How To Get With A Girl Within 4 Days Thanks To A Big Baby

You’re about to find out how to get with a girl in just 4 days, all because I made a stupid mistake once by acting like a big baby. A cry baby.

And believe me when I tell you this about how to get with a girl: it’s not the only counterintuitive thing you’ll learn! But you need to hear this dude, because don’t you just HATE it when you find out how to approach girls, but not how to attract them?

Don’t you feel frustrated when you finally DO learn how to attract girls, but no one tells you how to get their number, how to get them to come inside with you? And how to get with a girl from A-Z, from meeting her to dating her?

Hey, you’re not alone man. I’ve been there too. And I know how to get the girls now after much blood, sweat, and tears.

Which is exactly why I want to connect all the dots for you by showing you how to get with a girl from start-to-finish. I learned thanks to one of the most embarrassing, yet awesome, moments in my life. But more on that later…

Let’s start with day 1 of how to get the girls within 4 days already, shall we?

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How To Get With A Girl Day 1: Approach The Right One

Look man, whether you want to know how to get with a girl for one night or the rest of your life, you got to approach the right one.

Most guys randomly approach girls and hope for the best, but that is NOT the best way to learn how to get with a girl. Why be so hard on yourself?

Because there are plenty of women already interested in you. You just don’t know it yet.

Here’s the juicy secret: the human eye needs only milliseconds to recognize its environment and forward that info to your brain so you can act. This whole process takes less than half a second, meaning you need less than 0.5 seconds to not bump into things or people and fall.

Do you realize what this means when it comes to how to get with a girl?

It means that a girl needs less than half a second to see what’s around her, meaning that if she looks at stuff longer than that? It’s ON PURPOSE.

So, no. She didn’t look your way by accident. No she didn’t try to look at something/someone behind you. And no, she didn’t accidentally made eye contact. Believing this is the reason you’ve been having a hard time learning how to get with a girl.

Because any looks your way longer than, say, a second are a definite sign of interest from ANY girl. And isn’t it so much easier to get the girls that are already interested, instead of random chicks that are neither hot nor cold?

If you agree, then start looking around to see which girl is already interested in you and approach her. Only approach girls that are interested. Screw the rest!

All you have to do when approaching girls who are interested is NOT screw up. And it’s not about what you say first, but how you respond to what they say. That’s what approaching girls is all about… and you need to know this first to learn how to get the girls.

Will you respond in a way that has desperate/insecure written all over it? Or will you respond in a confident, non-needy way that lets her know you know she likes you?

When a girl is already interested, you need to cut the crap and let her know you know.

You're about to learn how to get with a girl by cutting the crap, so keep reading!

Seriously, the conversation shouldn’t take longer than a couple minutes. Just say:

“Hey, I saw you looking my way and I just want to say that you CAN’T look at me that way without introducing yourself. Hi, I’m YOUR NAME HERE. What’s your name?”

Right after that, all you have to do is get a phone number to complete your first day of learning how to get with a girl. How?

“I’m about to leave to meet up with some friends, but you know what? Let’s exchange numbers, so we can continue this conversation another time. Promise me something though. Promise me you won’t stalk me by calling 20 times a day, alright?”

This technique for asking a phone number is great if you want to learn how to get with a girl, because…

1) It’s reverse psychology at it’s best: men don’t get a girl’s hints, so they keep calling and texting even though she’s not interested anymore. That freaks her out big time, because guys tend to get angry after a while. She sees that as stalking, and by asking to promise you she won’t stalk? You let her know you’re NOTHING like those losers she met before you.

2) Its not a yes/no question: a yes/no makes the chance of a no 50%, but now you’re telling her to give you something so the odds are in your favor. Plus, telling her is being dominant and dominance creates attraction!

3) It’s a now or never: “I’m leaving now, so give me your number or I’ll be gone forever”

Before I tell you about the stupid mistake I made that will make attraction much easier to understand, I need to tell you one more thing about how to get with a girl…

How To Get With A Girl Day 2: Attract

I’ve been coaching guys with meeting and dating girls for years now and noticed that 80% of the time they meet a girl, they end up with a phone number and not knowing what to do next.

If you want to know how to get with a girl, then don’t be one of those guys and follow my lead…

And it starts with calling a girl after a day when you get her number. This makes her anticipate the moment you call her, plus it shows her you have a genuine interest in her.

You see, girls don’t take the next step with a guy if they don’t feel he has a genuine interest in them. Waiting several days makes her think she’s not that important, so call her the day after for the best results.

A big part of how to get the girls is, of course, attracting them. So, on day 2, call them for about 30 minutes and create as much attraction as you can by…

– Being picky: most girls are so used to guys chasing them and giving them tons of attention that they expect it. They expect yes men. And by disagreeing with them, by disapproving their outfit, actions, and so on? You’re hard to get. You’re real while other guys kiss her ass. And you can bet YOUR ass she’ll want you when you’re picky!

– Being a playful teaser: the best way to learn how to get with a girl is by teasing her. Treat her like your bratty little sister and she’ll love you for it, because you’ll probably be the only guy she’s ever met who expects more from her than just a pretty face. Now THAT’s attractive, because (again) it makes you hard to get because other guys settle for looks alone.

