How To Prepare For A Date With Her And Make Her Fall For You

Learning how to prepare for a date is one thing, another is preparing for a date with her that gives you a happy ending 9 out of 10. Learn how now!

I found out what knowing how to prepare for a date REALLY means because of all the little flaws I had, mistakes I made and just plain BLUNDERS of mine: finding out you have no razors left and that you forgot to buy ‘em on the day of the date for example, or being so NOT in the mood that you just sat there being quiet, that one fancy shirt you wanted to put on just so happened to be still in the washing machine… and the list goes on and on.

Yeah, I think there must have been a THOUSAND mistakes I made even BEFORE the date. Sometimes I found a solution and at other times it simply RUINED my chances with a woman. I see the humor in it now, but I know all too well that it was everything BUT funny when I was still a rookie when it came to winning with women. Now you know how much I sucked at preparing for a date I just have to ask:

Do you want to ruin dozens of dates too, have headaches and pain? I’m gonna go on a limb here and guess that you don’t, which is why I’m doing this training that’ll turn you from mud into stud with a 7 point checklist that’ll supercharge your date in 24 hours even BEFORE it starts…

Preparing for a date starts here. So here we go!

First up: there’s some talking involved dude, so check out my post about what to say on a first date to verbally prepare yourself. Checked it out? Great? Then we can move on with more tips to prepare for a date…

How To Prepare For A Date #1:
Did You Sleep Well?


Take it from a guy who THRIVES when it’s night time but sat there, in front of her, with zombie eyes afterwards: rest well before you go on a date. An average humans needs about 7-8 hours of solid sleep, so don’t be affraid to crawl into bed at 11 p.m… because sleeping has several advantages. 

  1. Sleeping rejuvenates the mind: you simply FEEL better when you had a good night’s sleep, feel more happy, more confident…and women can sense that. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep (and/or rest) can cause despression…
  2. Sleeping stimulates alertness: my best days with my most playful comments, best moves on the dancefloor when I’m dancing with her and also the days I last the longest… are the days where I slept well the night before. Sleeping increases alertness, which allows you to reply faster, be more creative, etc…

How To Prepare For A Date #2:
Did You Eat & Drink Well?


There can be a LOT of distractions during a date, but the absolute WORST one is when you’re hungry and your stomach is growling like some wild animal. Not only will it be embarrassing for you if she hears it, but it also draws your attention away from more important things: having fun on the date, moving towards the moment of the kiss, etc. All distractions are BAD distractions, so kill this one before you go out the door.A lack of energy (caused by not eating enough) also makes you less alert, slower to respond and so on. You achieve mastery by paying attention to a 1000 little things, not by doing “the five Big Boys” or whatever right.

If you didn’t drink well enough, it could even hurt your date even more because your LIPS will dry…and guess what you’ll be needing them for later on the date? So before you go out the door, eat something, drink something (and take a pee to avoid public peeing in front of her…that’s not very charming wouldn’t you agree?)

How To Prepare For A Date #3: Did You
Make Sure You Don’t Look Like A Caveman?


Women DO like clean cut and shaven men better than cavemen with enormous beards, hair as long as a woman’s hair and dirty nails…it’s a matter of personal hygiene.Here’s some quick tips for personal hygiene:

  1. Prepare for a date by shaving yourself on the day of the date
  2. Make sure your nails are clean and cut, both feet and hands (men aren’t “detail daddy’s” but women? Pay very close attention to details and draw their conclusions based on little things like this. “He has dirty nails? Well, he must have a disorganized life then…he must not take care of himself that well, so how can he take care of me then?”)
  3. Please…no sweat, take a shower will you?
  4. Use some cologne and aftershave while your at it to smell nice
  5. Stubbles CAN be sexy, when they’re a day old…not when they can’t see the difference between your chin and your cheek because of all the hair. It’s STUBBLES, not little hairs either (that just shows you don’t take care of yourself that well, stubbles though can sometimes be seen as “that’s a wild man, a real man…” the Marlboro man type of guy)
  6. Mind the haircut, I’m not suggesting to go bald or the military haircut (nearly bald)…but freshly cut not too long hair works best because it makes you look CLEAN and like you take good care of yourself
  7. Do your hair by using some gel or the much firmer version: wax..because it makes you look better, smoother
  8. Brush your teeth and bring chewing gum..AND eat that gum right before you see her so you won’t smell (or taste) like what you just ate or was drinking…that’s nasty

How To Prepare For A Date #4: Did You
Make Sure You Don’t Look Like A Bum?


It isn’t necessary to wear the most expensive Armani suits you can find on your dates, but wearing purple with orange is just…wanting to become a circus act. You don’t have to be a fashion geek either, just get your hands on a couple of men’s magazines and watch how the guys dress…and copy their style.And pay attention to these:

  1. Please…no shoes with holes in it or any other part hanging loose that’s NOT called a “shoe lace”. If you don’t have any good shoes, settle for slippers…
  2. Please…no clothes with holes in them or threads hanging around that you didn’t cut off (most clothes have a couple of sowing threads hanging around when they’re newly bought, find them and cut them off). The only holes that COULD be sexy is if it’s in stonewashed jeans and not on the ASS of those jeans (it’s going for the “wild thang” look)
  3. Mind the colors: black and white are good together, one color is fine too (as long as it’s white, black, light blue)
  4. Get some accesories: belts look good with ANY style of clothing, white belts especially. Get yourself a trendy necklace, or bracelet, a non-plastic watch…

How To Prepare For A Date #5:
Are You In The Mood?


When I had a rough day the day before, I feel like having less fun. When I had a normal day before and go and see her, I’m my normal self. But what I want is to be my BEST self: not nervous, relaxed, comfortable, happy, playful, confident…because being all this SHOWS. Women can tell if you’re feeling great or just fine much better then men because they can read into body language faster and better.So how do you do it? About half an hour up to an hour before I have the date, I listen to my favorite music (about 4 to 5 songs) and the moment I NEED to leave? I stop listening. Why? Because my favorite music always makes me smile, makes me playful, makes me enjoy life…it’s just like listening to nice & slow songs before sex to get in the mood. Only now, you’re getting in the mood for dates.

Your favorite music videos or funny videos help too…

How To Prepare For A Date #6:
Did You Forget Anything?


Check the day before to see if you: can wear that shirt you wanted to wear, still have enough razors, condoms, gel, cologne etc. just anything and everything you need for the date. This prevents a LOT of last minute stress. 

Same goes on the day of the date: make sure you have your phone with you, money on you, bus pass and whatever else you’ll need…makes a man tends to forget things when he’s nervous or has a big day coming up (it happens to he best of us).

How To Prepare For A Date #7:
Do You Have A Plan B?


Major bummer…when you know this great place (a store or somewhere you can dance, eat or drink, whatever) and take her there, only to find out it closed early, it’s closed permanently or the owners are having themselves a little vacation. Panic, what to do know? Nervous, no backup plan…and a ruined date.And the easiest solution to all of this is: check if the place is still open and have a plan B. Have ANOTHER place you can take her to, you never know…maybe the road is under construction, the website off the darn place is down or whatever.

It’s also being spontaneous (which women REALLY like), unexpected and exciting when you tell her you two are going to spot A, while on the date you take her to spot B just to surprise her! All first date stress is bad stress, so prevent it as much as you can.

Know you know how to prepare for a date, I highly recommend you read my other articles on dating so you’ll know what to do on a first date, how to create attraction and so on… so there’ll be NO WAY your date can fail.

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To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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