What Women Want: It’s Not What You Think They Want!

I wrote a newsletter about what women want that is crucial for men to win the dating game. Why? Because what women want differs from what one thinks they want!

So enjoy these insights about what women want. I hope you’ll learn from this newsletter!

This question is gonna sound strange but here goes nothing: what do women want Carlos? I don’t know what women want! I mean..what do they really want from men, the thing that makes them feel attracted to us? Ever read that book women are from Venus, men from Mars? That’s how I feel because I don’t understand women and I know I’m doing something wrong.

You mentioned female psychology here and there, so can you please help me with your insights? I’m so confused about what they want, sometimes they’re hot than they’re cold, than they want this and then that. Really irritating. Whenever I go out I just can’t get 1 phone number and I fail over and over.

Please help!

Thomas, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

What do women want?

Yeah… asking me that makes you sound like a total dumb ass…

But unfortunately, most men are total dumb asses when it comes to knowing what women want!

When we’re talking about attraction and dating, men are much like sperm and women are much like eggs.

What I mean by that is that us men have a gazillion sperm cells waiting to be let loose and every single day we save up more and more… biologically making us want to fertilize as much women as possible to produce as much offspring as possible so our genes will survive.

Women however, only “produce” one egg a month and as soon as that egg is impregnated, they’ll get pregnant and it will take AT LEAST 9 months before the process can repeat itself…

Biologically making them selective about who they mate with because they can only produce so much eggs in a life time AND because they’ll be more and more dependent on the man to provide resources (food, shelter, etc.) the longer they are pregnant.

And that’s not meant in a sexist way… ever saw a 9 months pregnant lady be as agile, flexible, and as fast as a woman who’s not pregnant?

No? I thought so.

The consequences of a woman being biologically selective are HUGE: she can’t just sleep with anybody, so she’ll have to separate the good from the bad and the ugly.

Since telling you straight up that she’s sizing you up means you can prepare for it and almost anyone will achieve good results or so to speak when he can prepare, she’ll have to test you without you knowing about it.

Do you understand what this means?

It means rejection is actually a TEST she throws your way.

It’s simple when you think about it: what if 9 out of 10 guys would go away if a woman says “fuck off” to them in a club? Then saying that would be a pretty damn good test to separate the good from the bad, wouldn’t you agree?

But that one guy that continues to try and talk to her, ahhh… now that’s the winner because simply by staying he comes across like he knows that it’s just a test, and because he isn’t impressed by it… he passes the test!

Even by only passing a woman’s tests you create HUGE amounts, remember that next time women are quick to blow you off… because then you´ll know what women want.

In clubs & bars these kinds of tests are all too common: it’s socially accepted to approach, and as such it’s a really common place for women to be approached by guys over and over… and over.

Imagine you would be approached by salesmen 10 times on 1 day, for 52 days a year… and you’ll have an idea of how much women are approached in clubs & bars a year. Off course they’re quick to test you then!

But it’s just their “Club Persona” when they reject you, a test to get rid of most of the guys that are bothering them… but you’ll find that when you stay around, there’s actually a sweet, interesting girl behind that bitchy behavior a woman showed you at first.

So in God’s name: STAY!

Women also often test you when you ask for their contact information, like her phone number or Facebook or whatever… and when you ask them out on a date.

Next to staying, there are also things you can say to a woman that will make you instantly pass her test as soon as she tries to test you… because your words immediately let her know that you have the social skills to see through her tests…

Women hopelessly fall in love with men who are good with women, with men who aren’t impressed by women or worship them like they’re some goddess (like the desperate little wussies out there do)… and guess what you display by passing their tests?

That you’re good with women.

And if you want to be good with women, then let my Simple Inner Game System
pass ALL of their tests FOR YOU by explaining WHY women object and by giving
you the words to say to make you the winner of every single test.

Once you no longer have to worry about tests, you can kiss goodbye to being rejected from here on out because you’ll be able to hook and reel in even Hugh Hefner type women until your own home feels like it’s a clone of the Playboy Mansion.

If that’s what you want, then I highly recommend you check out the System by clicking the link below now:

The Simple Inner Game System

After getting your Inner Game System I feel like Im part of some secret society, because I seem to know what other men don’t thanks to you Carlos. I was skeptical
about how effective your techniques would be at first, but the results after going out
last night (on a Sunday) are almost scary.

Im an below average looking guy (in my opinion) and I dont have a particularly cool
style of clothing, but I tried to talk with 10 different girls last night and I cant believe 
what happened yesterday: I got 8 phone numbers and 1 Facebook after talking to 10
girls!!! I did everything you said: I stayed, I kept talking, I used the words to pass their tests and it worked!!! Im pissed off that its Monday today because if it was up to me I would go out every day of the month right now!!! Youre awesome!

Christopher, York, United Kingdom

So you were successful with 9 out of 10?

Then you beat what I got the first night I tried this out, lame!

I guess the student is becoming the teacher huh?

And if you’re reading this and thinking: I want this too… I don’t want any rejection in my life anymore, and I want to transform my home into a clone of the Playboy Mansion until Playboy bunnies will actually start showing up for a photoshoot because they got the house address of the Mansion wrong?

