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Starting a conversation with a girl

With the introduction of dating apps like WhatsApp and Tinder, the act of actually having to talk to someone has become less necessary. There are, however, times when guys have the opportunity to approach a girl, but they do not.

They can’t really be blamed for this because it can be truly terrifying to approach an attractive girl. There is always the possibility of rejection…

And there isn’t a single person on this planet who actively seeks it out.

While this fear can be completely understandable, it does mean that guys miss out on countless opportunities.

Never underestimate the value of new interactions

Forget about anything romantic – when you don’t go up to that girl at the bar , you are missing the opportunity to meet someone new. New people offer up new experiences, new insights, new stories and generally broaden one’s outlook on life.

These interactions are invaluable, and they should not be passed up simply out of fear. This is obviously easier said than done, and it is at this point where it would be useful to discuss how to actually go about starting a conversation with this fabled girl.

Saying that you only have one chance …

Find The Girlfriend Of Your Dreams – 3 Steps No One Taught You

Find The Girlfriend Of Your Dreams – 3 Steps No One Taught You

Sometimes it seems like finding a good woman is like finding a $20 bill in an old coat…

Rare, unexpected, and a welcome surprise.

The truth is that it’s harder and harder to find a woman who “gets it” when it comes to men. Most women today were raised by women who were raised by single-moms, or had weak role models when it came to masculinity.

It’s super rare to find women who understand, accept, and celebrate men.

These days, all you hear are feminist rants against the “patriarchy.”

All you hear about in the news media are stories about men (usually celebrities) misbehaving. (Kudos to Fox news for at least trying to balance the scales a bit.)

Look, guys can act pretty nasty when left to their own devices… but most guys are good men. Most women will probably assume the opposite, though.

So if you want to find a quality girlfriend, I won’t kid you – it’s going to be a challenge.

But if you have the ability to attract women – and regularly – you’ll find it’s not too bad. You’ll be able …

Cheap Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Look Cheap

Going on a date? Got no money?

No worries!

This article I found has good ideas on “inexpensive” dates without making you look cheap.

(She’ll never know! Shhh…)

Check it out!

Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma


Title: Cheap Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Look Cheap

If you can’t afford to drop a bunch of money at an upscale restaurant, it doesn’t mean you can’t take women on dates they’ll love.


In fact, most women don’t care about a guy spending a lot of money on dates as long as the guy

1. isn’t a cheapskate — sorry fellas, no sneaking into a movie through the emergency exit — and

2. uses some imagination when he comes up with date ideas.

Luckily, there are plenty of cheap date ideas that won’t require you to shell out tons of cash, but will make you look like you’re a dating genius.

I asked women to share the most fun, most memorable, and most romantic inexpensive dates they’ve ever been taken on so you can steal them and pass them off as your own ideas.

And no, none end with you handing over a piece of paper and mumbling, “I have a …