Online Date Tips You Should Never Follow When Online Dating

If you’re looking for online date tips there are many people that’ll give them, but BEWARE because half these online dating tips are wrong. And you know what?

It’s time to separate the online date tips based on facts from those based on fiction.

Because do you really want to risk getting no results with crappy online date tips…

After wasting many hours, days, or weeks… lots of effort… and maybe even hundreds of dollars on dating sites by following a bunch of screwed up online date tips?

No? Yeah I thought so too!

So, allow me to give you a proper dose of online dating reality today.

Online Date Tips On Which Site To Use: Watch Out, Because…

Just because I RULE when it comes to getting girls on Facebook, doesn’t mean you do or will too. Maybe the women there aren’t your age or your type.

So don’t fall for “generic” online date tips that say you need to sign up for certain sites. Hell, the people saying that could easily have been paid by those very same sites to say it.

Look man, what if you have a crush on Latinas? ANY kind of Latinas?

Most online date tips tell you to go the best site, but you should go to the site of your type of girl

Then why in the hell would you sign up for or whatever, when there are dating sites dedicated to men interested in Latinas?

Same goes for many other nationalities and even types of women: rich women, goth chicks, models, gamers. You name it and there’s a very real chance that there’s a site for it.

That’s why you need to go to those sites where you will attract your type of woman with your online dating profile.

And one more thing about those “go here! Go here!” online date tips:

Who ever said that you should stick with only one site with your online dating profile? I’ve been meeting women online for 7 years now and I never stuck to one site.

I was on every site over here in the Netherlands: Hyves, Relatieplanet, Netlog, Tagged,, and the list goes on and on. Hell, I can honestly say that it’s one of the reasons (if not THE reason) I’m sitting here and writing these online date tips for you today.

You should sign up for multiple sites, if only because a girl in your city may be signed up for one but NOT the other dating site.

Online Date Tips For Your Profile: Be Careful, Because…

Your online dating profile is only HALF of the online dating game man. One of the biggest myths of online dating out there today is that when you get yourself a profile on a cool site?

Women will flood your online dating profile with response… after response… after response.

Yeah maybe in Fantasyland, but not in real life dude!

Sure online date tips for your profile help, but no matter how good your profile is? It’ll be like a golden palace in the middle of the jungle if you don’t pro-actively respond to women’s online dating profiles: no one will ever see it.

Why follow online date tips that tell you about golden palace profiles, but not how to get women?

There’s no online dating success without you responding to women’s profiles online. That’s why I give online date tips for your online dating profile here on the blog, but also for how to talk to women online.

You need both.

Online Date Tips For Talking To Women: Beware, Because…

Now you know that only following online date tips for your profile equals certain death of your online dating success, I might as well throw this out there:

Not all tips for talking to women online are created equal. Far from it.

You see, you can respond to a woman’s profile and give her the most flattering compliments, show a genuine interest in her, tease her half to death, and tell her the most amazing stories… but if your response has no subject line?

Sending her a completely EMPTY response will have the exact same effect. Meanwhile, people keep telling you with their online date tips to just send responses.

But attractive women get, on average, 30-50 responses from men a day. And their profile works just like your Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo: try getting their attention without a subject line THEN!

Online date tips that don’t mention this “small detail” about talking to women online SUCK.

It’s nearly impossible. And I’ve seen the online dating profiles of lots of my hot female friends and 50% of the responses they get have no subject line. Try standing out then!

So, what these online date tips you’ve followed so far failed to mention is this…

It’s not “cool” to also write a subject line. It’s absolutely necessary. What’s more, it’s necessary to write an INTERESTING subject line, because most of the responses that do have a subject line?

They go something like “You’re hot!” or contain other lameness like cheesy pick up lines that ask a woman if she’s a thief because she stole your heart, and what not.

Beware of those online date tips that tell you to “just send a response”, because 1) it needs to have a subject line and 2) that subject line has to be about the woman you want to talk to.

About something she likes for examples: hobbies, sports, TV shows, movies. Pick one!

Lust Response_250x250

Online Date Tips That Say You Need To Pay

When it comes to online date tips, don’t believe the hype. Don’t believe you NEED TO get a subscription for some dating site.


Because I’ve had more success with online dating on social networks… than on online dating sites! And so have many other readers of this blog who contacted me in the past.

So screw online date tips that tell you to subscribe. Hell, I recommend you first learn the tricks of the trade on social networks that are free… and only move on to paid solutions when you know what you’re doing.

More Crappy Online Date Tips About Talking To Women

Look, I don’t know who it was that spread the online date tips, but sending a message is NOT the only way to talk to women online because…

Online dating is more than or Facebook: there are hobby-related forums with women, couch surfing sites with women from all over the globe, hot or not sites where you can rate people’s photos, niche dating sites for specific kinds of women, etc.

Plus, great online date tips show you other ways to contact women. Ways like commenting on photos, videos, and the profile of a woman, saying what you want in a friend request on Facebook, etc.

As you can see: don’t believe online date tips that say the means to talk to women online are very limited, because they’re not.

Well now, let’s put the cherry on top of my rant on online date tips with the final section, shall we?

And Remember This About All Online Date Tips:

Online dating is NOT the be-all and end-all. After meeting a woman online with a little help of your online dating profile, some awesome online date tips for talking to her online, and so on, there’s still the real deal.

In other words, if you successfully meet a woman online, then you still need to successfully meet her offline. Get her number. Date her. Stuff like that.

Most online date tips completely forget about this. And it’s a damn shame, because it makes online dating so much harder for you.

You need a way to take things offline and get a date with a woman. A date that ends well.

Hell, if I summarize all the things you need to be aware of, then it boils down to this:

– Choose the site that right’s for your type of woman, not the sites that people promote
– Don’t stick to one site, because women in your city may sign up for one but not the other
– Don’t stop after writing an online dating profile, you need to talk to women too
– Don’t start talking and forget all about using a subject line. Use an interesting one!
– It’s not a “mission accomplished” when you get her number online, there’s a date to go on

Remember that getting online date tips is never a mission accomplished

I can almost hear you think: “Hey thanks for warning me about certain online date tips man! But how do I choose a site that’s right? Multiple sites? Interesting subject lines and all that other stuff you recommend I should do?”

Don’t worry my friend. I can definitely help you out with all of these challenges, because I wouldn’t be writing this if I couldn’t.

You can get online date tips for choosing the right site, your online dating profile, talking to women online, effective subject lines, and so much more inside my Online Dating Newsletter.

I suggest you quit waiting, grab those tips today, and start online dating the right way. And I hope you liked my thoughts on crappy online date tips dude!

Check out the rest of the Profile For Dating series.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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