Find The Girlfriend Of Your Dreams – 3 Steps No One Taught You

Find The Girlfriend Of Your Dreams – 3 Steps No One Taught You

Sometimes it seems like finding a good woman is like finding a $20 bill in an old coat…

Rare, unexpected, and a welcome surprise.

The truth is that it’s harder and harder to find a woman who “gets it” when it comes to men. Most women today were raised by women who were raised by single-moms, or had weak role models when it came to masculinity.

Would she consider this a real man?

It’s super rare to find women who understand, accept, and celebrate men.

These days, all you hear are feminist rants against the “patriarchy.”

All you hear about in the news media are stories about men (usually celebrities) misbehaving. (Kudos to Fox news for at least trying to balance the scales a bit.)

Look, guys can act pretty nasty when left to their own devices… but most guys are good men. Most women will probably assume the opposite, though.

So if you want to find a quality girlfriend, I won’t kid you – it’s going to be a challenge.

But if you have the ability to attract women – and regularly – you’ll find it’s not too bad. You’ll be able to run the numbers and get more “prospects” into your field of vision than other guys these days.

That’s why I created my programs – to offer you the best shot at finding a quality woman to make your girlfriend.

Let me be clear about this:

The most important decision a man makes is who he makes his partner… 

It starts at the girlfriend stage, my friend.

A bad relationship will weigh you down…

Let me give you a few quick signals that she’s NOT for you:

  1. She crimps or slows your personal growth.
    This one is sometimes tricky to spot, but you’ll notice it eventually. If her needs and crazy bullshit are getting in the way of you being a better man, you better re-assess that relationship. The woman you partner with should be helping YOU move forward in life. Not at the expense of herself, mind you. But she should be thinking about YOUR betterment as much as she’s trying to clutch for a 2 carat ring.
  2. She’s not fun. 
    This one is EASY to spot. But the funny thing is that a lot of guys will discount this signal and ignore it.
    Why? Because most guys will put up with an amazing amount of sh*t just to get laid. Trust me, if you’re sticking with a whiney, drama-laden chick who’s about as much fun as food poisoning, you better start working on your exit visa, chum. Fun and honest were the top requirement for guys age 20-50, and for good reason.
  3. She doesn’t have your back.
    Loyalty. It’s gold when it comes to relationships. If she doesn’t back you up and wear a team jersey with your name on it, lose her like 1st period French. When the going gets tough, you need to know she’s not going to skate out of town with your best friend. Women project a nice image of wholesomeness, but they are just as sly and deceptive as guys when it comes to getting their needs met. So find one that you can rely on.

So many rules, so many signals. There are way more than 3 of them, but that’s a quick start.

Now let’s talk about the 3 Steps to find a girlfriend you can rely on…

Find Your Dream Girlfriend – STEP 1: Stick To The Plan

By now, if you’ve been reading any of my articles, or watching my videos, you know that you need to have a plan. I give you a clear, complete plan in my Get A Girlfriend program, but let me summarize some of the key points:

  • Know what you want.
    If you’re dating with no idea of which woman would be a good fit for you, you’re asking for trouble. You need to know what her hobbies will be, what kind of attitude you want, what her child-rearing philosophy is, etc. If you don’t know, you better figure it out now, or you might be figuring it out in a long, painful custody battle. I kid you not.
  • Have A 3-Date Plan
    You want to give her a full 3 dates to impress you. If you don’t feel that it’s a good fit, move on. You won’t know immediately on the first date (don’t trust your first impression, unless she really blows it) – but by the third date you’ll know if she’s worth keeping.
  • Stay Away From Bars
    Bars, clubs, and alcohol are relationship killers, my friend. The girl you want isn’t there. And keep your consumption of “mind dulling” substances to a minimum. Stay sharp and frosty. This is a job interview you’re holding on those first dates. Don’t let her snow you over.
  • Know what questions to ask.
    Most guys wing it when it comes to conversation. Don’t be a schmuck… you have to know what to ask her to find out the truth about her. You can’t ask her a direct question like: “So what do you want from a relationship?” She’ll give you that rehearsed crap you hear on every lame profile. Use my power questions from my how to talk to women strategies and you’ll be Golden.
  • Forget the “Dream girl” stuff.
    Yeah, I know it’s in the title. I just want you to keep your head on straight. Don’t get delusions about nailing some porn star. Nobody stays married to that kind of woman for very long. Find a grounded, cute girl next door that’s not a 64 ounce can of CRAZY and you’re ahead of 90% of the guys out there.

