The A to Z of How to Get Girls to Notice You

When learning how to get girls to notice you, you want to know ALL the techniques. But aren’t you forgetting the basics of how to get girls? Find out!

Whether you want to know how to get girls to notice you and your “girls” are 20, 30 or 40 years old… it doesn’t matter to me. Because today?

Today I will reveal, in alphabetical order, the principles I’ve used to meet dozens and dozens of girls over the years. Within moments, YOU will be able to do the same and know how to get girls to notice you time after time… after time.

Fasten your seatbelts, because here we go!

The A to E of How to Get Girls to Notice You

A: Approach constantly.

If you want to get girls to notice you, then know that the dating game is a numbers game.

Think about it man: say that you can get the phone number of 1 in 10 girls you approach and start a conversation with, then wouldn’t you want to approach AT LEAST 10 girls as often as possible so you can get as many phone numbers as you can?

Because dude, learning how to get girls to notice you continues with realizing that AFTER you get their number? You still need to get a date… and only 1 in XYZ girls will go on one with you.

Needless to say, the more numbers you make? The more likely it is you will go on dates. So, let the odds work in your favor by approaching girls constantly.

B: Be aware and notice them, before you learn how to get girls to notice you

A classic mistake you can easily mistake is thinking no girl is interested in you. EVER. I mean, why else would you be looking for tips on how to get girls to notice you? Right?


You just haven’t realized yet that girls have noticed you before you even tried getting noticed. Why? Because you SUCK at reading women’s body language. Every guy does. Let’s change that shall we?

Remember this about how to get girls to notice you: whenever a girl is looking your way, it’s on purpose. Not because she accidentally looked your way, not because she saw something behind you, not because you still have some ketchup from your McDonalds burger left on your cheek.

Girls who try to make eye contact with you more than once are interested in you. PERIOD. So, be aware of your environment and notice who is noticing you.

That’s the real way of learning how to get girls to notice you: talking to those that are already interested!

C: Calm down.

That may sound ridiculously easy at first, but it’s not. Not in the dating game. You tense up when you’re around a girl you are interested in. There are awkward silences. You get really nervous right before a date and during one, but my friend…

The more uncomfortable you get? The more uncomfortable girls get. They’re very good at reading body language, so the more you DON’T relax the harder it is to make things go the way you want them to go.

Calm down if you want to learn how to get girls to notice you

D: Do it yourself.

It’s better to start doing something about the results you’re getting with women RIGHT NOW, then to wait for “the right time” (which is an excuse for postponing tough situations.)

Time waits for no man my friend. It may already be too late once you get around to discovering how to get girls to notice you after several days or weeks…

And as you’re about to learn: everything will only get better when you get better (see the letter E) and failure is your friend (see the letter F).

E: Everything will only get better when you get better

Pardon my French here, but I don’t give a shit who your friends are or where or from whom you get your advice… even if you get your advice from me.

Because no matter how many times I tell you how to get girls to notice you and no matter how much I care? Nobody cares more than you do. Nobody.

And let’s face it: ultimately, you’re on your own… unless you want that friend with the great tips to join you and the hot girl you just met in bed so he can give you some advice.

No? Yeah I thought so.

The F to I of How to Get Girls to Notice You

F: Failure is your friend

If I give you a task and you succeed without much effort, would you have learned from it? No. Not as much as when you would fail, because failure forces you to go and find out what went wrong and how you can improve it, so you prevent screw ups next time.

So when it comes to how to get girls to notice you, you can take action as much as you want because failure makes you improve faster… and if you succeed?

You need to get yourself some bigger problems haha!

G: Goals are important

One of the most important lessons I have ever learned is that you focus or fail. You can’t be good at everything in the entire freaking world, because if you try a billion things at once you will do poorly a billion times.

Same goes for if you want to get girls to notice you. Meeting them left and right will do you no good. It’s like running in circles around a house you want to go in: you never focused on the door so you never found a way in.

Find your way in and set specific, challenging goals. Today you want to approach XYZ amount of girls, tomorrow you will not go home without 5 phone numbers. That type of thing.

H: Highlight your successes

Learn how to get girls to notice you by highlighting success below!

If you want to stay motivated, then celebrate every little win. Because when you highlight your success you give yourself more hope that you can win, that you can do this!

That’s a big difference compared to setting goals, achieving them, and then just keep on keeping on: behaving like a hamster who runs his ass off on a treadmill that never ends like hamsters do will make you frustrated and never feel like you got the job done.