Then I highly recommend you check out my Simple Inner Game System right now
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The Simple Inner Game System

After reading the email of the guy who got 9 out of 10 phone numbers after getting your simple inner system, I’m totally psyched about getting it too! I’ll get it later today because I first want to ask you a question Carlos.

You seem to be an expert of female psychology and what I want to know is: are there any specific character traits that create attraction? I remember from when I was still with my ex that if I decided what we we’re going to do that day, she would have more fun and would be all over me. Does that mean that dominance is attractive? And why? Can you explain D?

Ted S, New York City, USA

Are you sure she wasn’t all over you because you played her sugar daddy and bought one expensive thing after the other for her?

If you’re sure, then yes… you are right.

Being dominant is a character trait that creates attraction with women no matter where they live on our little planet.

Note though that being dominant is different from domineering… one is leading her, the other is being a paranoid psycho who demands to see her latest text messages to see if she cheated on you.

The funny thing about dominance is that some men are naturally dominant but don’t know that it works really well with women… I was one of ’em once.

But WHY does it create attraction?

It has to do with human evolution my friend.

Here’s the story:

We didn’t always live in cities, in fact, most of our history consists of us living in small tribes on the plains of Africa and Asia… tribes of a couple dozen people at best.

And when a male of a tribe was more dominant than other males, he would be able to gather more resources (food, shelter, clothing, etc.) whenever he wanted by taking it with force or exercising his influence.

That meant that because he had access to more resources, his genes had a better chance of survival than that of any another male and that if a female would mate with him… SHE and her offspring would also have higher chances of survival.

The result was that after thousands of years women started sexually selecting
dominance as a character trait, because the more dominant a male was the better her genes would survive and the more offspring she would be able to support.

So from a survival of the fittest perspective, the character trait of being dominant has been a fitness indicator for a loooooong time.

Conclusion: if you want to create more attraction, be more dominant

An example of getting a woman’s phone number…

Instead of ASKING her “may I have your phone number?” which is not dominant at all and just plain stupid because the chance she says no is 50%, it’s easy to say no…

You TELL her “let’s exchange phone numbers, so we can talk more tomorrow” or the
even more dominant “give me your phone number, so we can talk more tomorrow.”

I know from experience, and genetics, which one gives me more success with women…

Do you know now too?

There are many more qualities in a man that create attraction and I can show you the
why and the how… 

You’ve subconsciously been having these traits in you all this time, because if you wouldn’t then your genes simply wouldn’t exist because the father of your father’s father would never have been able to mate if you catch my drift…

Some of these character traits that women want are:

– Being a playful teaser
– Being a protector of loved ones
– Being selective (being picky)
– Being indifferent
– Being mysterious
– Being challenging
– Being a novelty-seeker/risk taker
– Being a “socializer” (someone with a large social circle)
– Being unpredictable
– Being confident

Don’t worry… you won’t have to develop ALL of these traits just to “get the girl”, all you have to do is display enough of two or three of them and you’ll be able to quickly get dates with women without much effort.

I’m living proof!

And the best thing about it is that as soon as you have developed these character traits, women will STOP testing you, STOP rejecting you… 

Because it just won’t be necessary anymore: you’re already giving them exactly what they’re looking for!

And if you want access to a scientifically proven method that gives you a lifestyle that actually makes women and men alike think that you can read people’s minds because you know EXACTLY what they want, then I suggest you check out the Simple Inner Game System by clicking the link below:

The Simple Inner Game System

You’re a Jedi master of dating Carlos! I’ve done everything inside the system: from reading the ebook to joining your free personal coaching session, and I couldn’t be happier than I am now. I used to have no sense of humor and was a woman’s slave instead of the dominant leader women want. But I also didn’t know what to say to women or how to be attractive enough for them.

With the help of your simple system I worked on being selective first because everybody always comments on how I complain about everything. I’m surprised by the results, because I now have two girls who are best friends fighting over me and trying to prove who’s the cutest every time I’m making disqualifying comments!

I didn’t think learning something about traits would be useful, because how can you display them if you don’t know the words or body language to display them? I was pleasantly surprised that your system contained how to do all of that and more! I treat the ebook as my bible. I’m not kidding!! I go through the part on character traits before I go to bed every night and I always can’t wait to get up and attract more women the next day. You went above and beyond all my expectations and I can’t thank you enough for putting this system together.

Raymond R, Charlotte, USA 

Hey… as long as you don’t turn into a religious fanatic I’m happy I could help!

And reader, if you also want to grow the character traits that all women are attracted to
so you don’t even have to THINK about what to say anymore and can just enjoy
yourself as you’re talking to them… then get my Simple Inner Game System.

If you think about Ted for a sec, you know… the guy who walked away with the contact information of 9 out of 10 girls? What would your life be like if you could only get half of that every time you go out to meet women? Or 1/4th of that? How would you feel about yourself?

If you want to achieve these kinds of levels of success with women for yourself too
and on a regular basis, then click the link below to check out my Simple Inner Game System which will do it FOR YOU:

The Simple Inner Game System

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. What you\'ve learned today is only the tip of the iceberg of what most men will never know about women and dating. And if you want to know more about how to meet women without much effort, then I highly recommend you get our FREE Inner Game Newsletter right away. Click here now to get more free tricks, tips, and strategies!

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