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Every guy knows the friends zone. Everyone that likes a girl needs to stay out or get out, so here’s how to beat the friends zone and get the girl too!

And, contrary to popular belief, getting out of the friends zone ISN’T done by working harder to “get the girl” and/or by pleasing her more… oh no… it’s the complete opposite of both of these things.

As a matter of fact, doing too much is what got you in the horrible friends zone you’re in right now. Read the blog post about the friends zone below right away to learn more…

Avoid Friend Zone

3 Effective Ways to Cure “Just Friends” Syndrome

Being “just friends” with a woman you’re really into is the worst. You’ve probably been in that situation a few times, so you know how frustrating it is.

But you don’t have to put up with the same BS over and over again until you quit dating altogether. If you’re sick of being written off as a guy she’ll NEVER have feelings for, check out these tips below:

#1: Stop Being a Phony

Yes, you read that right. Admit it – you probably have more than a few female friends in your life and you’re interested in more than just being friends with them.

You know, the painfully hot friends you really have a crush on, yet act like you’re just friends with them.

Here’s my advice: get real with yourself and stop carrying the proverbial torch for these lady friends.

If you’re putting on a “just friends” act while secretly hoping she’ll sleep with you, that’s all you’ll get out of her – being just friends.

Avoid Friend Zone

Of course, this doesn’t apply to women you’re actually friends with.

If you like hanging out with a girl and have zero romantic interest in her, she falls into this category. Otherwise, …

How To Avoid The Friend’s Zone…

Question From A Reader:

Hey Man,

I have a question about a scenario. Maybe you have covered this elsewhere, but recently an ex-roommate of mine who is also a friend is acting differently after her and her boyfriend split once he got another gal pregnant and went with her. It has been some time since.

She always has liked seeing me which I thought was just friend, but it is questionable whether men and women can be just friends.


She’s single now, I’m single, and she has planned to come ALL the way down from Oregon to where I now am in Texas. She has been saying things multiple times under the presumable context of friendship frequently such as:

“I love you. I wish you were closer.”
“I wish you were here.”
“You’re my only friend.”

She uses the word friend, but why would a gal come all the way here to “get a break” with me specifically. What’s up with this love word too for a friend.

She calls me friend and then acts like this. I can’t tell if she likes me though as a friend because she says “friend” a lot, but then more seems to …

Getting Out of The Friends Zone Is Easy With These 4 Rules

Getting out of the friends zone is what my but should have done 5 years ago after I met Shirley. And so should you. Get out of it. NOW. Prevent the pain. How?

Good question! Here’s an in-your-face solution to getting out of the friends zone:

Getting Out Of The Friends Zone: Accept You’re In It First

Being stuck in the friends zone sucks, so I know how you feel. It happens to the best of them so don’t beat yourself up about it. Accept that you’re in the friends zone right now and only then you can do something about it, because millions of men are in the denial phase… and still chasing the same chick 6 months from now like I did with Shirley.

Here’s the story of how I did NOT get out of the friends zone with Shirley…

I met her on a friend’s birthday party. Dark hair, dark eyes. Hot. Just the way I like them. She was funny too, so I chased her around. She was hard to get, but I didn’t care. I had to have her.

Have you ever chased that hard to get girl that seemed to be the woman