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I always say you can’t teach a man how to understand women, but you can show him. So, let me show you how understanding women is done right here!

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How to tell if a girl is into you… 9 Signals

How to tell if a girl is into you…

Life would be a helluva lot easier if you could just open an app on your phone and it would show you all the women around you that were into you.

Problem is, that app is a long way off in the future. So instead of wishing on a dream, why don’t we talk about the real world?

If you want to know if a chick likes you, you need to know what signs to watch for.

Let’s start with:

How to tell if a girl is into you – Signal #1: She’s whipping her mane…

There’s a great scene in Charlies Angels (the movie from way back) where Lucy Liu advises Cameron Diaz to “flip your damn hair.” Cameron does, and the guy loses his mind for her.

To be fair, Cameron would only have to show up for guys to lose it over her, but whatever.

That hair-flip maneuver works, though. It’s part of a whole set of actions women take subconsciously that give away her true interest level in you.

It’s called Primping. These are body language “tells” that show how much she wants you.…

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3 Easy Ways To Keep Gold Diggers Out Of Your Life

In this crazy economy, it’s getting harder and harder for men to earn their keep while trying to impress the ladies at the same time. If that’s not enough, guys have to deal with the “men are cheapskates” stereotype as they try their best to make ends meet.

And unfortunately, a lot of guys often make the mistake of spending a good chunk of their hard-earned money on dates and what-not to make their woman feel special, only to be kicked to the curb later on.

The reality is that guys are often at risk of being taken for a ride by unsavory women who’ll leave them high and dry in the end. Whether you’re the CEO of a major corporation or an average dude getting by from paycheck to paycheck, you might meet a girl who makes a game out of sucking men dry (and not in the way you hope).


If this kind of girl senses any emotional weakness in you, she’ll pour honey in your ear and get you to cough up everything you’ve ever worked for.

But you don’t have to be another notch on a gold digger’s belt. With a few simple attitude adjustments, …

Avoid Friend Zone

3 Effective Ways to Cure “Just Friends” Syndrome

Being “just friends” with a woman you’re really into is the worst. You’ve probably been in that situation a few times, so you know how frustrating it is.

But you don’t have to put up with the same BS over and over again until you quit dating altogether. If you’re sick of being written off as a guy she’ll NEVER have feelings for, check out these tips below:

#1: Stop Being a Phony

Yes, you read that right. Admit it – you probably have more than a few female friends in your life and you’re interested in more than just being friends with them.

You know, the painfully hot friends you really have a crush on, yet act like you’re just friends with them.

Here’s my advice: get real with yourself and stop carrying the proverbial torch for these lady friends.

If you’re putting on a “just friends” act while secretly hoping she’ll sleep with you, that’s all you’ll get out of her – being just friends.

Avoid Friend Zone

Of course, this doesn’t apply to women you’re actually friends with.

If you like hanging out with a girl and have zero romantic interest in her, she falls into this category. Otherwise, …