Learning how to get with a girl starts by treating her like your bratty little sister

– Being dominant: for hundreds of thousands of years men have led the way whether you believe in emancipation or not. That’s why, from a genetic point of view, girls WANT to be led. The most dominant male gives a girl’s genes the highest chance of survival, which is why girls have been attracted to dominance for a long time now.

In short, this is how to get one step closer to knowing how to get with a girl:

Be picky when calling on day 2 by talking about topics you have an opinion about, ask what she’s wearing and disapprove of it, tease her, and be dominant.

Maybe you want to know some more about attracting girls than this. Hey, that’s okay dude because there’s a LOT to talk about when it comes to attraction.

Hell, that’s why I stuffed a huge number of tips on attracting girls in my Inner Game Newsletter. Check it out right now if you want to know more.

How To Get With A Girl Day 3: Do The Opposite

This is the part where I tell my cry baby story. Woohoo! (Being sarcastic here)

A few years ago I went through a rough period in my life. I won’t go into detail here, but let me just say that every aspect of my life was FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition).

So, one time when I was calling a girl on day 3, I forgot all about my mission of finding out how to get with a girl and I broke down. I talked to her about my problems, my emotions, hell, I almost cried. It was heavy, serious stuff. I thought I embarrassed myself.

I thought I screwed up big time, but later that day? She demanded that I’d grab a drink with her. I immediately realized that I was on to something…

And it’s this: the dating game isn’t a one trick pony. You can’t learn how to get with a girl by creating attraction the same way every day. Hell, you need to do the “opposite” of before to get her.

So what is this opposite I’m talking about? The answer’s simple:

Hot and cold. Close and distant. Playful… and dead serious. This is how girls have been attracting men for ages now and, because of my mental breakdown, I discovered that girls will be insanely attracted to you when you use this “against” them.

If you want to learn how to get with a girl, then showing multiple sides of yourself makes sense because:

1) You show her you’re not a player. Someone’s who’s either too good to be true. You show her you’re real. Knowing how to get the girls starts with knowing you need to be a real man with a genuine interest, not a player who fakes it.

2) Doing A today and B tomorrow makes you UNPREDICTABLE. It almost forces a girl to want to get to know you better just to understand what the hell is going on!

3) If you only, for example, tease a girl, then sooner or later she’ll either think you’re a clown or think you’re an asshole who likes to insult girls. By showing her a different side, you stop that from happening…

I rest my case here: want to know how to get the girls? Then stop being boring. Stop doing the same thing every day. Give them something real. Give them an opposite.

How To Get With A Girl Day 4: Date Her

After you approach a girl that’s already interested in you and get her number (day 1), call her and create attraction (day 2), and call her again and do the opposite (day 3), what’s next?

What’s next is the final piece of the how to get with a girl puzzle: dating her. But how do you get girls to go on a date with you? Glad you asked!

Asking a girl out on a date with yes/no questions SUCKS just as much as asking for her phone number with a yes/no. The best way to get with a girl is not asking, but inviting…

You: “What are you doing right now?”
Her: “Not much because bla bla bla…”
You: “You know what? I know this great place where they serve the most delicious XYZ. Let’s go there right now! It’s going to be so much fun!”

That’s what you do on day 4 when you call and want to get with a girl by asking her out on a date. And hey, the XYZ of my example stands for whatever great stuff they serve in a restaurant, coffee shop, diner or bar nearby of course.

Why does this method get a girl on a date with you 9 out of 10 times? Pay attention to what I’m going to say next, IF you want to know how to get with a girl in 4 days!

As mentioned before: you’re not asking yes/no questions. You’re dominant.

But something else is going on here too, because you’re giving her a reason to go on a date with you. Why is that important if you want to know how to get with a girl you ask?

It’s because although attraction is a feeling based on EMOTIONS and people tend to act on their emotions first and think later, they STILL… think later dude! After doing something we try to rationalize it by finding reasons we did it. We justify it with logical reasoning.

Knowing how to get with a girl means understanding how their logical reasoning works

With reasons like: “He invited me to join him at this place where they served XYZ. Then he invited me to come inside because he wanted to show me XYZ… and it just happened.”

If you have female friends, then you already know that “it just happened” is a phrase that’s often used by girls. So, in a way, you already know how to get with a girl because she’s an emotional creature who needs to rationalize what she did…

And you’re helping her by giving her a reason to date you, to come inside with you, to… do I really need to keep going? Remember this if you want to know how to get the girls.

One More Thing About How To Get With A Girl

Before I end this blog post on how to get with a girl I want to ask you something:

Want to know a juicy secret?

When I first discovered this way of how to get the girls, I was a nerd who wore glasses, had three friends, and had ZERO social skills. Perfecting this routine made me date dozens of women from all walks of life AND…

It made people call me a “dating guru” who has now shown 6,267+ guys how to get with a girl. Pretty awesome, huh? And you can meet dozens of women, too.

All you need to do is take action on the things I taught you today about how to get with a girl. And if you need some help with that, then definitely check out the tips inside my Members newsletter right away.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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