I: Inner game is what you need if you want to know how to get girls to notice you

Having inner game is being confident. You need confidence, hell, you need to love yourself. Because how can you love someone else when you don’t even love yourself? You can’t.

So train your inner game by highlighting your successes and by focusing on what you’re good at and IGNORING what you suck at. This way, you always focus on the positives and stay motivated. Focusing on negatives will make your entire life negative.

Need more detailed advice to improve your confidence? Or as many tips as possible because you think they’re awesome? Then sign up for my free Inner Game Newsletter for members only to get more tips on a daily basis.

The J to N of How to Get Girls to Notice You

J: Joke around sometimes, this is not a fight to the death

If you take yourself and the dating game too seriously, then girls will either think you’re insecure because you’re so easily offended by them not responding like you would want them to respond…

Or they will see you as a desperate little wussy because you talk and think about marriage, kids, and what not… while they are still thinking about how the date is going.

K: King of your universe is what you need to be.

Other people’s opinions of you or how to get girls to notice you do not matter because:

– Every man likes a different type of woman, so what do they know about YOUR type
– An opinion is subjective and based on feelings instead of facts. Are you a toy for their feelings or are you in complete control of your feelings?
– The only opinion that counts is the opinion you have of yourself: your self-esteem
– You are not a product of your environment, your environment is a product of you. So if YOU change? Opinions and people change.

Be the captain of your own destiny. The king of your universe. You are in the driver’s seat of your life and no one’s putting you in the backseat, you got that?

L: Learn how to get girls to notice you from those around you

What makes you think you are the first guy who tried to figure out how to get girls to notice you? If you were, then I would not be writing this blog post.

So, look around. Look and see if there are other guys and girls who are incredibly good at meeting someone of the opposite sex. Why not befriend them and learn from them?

You will be surprised about just how many there are. It’s where I got my “game” from.

M: Money is useless when it comes to how to get girls to notice you.

You never need money for learning how to get girls to notice you!

Cough up the cash by buying flowers, gifts, dinners, chocolate before/during the first few dates and girls will think you are trying to make up for something.

Why else would you try to buy their approval?

Wait until there’s a relationship and, even then, remember: the most amazing dates are completely free. Counting the stars together, walking on the beach together, etc. Girls love that stuff and it doesn’t cost a damn dime.

N: Never give up.

Put simply, how can you beat someone who never quits? If you never quit learning how to get girls to notice you, then you will become a master at getting girls to notice you. A master of attraction.

The O to R of How to Get Girls to Notice You

O: Over-thinking is not done.

What is a witty thing to say right now? How do I attract her? What does she think of me? When should I kiss her? Stop it. Right now.

The more you think while approaching girls or dating them, the less time you actually spend enjoying yourself. The less time you’re in the moment and the more you start to feel uncomfortable.

Have a great time and turn your brain switch off for the night. It makes a HUGE difference.

P: Psychological needs are THE be-all, end-all of how to get girls to notice you.

Whenever girls aren’t completely satisfied with their lives you can get girls to notice you. Where there’s a need, there’s a way. And frankly? Girls are attracted to you because of psychological needs.

Take girls who grew up without a father or whose father was rarely or never there. They crave a strong, authoritative man in their lives because they never had one. Never had a father figure.

The best way to attract those girls is by being dominant, telling them what they should and cannot do… just like a father would.

There are TONS of other psychological needs and I talk about them all in my free Inner Game Newsletter. Sign up for it today if you want to master every possible psychological need women could ever have… so they will fall in love with you in no time.

Q: Question all the rules

“You shouldn’t talk to a girl when she’s with her mother. That doesn’t work.” It worked.

“Women never have sex on the first date.” With me they have.

“Women don’t like masculine men. They like emancipated men.” I’m both masculine and emancipated, as long as you mean a respecter of women’s rights by that and not a fagget.

As you can see: many rules other people make up for themselves or for others don’t always apply to you.

Hell, I can tell from personal experience that 90% of what everyone said could not be done when it comes to how to get girls to notice you… has been done by yours truly.

So question the rules, bend them and break them. A rule is only good until a better rule is invented 😉

R: Remember this about other guys…

The only guys that will respect you in the dating game when both you and they are single, are guys that already know how to get girls to notice them.

