Overcoming Approach Anxiety Made Easy

Guys often have trouble overcoming approach anxiety because they don’t even know what approach anxiety is, let alone overcoming it! It’s time to change that.

The first step to overcoming approach anxiety is realizing that focusing on the wrong outcome makes you even more afraid.

To be more specific: the solution to approach anxiety is NOT getting a woman’s phone number. This is actually the least important part of your conversation with her.


Because learning how to meet and date a woman is NOT about getting a phone number, that’s just a tiny little part of it.

So What IS Approach Anxiety All About?

Overcoming approach anxiety and learning how to meet women have nothing to do with getting the phone number or getting the date.

It’s about the learning itself, the path, because it’s not WHAT makes you get to the end of the road – that’s UNIMPORTANT… it’s about getting there with whatever tool you pick up along the way. If you look at a single interaction from that perspective, every single conversation with a woman – ANY woman – becomes feedback…

– It can teach you things about what you should improve in the body language department: voice tone, composure, eye contact… and other things off course

– It can teach you what you have been doing wrong and as such to what you need to pay more attention… it’s just a skill you still need to learn, so don’t blame yourself for not being able to find gold the first time you get in that goldmine, that’s being unrealistic fellas.

…Not only that, feedback can also teach you what you are doing RIGHT, and to me, personally? I aim on improving my BEST qualities, my weapons… and not try to cover up my weaknesses because no matter what kind of practice – I’d become average at best if I focus on bettering my weaknesses, while my talents are ALREADY above average… and I will became INSANELY good at them when I focus on those…

In other words: every conversation is a hidden gim onto itself, it’s feedback… so failure and rejection do not exist in that world. People look at mistakes and failure in totally the wrong way, because as you can see: they’re both part of the learning process.

Do you understand now why approach anxiety is something you let yourself have?

Overcoming Approach Anxiety – The Big Secret

If not, if you still have doubts about what I just said about approach anxiety, then here’s more:

We work in much the same way as homing missiles do: we fire away, get off course by accident, correct course and try again, and repeat this process until we hit what we we’re aiming for: our goal.

We take action, we make a mistake, we learn from it and correct course, we try again and make another mistake, and we do this until we have finally achieved our goal. And when I look at things from that perspective?

Failure and rejection only exists in your own mind because you didn’t think them through well enough, because if you need to correct course to achieve your goal anyway, isn’t it better to FAIL AS FAST AS POSSIBLE? The result is achieving your goals faster… so it’s better to fail fast because failing fast means learning fast!

This is the KEY to overcoming approach anxiety: understanding that failure actually helps you learn faster.

Several other things are CRUCIAL when you want to successfully approach girls, but don’t worry: I’ve covered them all in my blog post on how to approach a girl you like. Go and check it out!

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To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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