3 Effective Ways to Cure “Just Friends” Syndrome

Being “just friends” with a woman you’re really into is the worst. You’ve probably been in that situation a few times, so you know how frustrating it is.

But you don’t have to put up with the same BS over and over again until you quit dating altogether. If you’re sick of being written off as a guy she’ll NEVER have feelings for, check out these tips below:

#1: Stop Being a Phony

Yes, you read that right. Admit it – you probably have more than a few female friends in your life and you’re interested in more than just being friends with them.

You know, the painfully hot friends you really have a crush on, yet act like you’re just friends with them.

Here’s my advice: get real with yourself and stop carrying the proverbial torch for these lady friends.

If you’re putting on a “just friends” act while secretly hoping she’ll sleep with you, that’s all you’ll get out of her – being just friends.

Avoid Friend Zone

Of course, this doesn’t apply to women you’re actually friends with.

If you like hanging out with a girl and have zero romantic interest in her, she falls into this category. Otherwise, keep it real.

Women will know if you’re really interested in just being buddies – or something beyond that.

And if you’re just faking it, she’ll find every available excuse to stop “hanging out” with you. Thus, the best course of action is to STOP pursuing these women and direct your energy elsewhere.

#2: Start on a Clean Slate With Other Women Instead

The easiest way to create attraction is getting off the right foot with a new girl. Like I said, taking the “nice guy” route and being friends with them first is phony and women will see right through it.

A better alternative is to come in with a strong, solid approach rather than trying to slip under the radar with a let’s-be-BFFs act.

The reason for this is that most women are going to either figure you for a guy she’s “just friends” with, or someone she can explore more possibilities with in the future.

Obviously, you’ll want her to see you as the latter (i.e. a potential boyfriend) if you want to get any further with her. And this is why you’ll need to be fearless when it comes to approaching a woman.


The biggest problem with most men is their need to look “harmless” around women – as if being attracted to women was harmful to anyone.

So these guys go out of their way to eliminate all traces of their masculinity to avoid looking like a “creep”. But here’s the thing: there’s nothing wrong with expressing a healthy interest in the opposite sex.

If you try to hide this under a guise of friendship, it puts women off big time.

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