The A to Z Of Internet Date Tips That Attract Women

When looking for internet date tips, you want to know ALL the techniques. But aren’t you forgetting the basics of internet dating? Find out!

Whether you want to get internet date tips to meet women on internet dating sites, social networks or Yahoo/MSN Messenger… it doesn’t matter to me. Because today?

Today I will reveal, in alphabetical order, the principles I’ve used to meet one woman after the other, after the other… after the other while internet dating. Within moments, YOU will be able to do the same with my “back to basics” internet date tips.

So, fasten your seatbelts, because here we go!

The A-E Of Internet Date Tips

A: Always exceed other guys. Internet date tips that fail to mention that are unrealistic.

That almost sounded like you have to compete like CRAZY just to “get the girl”, didn’t it?

But it actually works both ways and here’s why:

– Start regularly checking what other guys in your area have on their profile. If they all have lots of cool photos, a funny description and all of that, then you’re dealing with stiff competition and you have to go beyond what they’ve done.

– On the other hand, when you check the profiles of the guys in your area and they’re all simple, crappy, cheesy, and have really bad pictures? Then using tons of cool photos, humor, a long and high quality description of yourself and so on can come across like you’re overdoing it. Like you’re too good to be true. Like you’re a player.

My internet date tips will show you how to match and exceed what your worthless and already defeated rivals… uhh… I mean formidable adversaries… are doing on their profiles.

B: Be aware of what women typically receive.

One of the best internet date tips I can ever give you is that you should get yourself a fake female profile with photos of a hot chick on there.


When you see what kind of idiotic messages other guys send women and how many idiots try to get a woman’s attention in your inbox, the way you view internet dating will be changed forever.

Because here’s the brutal truth most internet date tips neglect:

– Attractive women get an average of 30-50 messages from idiots a day

– Of those messages, half don’t even have a message subject so why should they open one of those?

– Of the remaining half, half has a subject that says “Hi” or is a cheesy pick up line (again: why would they open one of those?)

Thinking along those lines, internet date tips should better start telling you that internet dating is mostly about how to stand out in the sea of jackasses that don’t even take the time to send a woman a REAL message.

C: Calm down. Or as Samuel L. Jackson said in Pulp Fiction: “Tell that b*tch to chill!”

When you're learning internet date tips, always remember what Samuel says

When women don’t reply to your message or stopped replying, don’t you freak out on me! And especially don’t send them 5 angry messages demanding an explanation (a lot of guys do that, trust me). Calm down…

Because here’s something to think about: since attractive women who are into internet dating receive so much junk mail from idiots every day, imagine what happens if they aren’t online for a day or two…

Do you really think they want to open hundreds of message that are all lame, predictable, boring, and cheesy? They’ll stop opening messages fast and it’s likely they simply haven’t seen your message yet.

So calm down and try again after a week or so because a woman might read your message the second time around. Now THIS is a realistic internet date tip.

I’m sorry for ranting here, but those “cloud nine”, Fantasy Land based internet date tips most people give you that don’t work really piss me off!

D: Do or die, that’s what the land of internet dating is like.

Here’s another piece of realism for you: since most women get so much junk from jackasses who have no genuine interest in them at all, they get bored with a site FAST.

That’s why you’ll quickly discover that most “members” of internet dating sites are actually women who gave up on the site a long time ago and who are never online anymore.

In short: new female members of a site are easier to talk to (try finding them by looking at the dates chicks signed up for the site)… AND… new dating sites and social networks are a great place for you to meet women (since they haven’t been junk mailed to death there yet).

E: Every response you get because of my internet date tips is a good one.

Yes, that’s true even when you tease a woman and she replies all pissed off. And yes, it’s also true even when a lady says “NO” when you ask for her number.

Think about it: interesting women get 30-50 messages a day on average. That means you have to stand out in a sea of freaking messages every time you send them one, so getting a reply thanks to my internet date tips means hitting their emotional sweet spot enough for them to reply.

And remember: attraction is a FEELING based on emotions, so even when you get an angry emotion thrown at you? You still did better than 99% of the men why try to meet women online that NEVER get a reply.

So, you just have to calm down that angry chick, make her laugh, and you’ve got her in the pocket. And I can tell you that from experience, because hot tempered women are my favorite and I dated many of them thanks to internet dating!

The F-I Of Internet Date Tips That Spark The Chemistry

F: Fugget about it.

Did you know the mob can give you internet date tips? Learn why below!

Forget about getting dates by meeting women online if you reply to their messages within minutes of getting them. That looks like you’ve been waiting for their reply all damn day!

Forget about getting dates with my internet date tips when you never attempt to take things offline and into the real world. You can hide behind a computer screen all you want, but a date still happens face-to-face my friend.

