How To Create Attraction With Your Character Traits

Lesson one about how to create attraction with your character traits: you don’t have to pretend to be someone else! Creating attraction doesn’t work that way.

You don’t have to become someone else or pretend to be a clone of me either… a guy who wears a Carlos Xuma mask all his life. That’s fake and I don’t want you to do that.

Creating attraction with your character traits doesn’t have to be like that at all though because it doesn’t require you to become someone else, it asks you to use the tools that were given to you at birth.

Enter genetics. Believe it or not, but you’re trying to learn how to get with a girl thanks to your genetics…


Let’s take a look at meeting and dating a woman from a purely biological perspective: say the male sex wouldn’t get the things that allow us to create attraction at birth, what would that mean? It would mean that we wouldn’t be able to get a mate to mate with and our species would slowly become extinct.

And when you really think about it, you are the result of your father that knew how to create attraction, your father is the result of your grandfather… and they all used the God given tools they received at birth. But that’s the problem these days: people are totally disconnected from their (biological) nature because of all the technology and civilization around us that we forgot the talents we have from birth onwards.

In a moment you’ll find out exactly WHY certain character traits create attraction genetically speaking, so remember when you continue to read that these traits are present in all men to some extent since birth, therefore I do not want you to change but to finally start using what nature gave you!

How To Create Attraction By Being Dominant


Being Dominant is a character trait that creates attraction with women no matter where they live on our little planet. Note though that being dominant is different from domineering… one is leading her, the other is being a paranoid psycho who demands to see her latest text messages to see if she cheated on you.

The funny thing about dominance is that some men are naturally dominant but don’t know that it works really well with women… I was one of ’em once.

But WHY does it create attraction? It has to do with human evolution my friend.

Here’s the story:

We didn’t always live in cities, in fact, most of our history consists of us living in small tribes on the plains of Africa and Asia… tribes of a couple dozen people at best.

And when a male of a tribe was more dominant than other males, he would be able to gather more resources (food, shelter, clothing, etc.) whenever he wanted by taking it with force or exercising his influence.

That meant that because he had access to more resources, his genes had a better chance of survival than that of any another male and that if a female would mate with him… SHE and her offspring would also have higher chances of survival.

The result was that after thousands of years women started sexually selecting dominance as a character trait, because the more dominant a male was the better her genes would survive and the more offspring she would be able to support.

So from a survival of the fittest perspective, the character trait of being dominant has been a fitness indicator for a loooooong time.

Conclusion: if you want to create attraction, then be more dominant. 

An example of getting a woman’s phone number…

Instead of ASKING her “may I have your phone number?” which is not dominant at all and just plain stupid because the chance she says no is 50%, it’s easy to say no…

You TELL her “let’s exchange phone numbers, so we can talk more tomorrow” or the even more dominant “give me your phone number, so we can talk more tomorrow.”

I know from experience, and genetics, which one gives me more success with women…

Do you know now too?

So please, take the lead. BE THE LEADER and tell her where you two are going because it creates attraction. Not only that, being dominant and deciding where you two are going, how late and so on will make YOU feel more confident in the situation you’ll end up in… and being confident is attractive as well!
Although feminists want to make you believe otherwise, women instinctively WANT TO BE LED… feminists saying dominance is not a male trait but a human trait and them demanding equal rights for the last 100 years is no match for women sexually preferring dominance for thousands and thousands of years from a genetical perspective, PERIOD. End of discussion.

Let’s look at a perfect example of why women want to be led that is easily recognizable for most men:

You: “what do you want to do today honey?”
She: “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

She wants YOU to choose dummy! Classic boyfriend-girlfriend interaction which proves my point.

How To Create Attraction By
Being A Protector Of Loved Ones


Being A Protector Of Loved Ones and why it creates attraction is easy to explain: the men who protected their wife and their children the best in earlier times, had the highest chance or survival… so women sexually preferred men who could protect their loved ones the best.

In modern days it’s a loss let obvious though because we usually don’t throw a spear at someone else anymore, unless you’re a serial killer off course.

These days it’s all about showing that you stand up for your friends and family and telling her about it whenever the opportunity presents itself… that you tell her about what you did to save their buts.

Another way is developing a bit of a “mobster persona” as I call it.

For example:

She she had a presentation at work, her boss criticized her for it, and she just told you that he was being unfair, then you can come across like the protector of loved ones by saying:

“What!? Your boss treated you in an unfair way? Do you want me to go and have a “friendly” word with him? Because no one can treat you unfairly but me!”

It may remind you of territorial gorrilas, but in all fairness, being territorial is attractive to women because again: the one who protected his turf the best had the highest chances of survival in earlier times… and besides, you’re never visiting her boss but just showing you’re willing and able.

So start becoming more dominant and more the protector to create attraction. There are actually many other traits that create attraction just as well: being mysterious, being picky, being a playful teaser… and if you want to know more, then I highly recommend you sign up for my newsletter below.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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