3 Easy Ways To Keep Gold Diggers Out Of Your Life

In this crazy economy, it’s getting harder and harder for men to earn their keep while trying to impress the ladies at the same time. If that’s not enough, guys have to deal with the “men are cheapskates” stereotype as they try their best to make ends meet.

And unfortunately, a lot of guys often make the mistake of spending a good chunk of their hard-earned money on dates and what-not to make their woman feel special, only to be kicked to the curb later on.

The reality is that guys are often at risk of being taken for a ride by unsavory women who’ll leave them high and dry in the end. Whether you’re the CEO of a major corporation or an average dude getting by from paycheck to paycheck, you might meet a girl who makes a game out of sucking men dry (and not in the way you hope).


If this kind of girl senses any emotional weakness in you, she’ll pour honey in your ear and get you to cough up everything you’ve ever worked for.

But you don’t have to be another notch on a gold digger’s belt. With a few simple attitude adjustments, you can build an airtight game against her tactics and avoid getting gouged.

#1: Call Her Out (But Be Subtle About It)

One thing you need to learn about being an Alpha Male is detaching yourself from the FEAR of speaking up when you get an unmistakable whiff of B.S.

Some guys are afraid of rocking the boat by calling someone out on their shenanigans even when it’s painfully obvious. But let me ask you: what’s the worst that could happen?

Could someone’s disapproval hurt you physically in some way? Will disagreeing with an attractive woman make you less than a man?

Think about that for a moment – it’s pretty liberating actually.

I’m digressing a bit, but the point is, the consequences of calling out someone with less-than-noble intentions aren’t as horrifying as you think.

Here’s an example: let’s say you’re trying to take things to the next level with her, but she gives you the red light. She might push back and tell you that she only sleeps with a guy who’s “in it for the long haul.”

If she’s more focused on sealing the deal on a relationship first, as opposed to going with the flow and figuring things out later, that could be a red flag. She might be more interested in the bottom line and securing her Return On Investment for putting out.


Here’s the best comeback to that kind of attitude:

“Personally, I’m a guy who goes for it if I’m feeling the chemistry. I don’t really see it as a needs exchange, you know, like having to put labels on a connection to justify sleeping with someone – that’s just how I see it.”

Don’t cave in her to way of thinking and push back in a firm but gentle way.

#2: Back Off And Play It Cool

After that, dial it down a few notches. Neediness is your enemy, so de-escalate things for a while and see how she reacts.

That’ll tell her you’re no pushover. More importantly, she’ll catch on to the fact that you’re willing to hit the brakes on attention and affection if something smells fishy.

#3: Cut Her Off Before She Even Gets Started

Some gold diggers aren’t so subtle; they might straight up ask for some dough if they know you’re loaded.

Warning: This is exactly where the cycle of dependency starts!

Like with everything we’ve talked about so far, you need to put your foot down early on in the game, but in a classy way.

She might drop hints that her credit score is shot to hell or her car payments are overdue. Watch out – she’s trying to pull on your Good Samaritan strings.

attract women

Instead of giving her the response she wants (e.g. “I could help you out ’til you get back on your feet…”), “praise” her on how well she’s keeping it together. Then follow it up with a subtle zinger to really give her the red light.

For instance, you could tell her, “Well that sucks. It’s pretty awesome how you’re not letting it cramp your style, though. Personally, I dig girls who have their financial stuff sorted out, and I’m sure you’ll be able to do that too one day.”

Lust Response_250x250

This is all under-the-radar stuff. If she’s trying to game you, don’t be afraid to throw a cleverly disguised curveball her way.

It’ll take a couple of moments for it to register, but she’ll get the message loud and clear.

Simple, right?

Remember, you can only be someone’s doormat with your consent.

Being an Alpha Male is about not putting up with anyone’s crap – not even from beautiful women. Above all, standing your ground tells a gold digger that you’re a man who deserves to be seen as a person, and not just what he makes in a year.

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