How To Understand Women: Understanding Women Starts Here

Most men want to learn how to understand women, because they lose them or can’t create enough attraction to take them out on a date.

That’s exactly why I decided to write a dating advice article about understanding women.

The most important thing to remember about creating attraction, is that women and men are fundamently different: they’re NOT attracted to the same things… but most men think they are.

I call this “Attraction Circuitry Projection.”

Men are visual creatures: we’re attracted to materialistic things, physique, beauty, youth… and as such we think women are attracted to external things as well. Looks, money, status, fast cars, big houses… we think that’s what they want because WE’RE attracted to it. So much for understanding women huh?

We think we need to learn how to understand women because they don’t like our new fancy clothes, and we couldn’t be more wrong!

Women are emotional creatures that are attracted to internal things like personality and charisma… character traits, humor, and how you make them feel.To understand women, is to know WHAT traits, humor and feelings make them go crazy…

But because they’re attracted to that stuff, they think we’re attracted to it too.

The result: both sexes end up feeling pretty damn disappointed because they do the WRONG things to attract each other! It’s what the entire “battle of he sexes” is about my friend.

I’m dead serious: this is why men are from Mars and women are from Venus, we project our own desires on the other sex and think they want the same thing as we do. This is why the majority of both men AND women fail to create attraction: we think they like what we like and vice versa.

But we all DON’T fall for it, we’re fundamentally different so you need to cut the crap and stop thinking all women fall for looks, youth, beauty, and other visual, materialistic stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, women ARE attracted to looks and men ARE attracted to personality to a certain degree… but that’s only 10% of someone’s success with them at best, the other 90% is looks and youth to men and personality and charisma to women.

In short: women AREN’T attracted to your Ferrari or to pretty boy looks, that’s only a very small minority of them… just like only a very small minority of men (let’s be honest here) really likes women for their personality and charisma. This is what attraction circuity projection is all about.

So… you need to stop worrying about your looks and start worrying about how to create attraction by developing your character traits, your personality, your charisma.

How’s that for a quickie lesson about how to understand women? I told you understanding women started here dude. More coming soon, so stay tuned to the Win With Women blog!

And before I forget: another thing that’s a mystery to most men when they’re trying to understand a woman, is that they have NO IDEA AT ALL about when she is interested. That is why I decided to write a blog post about the signs a woman is interested in you. Be sure to check it out, alright?

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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