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The majority of guys are clueless about how to meet women in bars (while being sober), but it’s so easy a baby could do it! Here’s how to pull it of…

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How to tell if a girl is into you… 9 Signals

How to tell if a girl is into you…

Life would be a helluva lot easier if you could just open an app on your phone and it would show you all the women around you that were into you.

Problem is, that app is a long way off in the future. So instead of wishing on a dream, why don’t we talk about the real world?

If you want to know if a chick likes you, you need to know what signs to watch for.

Let’s start with:

How to tell if a girl is into you – Signal #1: She’s whipping her mane…

There’s a great scene in Charlies Angels (the movie from way back) where Lucy Liu advises Cameron Diaz to “flip your damn hair.” Cameron does, and the guy loses his mind for her.

To be fair, Cameron would only have to show up for guys to lose it over her, but whatever.

That hair-flip maneuver works, though. It’s part of a whole set of actions women take subconsciously that give away her true interest level in you.

It’s called Primping. These are body language “tells” that show how much she wants you.…

How To Meet Women In Bars: Meeting Women In Bars Is Easy!

This dating article is all about how to meet women in bars, but before I reveal my tips? Take a moment to think about the question I’m about to ask you:

What’s one of the biggest “disadvantages” of meeting women in bars according to almost everyone?

The loud music.

Because of the high volume of the music, you’re going to have a tough time with learning how to meet women in bars because the music makes having a normal conversation difficult.

And that’s when you and a woman can actually hear each other, but sometimes the music in a venue is so loud that you can’t hear anything but the music. Does that mean meeting women in bars will be a guaranteed failure?

Hell no… and we can thank more and more governments of the world for that.

Here’s why: no smoking policies are becoming stricter and stricter around the globe. You used to be able to puff a smoke at the airport, but now smoking in public places is off limits or limited to a specific area. Same thing goes for more and more clubs and bars: no smoking inside, please take your but outside with yoru Marlboro and …

How To Pick Up A Female Bartender…

I recently wrote a newsletter about how to pick up a female bartender that I’d like to share with you, because picking up a female bartender is easy!

One of the diehard readers of the blog recently sent me an email asking me how to pick up a female bartender and I was like:

“You know what? There’s not much too it, but this isn’t the first email about how to pick up a female bartender. So, let’s write a blog post about it!” And you’re reading the result dude.

Question From A Reader About How To Pick Up A Female Bartender

“Hi D, whenever I go out I come across a LOT of hot women that are working there. You know, bartenders, waitresses..and although I don’t have any approach anxiety whatsoever, or FEAR rejection and just go and talk to them..I always FAIL! I want to know how to pick up a female bartender.

I ask them stuff like how long they’ve been working there, try to get to talking about the drinks they have (and what their favorite is) to get a conversation started. And although I sometimes end up talking to a waitress for half an hour …