Forget about ages, especially on social networks, because you won’t believe how many women say they’re 99 or 11 on purpose just so you stay of their case. Just so no one can find them. Guess why? They got tired of all the junk mail idiots always sent them.

In other words: read up on the don’ts, then check out some of my samples of dating profiles so you know what the do’s are too.

G: Go beyond websites to meet more women online.

There’s more out there than dating sites and social networks you know. Take forums for people (including women) who share a common interest for example.

And take apps like Foursquare and other location-based services.

Experiment until you find the best place to meet and date women online.

H: Hold it together man! Use my internet date tips to hold your dating profile together!

Now when I say hold it together I mean your profile on a social network.

You see, most social networks give you a BILLION things you can put on your profile: photos, comments, videos, groups, interests, and the list goes on and on.

That’s a blessing if you try and use every single area of your profile for attracting women, but it can seriously hurt your chances of getting the girl if you have attractive photos… but the rest of your profile is total garbage that ruins the perfect picture you’re trying to paint, know what I’m saying?

That means you need to go hard or go home (offline): either pimp your entire internet dating profile to attract the women you would want in your life or don’t even freaking bother.

I: If you build it, they will NOT come.

There are too many losers out there trying to tell you with their internet date tips that if you write a dating profile, then smoking hot women will magically fall into your lap.

That’s not reality. That’s wishful thinking.

You have to actively start messaging women if you want to get yourself some dates, because internet dating is a numbers game: not all women will respond, of those who respond not all of them give you their number… and of those that do, not all of them will go on a date with you.

So it’s safe to say that the more women you talk to online… the higher your chances of getting women will be. That’s a “minor” detail most internet date tips fail to tell you.

The J-N Of Internet Date Tips That Make Women Want You

J: Just text. It’s what makes internet dating and thus internet date tips different.

I’ll give you a hint here and let you do the math…

In clubs, bars, stores and what not, you can use your body language, voice tone, eye contact, clothing style, female friends, and much more to attract women. Online you can’t. Online there’s only text you can talk to women with. And, remember, attraction is a feeling based on emotions.

Do you realize what this means? It means you have to find ways to create as much emotion with text as possible to attract women. You can do that with emoticons, EMPHASIZING words, and with pauses… just like the one in this sentence.

K: Kama Sutra.

Wait a minute! Did I just mention an overly sexual book in a blog post with internet date tips? Yep! And here’s why…

Guess why most guys try to meet women online? Usually because they feel uncomfortable talking to women face-to-face because they lack the confidence, social skills or conversational skills to do so.

The result: most guys who talk to women online beat around the bush. They’re not to the point. They don’t directly say what they want, how they feel, and so on and so forth.

Guess how you stand out in the internet dating world of the overly timid dudes? Correct: by being overly sexual. So, by being VERY direct.

Example: instead of chatting up a woman about her hobbies, job and I don’t know what else, be very direct after you’ve made her laugh and say something along the lines of…

“Look, I normally don’t do this but I think you’re absolutely beautiful from head to toe and you’re funny too. Just the way I like it, so let’s continue this conversation over a cup of coffee.”

That’s being direct, wouldn’t you agree?

L: Love comes AFTER the date, not by talking to someone online.

You will come across women online who are lonely but don’t want a relationship. And you will meet women online who say “NO” for months before you can date them (if they ever agree to date you that is).

And over time, you get to know those women. Get to know them well. What kind of person they are, their ambitions, their likes and dislikes and bla bla bla. Most guys (including me once) tend to confuse having lots of fun with a woman online with love. Don’t.

Because the moment you say the three magic words (I love you), you’ll scare them away. Plus, how do you know if you love someone when you haven’t ever met them in person?

M: Multiply.

Learn how to multiple your results with the following internet date tips

Since woman A can be on site 1 while woman B can be on site 2 but not on 1, internet date tips that say you don’t need multiple profiles can do nothing but SUCK.

That says it all really. You can increase your chances of achieving internet dating success just by having more than one profile at any one time.

N: No means not yet.

When you ask a woman for her number online and she says “NO”, never forget that you managed to stand out in a sea of messages from jackasses remember?

There’s an emotional connection there, because if she didn’t care then she would have just read your request and never respond to it. But she did. That tells you something: that she’s not sure she’s NOT interested. And that means she’s not ready… yet!

All you have to do then is persist. Tease her by saying you promise you will only call her 10,000 times a day.

If it’s still no, then attract her some more. Get to know her a little better. Then try again.

The O-R Of Internet Date Tips

O: Overly confident is what all internet date tips should show you how to be.


Because like I said before: most guys who sign up for internet dating are NOT the confident types. They tend to be shy, to have no clue of what they should say, etc. Meanwhile, women are attracted to confidence.

So it’s easy to stand out in the crowd by being slightly too confident. Examples:

Her: “You’re sweet”
You: “I know!”

