Author: Carlos Xuma

Starting a conversation with a girl

With the introduction of dating apps like WhatsApp and Tinder, the act of actually having to talk to someone has become less necessary. There are, however, times when guys have the opportunity to approach a girl, but they do not.

They can’t really be blamed for this because it can be truly terrifying to approach an attractive girl. There is always the possibility of rejection…

And there isn’t a single person on this planet who actively seeks it out.

While this fear can be completely understandable, it does mean that guys miss out on countless opportunities.

Never underestimate the value of new interactions

Forget about anything romantic – when you don’t go up to that girl at the bar , you are missing the opportunity to meet someone new. New people offer up new experiences, new insights, new stories and generally broaden one’s outlook on life.

These interactions are invaluable, and they should not be passed up simply out of fear. This is obviously easier said than done, and it is at this point where it would be useful to discuss how to actually go about starting a conversation with this fabled girl.

Saying that you only have one chance …

How to Attract Women (by Growing Your Spine)

How to Attract Women – By Growing a Spine

Ah, women.

If you’re not completely captivated by the female species…you’re terrified of them. Strange how the possibility of getting turned down sends waves of fear even through the hardest of men.

Blame it on biological programming I guess. Back then, hitting on the wrong lady-folk literally meant death. If the woman you had your eye on happened to be tight with the big cheese in the village, he and his boys would treat you as a threat.

And well, let’s just say he’s not going to let you off with a verbal warning. (Unless your definition of a warning is “getting your head bashed in with the nearest blunt object.”)

These days, any blows dealt are the emotional and psychological kind.

The Curious Case of Brad the Doormat

My friend Brad is a 26-year-old programmer at a mobile app company who loves sci-fi films and plays a lot of video games.  He also has trouble talking to the ladies. He’s petrified by fear the moment the conversation starts.

I know what you’re thinking, so let me stop you right there…

Despite how Brad might

Science Proves How Powerful Touch is to Women

You may think that what you say to a woman is the most important thing for turning a woman on…but it’s not.

It’s easy to get caught up in “the perfect thing to say” that’s going to sweep her right off her feet. But what if that’s not nearly as important as you think?

What if the importance of your words is dwarfed by something that will make her actually feel something?


What if the way that you physically touch her, and how often you do it, is actually way more crucial to your success?

Why Touch Matters So Much

Scientific studies from the Southern Illinois School of Medicine and McMaster University in Toronto tell us that women have TWICE the amount of nerve receptors in their skin as men, and that these receptors are more tightly-packed together.

This means that women feel touch to their skin at least 2x more than men. According to researchers it could even be as high as 10x.


With these kinds of numbers, it’s an important skill to know and master.

Especially when you first meet her, how often and how much you touch her is going to determine how