But your friends, family, and other men in general? They will try to compete with you even when they like you, because 90% of the male population doesn’t know how to meet girls.

Because of that they try anything out of desperation, including talking shit about you behind your back. They don’t know what works so anything goes.

I’ve learned this about how to get girls to notice you the hard way, but you can prevent it.

The S to Z of How to Get Girls to Notice You

S: Street smarts count, but book smarts do too

Quite often you will be so caught up in trying to learn how to get girls to notice you that you lose sight of what’s important. It’s like writing an essay and not seeing certain spelling errors others can because you’re too involved in it and don’t have an overview of it all anymore.

So, yes, learning by experience is important. Street smarts are very important, but you need other people’s insights because they look at what you’re doing from a different angle.

That’s why I read several books a month: to get a bird’s eye view of what I’m doing so I can see where I went wrong and improve it. Start doing the same. Read books on how to get girls to notice you, psychology, body language.

The whole nine yards.

T: Take action if you want to know how to get girls to notice you.

Nothing gets done by reading alone. Knowledge may be power, but only if it’s APPLIED knowledge: knowledge put into practice.

The most important lesson to learn about how to get girls to notice you is that you always take action. That way experience will be your teacher… and it’s the best professor ever.

U: Urgency is good for you

You need to learn how to get girls to notice you successfully by YESTERDAY. Not only is it important that you take action, you also need to do it now so hesitation can’t “mind fuck” your mind.

And if you fail because you don’t know how to do something well yet? Great! Because failure is your friend: it allows you to improve the fastest, so the more you fail the faster you learn.

V: Vocalize your opinion, always

Just because you like a girl doesn’t mean you are her “Yes man” now. Don’t agree with everything she says, especially if you do not agree if a male friend would say that.

It makes you look like a follower. Her slave. That’s desperate.

W: Women are not the enemy

When it comes to how to get girls to notice you, women are NOT the enemy

Look, when 15 women did not want to give you their number this past week… does that make all women the enemy? Nope. Yet still, I see so many guys start to resent women because a few women hurt their feelings.

A few don’t represent the many. Some women are bitches, but then again, some men are assholes. Deal with it.

You can learn so much from women, have such a great time with them, and mastering how to get girls to notice you improves all areas of your life in so many ways… that it’s insane.

It’s insane to say women are the enemy. They aren’t. You are not trying to get something from them against their will like rapists are. You win WITH women, not from them.

Guess why I called this blog the Win With Women blog? That’s right.

X: Xxx

Xxx stands for romance (3 little kisses). Most guys thinks it’s such a gay thing to say, do, and think about. I think all of those guys are f-ing idiots. They know nothing about how to get girls to notice you, obviously…

Because girls fantasize, giggle, get shy, and fall in love over simple romantic gestures. Just because you don’t think they’re masculine doesn’t make romance suck.

Hell, since you aren’t trying to get guys to notice you? You’d better start thinking about what girls want… and give it to them. Which leads me to the letter Y.

Y: You must think from their perspective to get girls to notice you.

The more you see every aspect of the dating game from a girl’s perspective, the easier it becomes to learn how to get girls to notice you… and to actually get girls to notice you.

Example: tons of guys get all worked up about rejection, saying how girls are bitches and what not. Meanwhile, guess how girls feel about rejecting a guy?

It’s a challenge for them: they don’t want to hurt you, but they don’t like you enough at the same time. They don’t want to crush your confidence, but they also don’t want to be with a guy they don’t have feelings for.

So when a girl says “No”, she just made a tough decision. Why not cash in on her doubts by asking for something a little more low key? If you don’t get her number, ask for her Facebook. A date with you is too soon? Then ask her to come hang out with you and your friends.

That kind of thing is how to get girls to notice you by showing them you understand how they think and feel.

Z: Zero in on your perfect “target”

The sooner you know what type of girl you want to notice you, the better! It makes the dating game so much easier for you because you will know where to look.

I, for example, like exotic women. Latinas and Middle Eastern women especially. So I go where they go. Now YOU decide where YOU are going.

One More Thing About How To Get Girls To Notice You…

These are the 26 basic principles that help you get girls to notice you, but I understand if you crave some practical tips right now. Some how to do this and say that stuff. That’s no problem because you can gain access to more tips for free!

How? Don’t wait any longer and sign up for my Inner Game Newsletter. That’s how.

I hope you liked my tips for how to get girls to notice you!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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