’s wordsmith skills will help you write a dating profile? Then keep reading…

How To Write A Dating Profile With Eminem: Endless Practice

One of the most common mistakes I see men make when they write a dating profile is that they think it’s a “set it and forget it” thing: write it once… and you are done. So wrong!

That would be like Eminem saying he wanted to be the greatest rapper of all time… by making one song. Eminem has dozens of boxes filled with notebook after notebook after notebook… with rhymes that never made it into a song.

He grew up in a trailer park and took getting the hell out of there very seriously. He practiced endlessly to do it. So ask yourself: when you were serious about getting your driver’s license, did you only take one lesson?

When you were serious about winning a competition of ANY sport, did you only practice for an hour?

No? Yeah I thought so. Same goes for dating: if you are serious about online dating, then know that learning how to write a dating profile that ROCKS requires a lot of practice.

Check out these 7 samples of dating profiles to get some good ideas for your dating profile.

Hey, you can also write a dating profile and then forget all about it… if you like wasting money on a subscription for a dating site while no soul on the entire freaking planet responds to your dating profile because it SUCKS BALLS.

Practice makes perfect, so start to practice and do it often!

When it comes to how to write a dating profile, practice makes perfect!

How To Write A Dating Profile With Eminem: No Mercy Editing

If you listen closely to Eminem’s songs, then you will find that he manages to cram so many words into so little time. And all of those words make sense and contribute to the message he is trying to get across (which is usually a sarcastic one.)

That requires ruthless editing of every single line of text he writes. And when it comes to how to write a dating profile, you should have the same mindset:

– Cut all the crap that does not help to attract YOUR type of woman
– When writing a dating profile, think twice about everything. Can you say it with less words?
– Which photo or text can be misinterpreted in a negative way? Remove it. Now.

Try to cram as much meaning into the smallest space possible, just like Eminem does.

And with learning how to write a dating profile that means saying everything you can to attract your type of woman, without saying anything twice.

Here’s another juicy secret about how to write a dating profile: people tend to look at the first 2 pages of the search results on a dating site and respond to those if they like what they see. By writing a dating profile (editing it) regularly, you will remain on page 1 or 2 because the search results are usually ordered by the date people were last online!

How To Write A Dating Profile With Eminem’s Help: Be Bold

A wise man once told me: if you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything. Same goes for how to write a dating profile: you can’t attract every woman in the world.

Hell, when you try to write a dating profile that almost every woman will like? It will be mediocre overall, because it doesn’t attract ANY type of woman really well. It just attracts all types of women… a bit.

In comes Eminem. I don’t have to tell you that he paints violent, strong pictures with his words. But often he does it in such an over-the-top way that the song becomes a sarcastic story filled with emotion. Me personally? I like it. His stuff makes me laugh, but some people can’t handle it.

And that’s my point: if you want to attract women like CRAZY when you write a dating profile, then you need to write stuff that certain types of women will LOVE and which other types of women will HATE.

If you remember one thing about how to write a dating profile, I hope it’s what I just told you… because if you don’t that, you’ll just be an average guy with an average life to women. Boooooring!

So, be bold and write what your type of woman loves to hear. For example, I know for a fact that Latinos prefer to be among other Latinos because their culture is VERY different from the dominant Caucasian culture.

Now, writing stuff in Spanish when writing a dating profile and talking about their culture will attract Latinas but completely alienate all other women. Do you see where I’m going with this?

You will learn how to write a dating profile by being bold today

Start being bold.

How To Write A Dating Profile: Start Strong, Finish Stronger

It’s rare that I find a guy who knows how to write a dating profile that makes a good first impression. Here’s how:

– Use your best photo as the main photo of your dating profile
– Start the part where you tell about yourself with a great joke or something exciting
– Start the part where you talk about your interests with something unordinary

But what’s even more important than starting strong is finishing strong. How did Eminem do it? Read and learn…

The best of Eminem’s songs achieve something rare in commercial music: they come to a powerful climax just before they end. Many of his songs are written as arguments, and it’s usually in his third verse when he drives his point home, often with a lyrical hammer that would make Thor look like a pussy (pardon my French).

You want to do something similar if you want to discover how to write a dating profile that works like a chick magnet:

– Finish stronger by telling a story on your profile and ending it with an unexpected outcome
– Finish stronger with an even better joke or something more exciting than how you started
– Finish stronger with a great call to action that invites women to respond to your profile

How To Write A Dating Profile Thanks To Eminem: Persist!

Eminem was a white guy (hell, he was trailer trash) in a music scene that was dominated by African Americans and thus had way more to prove than the average rapper. But you know what? He persisted.

And so should you when learning how to write a dating profile: you need to persist..

Maybe you get ZERO replies from women, even if you worked hard to learn how to write a dating profile…

Maybe you do get messages from women, but they’re not your type or turn out to be psychos…

Hell, maybe learning how to write a dating profile feels like a five year plan of the Soviet Union: it may take shitloads of your time…

And all I have to say is: so? Whether you want to learn how to write a dating profile or learn how to drive a car, it takes effort to become good at it. Really good at it.

So persist man. Maybe you hate it now, but you’ll thank me later 😉

How To Write A Dating Profile Thanks To Eminem: Experiment

Eminem has made songs where he tells stories, rhymed on beats that sound like they come straight out of a circus or mental asylum, emotional rollercoaster songs where he talks about his life, etc.

Not every experiment works, but Eminem is always trying something new. And let me tell you this about how to write a dating profile: you will discover the most amazing things while experimenting!

So, become a mad scientist when writing a dating profile…

Learn how to write a dating profile like scientists below!

Because some of the things I discovered about how to write a dating profile are:

– The more photos you use of you in different situations, the better. Most men have one photo or dozens of photos of them standing in the exact same corner of their living room or something. Lame! By being in different situations you attract women in different ways: an exciting situation, a family situation, a time when you screwed something up, etc.

– If you use an “odd one out” game for the interest section of your dating profile, you won’t end up with a list of things almost anyone likes (like most interest lists)… but one that grabs women’s attention and that they just HAVE to ask you about.

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Check out the rest of the Profile For Dating series.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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