Her: “Why do you want my number? I don’t give my number to strangers”
You: “I want it because I know you’ll like me even more when you can hear my voice”

P: Protect your interests man.

I just know I’m going to piss off female readers with this, but I’m still saying it because my goal is to help MEN succeed online with my internet date tips… not women.

Dude, when on a social network, never forget that people can see everything. So when you got a girl’s number on Facebook and add a different girl as a friend the next day for example?

Don’t be surprised if you get questions about it. Hell, don’t even be surprised if the girl that gave you her number sends a message filled with jealousy to the new chick if she really likes you.

That happened to me all the time back in the day.

So do yourself a favor and protect your interests by not befriending every girl you meet and/or get the number from, otherwise you may end up with a Wall filled with hate messages (like I did).

Q: Questions keep things going.

Were you looking for internet date tips about how to talk to women online when you started reading this blog post? Of course you were. So keep this in mind:

Keep asking questions. If you only tease a woman to create attraction, comment on what she says or answer her question and that’s it… then why would she respond?

The only good response would be a “hahaha” but what good will that do you when you want to get dates? So always ask a question, even if it’s as basic as asking her what she’s going to do or did this weekend.

It keeps her talking which, in turn, makes her trust you more and feel more comfortable around you. You need both trust and comfort before you can get a woman’s number.

R: Regularly redesigning your profile is a smart move.

Because although most women wait for men to respond to their profiles, there are plenty of women who will actively search for guys and show their interest in them.

Guess how they try to find guys? By using a site’s search engine of course.

Do you know how the search engine has been built on most internet dating sites? By displaying the people who are online or were most recently online on top.

And by regularly redesigning your profile you make sure you were online most recently a lot, which means you’ll be found by more women. Pretty awesome right?

The S-Z Of Internet Date Tips That Attract Women

S: Store everything you can use later.

If you notice that a certain playful comment about, say, True Blood that you tease her with works, then try it again on a different woman. Still works? Then store it somewhere so every time when True Blood comes up you can boost the attraction by copy and pasting a freaking piece of text.

Now THAT is one of those internet date tips that will last you a lifetime.

T: Terminator + internet dating = winning!

The Terminator also has some internet date tips for you...

In other words: do you feel like it will take ages until you can finally get her number? Terminate the conversation. Don’t even bother. Save yourself the time and energy.

Do you feel like a certain site sucks because you’ve been using my internet date tips but still haven’t gotten results with women online? It’s a useless site for you. Maybe all the women there are not online as much as the site led you to be believe. Go somewhere else.

V: Violating socially accepted behavior can be a good thing.

Why? Because whether they like it or not, women fall for bad boys over and over again. And guess what bad boys do? They don’t give a shit about socially accepted behavior.

So be rude for once. Be indifferent about a woman’s feelings for once. It can help you get over your desperation.

W: Why change a winning team of internet date tips?

I should have said internet date techniques. Anyways, just like it’s a smart move to store sentences about certain topics that always work… also look for patterns in entire conversations.

Have you noticed that you most often get a woman’s number by teasing them first, then being serious, then teasing, and then asking for the digits? Write it down and most of all: keep doing it!

Have you noticed most women respond in similar ways? Why not test what’s the best reply to all of the most common replies and then never change your winning “team” of replies?

X: xxx, better known as K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

When in doubt about what to say to women online to show you have a genuine interest in them, find something on her profile that’s easiest for you to comment on.

Remember, your job is not to impress women. It’s to attract them. Big difference.

Y: Why so serious?

Yeah here I come with the Batman quotes again. But seriously, why are you making a life and death situation out of internet dating?


If a woman stops replying altogether, there’ll be more. Look at it this way: sure you want to meet Miss Right, but the more women you practice your skills with? The better prepared you’ll be when Miss Right does come around.

So ANY practice, even when you don’t get a number, is good practice!

Z: Zero in on your perfect target

Don’t just write a profile for anyone, including for yourself. No.

Use my internet date tips to write a dating profile that attracts YOUR type of woman. After all, would you rather be insanely dateable to 5 women or not so attractive they’d date you to a million women?

One More Thing About These Internet Date Tips…

These are the 26 basic internet date tips that’ll help you get girls to notice you online, but I understand if you crave some specific techniques right now. Some things to say. That’s no problem because you can easily gain access to more tips for free!

How? By getting the tips inside my members-only Online Dating Newsletter. That’s how!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to stuff my face with Pringles chips right now. It’s my latest and greatest addiction. Anyways, I hope you liked my internet date tips!

Check out the rest of the Profile For Dating series.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. According to Forrester Research, 97% of the men who try online dating quit within 3 months because of a lack of results. And if you want to belong to the 3% who meet women online without much effort because you know when to do what, then click here now to gain access to the dozens of tips inside my FREE Online Dating Newsletter.

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