Find Your Girlfriend – STEP 2: Get Serious…

Most guys that I coach one-on-one have some common barriers that I end up having to break down for them. I call these the “belief barriers” that stop them from doing what’s necessary to get past their B.S.

What are these barriers? Let me share a few:

  • BARRIER 1: “Yeah, but…”
    This is what a lot of guys say to me when I tell them EXACTLY what to do to sculpt themselves into a lethal weapon of sexual power. I’ll tell them: “Lose the lumberjack/hipster beard. Chicks don’t like kissing that tangled mass of fur.” And he says: “Yeah, but… I like it/I don’t wanna/I just want to be myself/etc.”
    Look, “being yourself” is really just another bullshit way guys excuse themselves out of the reality that they’re attached to a dumbass view of who they REALLY are. You’re not your beard, or your clingy material attachments. “YOU” is a highly fluid concept.
    Later on you can grow that crumb-catching beard back. But for now you have to put those indulgences on hold. You just look like a guy who’s too stuck in his habits – and has ZERO flexibility.
  • BARRIER 2: Won’t go the mile.
    A lot of guys have more lame limits on what they’re willing to do than I can sometimes fathom. If you’re meeting one woman each weekend, that’s not bad. But if you meet three each weekend, you just tripled how quickly you’re going to find one that’s worth keeping.
    The Navy Seals have a rule that you can do 2.5 times what you think you can do right now. You’ve just got a lot of faulty belief systems – and a comfort zone that is keeping you stuck. So drop the self-imposed limits and push yourself a little. There’s no growth in your comfort zone. And the girlfriend you want isn’t sure as heck isn’t ringing doorbells looking for you in your neighborhood.
  • BARRIER 3: No Self-Growth.
    Remember when I said that you don’t want a woman that will hold you back from growing? You want to know why most guys don’t look for that as a red flag? Because they secretly don’t want to grow. These guy like that a woman makes them feel all snuggly in their stagnant pool of BORING… So they close their eyes and jump into marrying one of these shrews and realize their mistake too late.
    Start by committing yourself to a path of self-growth. Hey, you got nothing else to do with your time other than bore yourself to sleep on Netflix every night, so why not skip that 3rd watching of Altered Carbon and read a book for an hour? You’ll be ten times more interesting on dates when you have stuff to talk about.
    And women LOVE it when a guy sets the bar for her. That’s her definition of sexy.

Find A Girlfriend – And Maybe Something More –
STEP 3: Get Your Inner Game HANDLED…

A lot of guys ask me what “Inner game” is vs. “outer game.”

Outer Game is:

  • Your wardrobe and clothes
  • Your grooming
  • Your attitude
  • Your lines and “routines…”

Inner Game is:

  • Your confidence – AKA how you project your own certainty about yourself.

Now the thing about outer game is that you can’t have it without solid INNER game.

The problem is that guys would MUCH rather memorize the words than do the work of getting the confidence they need. But then they just end up realizing that the words and inner game stuff doesn’t really matter when you get the inner stuff handled.

That’s the funny thing about the whole game of dating…

But the beauty is that you can actually get BOTH going – Inner and Outer game. It’s a style I call R.E.A.L. Game ™. 

And it works better than anything else out there.

If you want to discover the kind of game that makes women infatuated with you after just a single conversation, then you should go watch this short presentation…

It’s free, and it will show you exactly how to get the girlfriend you want… 

It’s all in the Sexual Sparks!

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