7 Secret Ways To Date Women Online

Most guys who want to date women online think online dating starts and ends with Facebook or Match.com, but there are other ways to date women online.

I hear you thinking: “But why the hell would I need 7 different ways to date women online?”

And the answer’s simple: because AT LEAST 7 ways to date women online give you ZERO competition from other men. I mean, it’ll be like you’re the only lion in Africa with thousands of gazelles just waiting for you to hunt them down…

Sit back as you'll learn how to date women online like a lion!

So, without further a do, I present to you the 7 ways to date women online.

The #1 Way To Date Women Online: Forums

These days with things like Twitter and Foursquare, it almost seems like forums are relics from an ancient, forgotten past, doesn’t it?

But guess what?

The easiest, thus best, way to date women online is to go to a site where there are lots of women who like the EXACT same thing you like.

Do you know how easy it is to talk to someone about what you love to do most if they like it too?

And there are dozens and dozens of forums out there that are all about one specific interest. There are forums about fishing, movies, psychology, art… and the list goes on and on.

The best thing about using forums like these to date women online is that setting up a date is almost TOO easy. Think about it:

You love to do something, so does she, so you can ask her to join you so you can do it together!

Win With Women

How To Date Women Online: Niche Dating Sites

The vast majority of dudes go to generic dating sites to date women online, just like 80% of the population does. Meanwhile, they’re forgetting that there are theme-based sites out there.

Hell, in most cases there are niche dating sites out there who are designed to introduce you to YOUR type of woman.

For example, you have sites to meet Latina women online, black women online, rich women online, artistic women online, entrepreneurial women online, and so on and so forth.

So, instead of going where everyone else goes (sites like Match, eHarmony, etc.) go to where you’re most likely be able to date women online who are just right for you: niche sites designed for one type of person only.

They make separating the good from the bad and the ugly a whole lot easier, wouldn’t you agree?

The Third Way To Date Women Online: New Sites

Why the hell would you sign up for new sites to date women online? Aren’t there way less women over there? Yep, but there are way less MEN there as well!

That means it’s much easier to stand out, plus, it also means women haven’t gotten tired yet of random and lame messages from other men as much as they would have on older sites.

Do you see now why new sites are great to join and take advantage of if you want to date women online?

Interesting thought: the more women I got to know, the more invitations for new social networks and dating sites I received. Why? Because wherever the women go, the men go, so it’s good marketing on behalf of a dating site to approach women.

And that’s why you need to befriend every woman who you’ll meet online but can’t date: they will let you know about the new places to go and date women online.

Anyways, let’s keep it moving now, because we still have 4 ways to date women online to explore.

Another Way To Date Women Online: Couch Surfing

Believe it or not man, but there are many people all over the world who want to give travellers a place to stay OR who are looking for one. Introducing: couch surfing.

You can date women online by couchsurfing, did you know that?

These people connect online on places like (go figure) couchsurfing.org… and that includes women.

So, why not date women online by talking to them on couch surf sites? And if you can’t find any hot chicks, why not befriend some dude in a country you wanted to go to on vacation anyways and then meet his female friends?

Plus, let’s not forget that you can also give women from foreign countries a place to stay 😉

As you can see: even for travellers there’s a way to date women online. Speaking of which, there’s one more way to meet women online on vacation…

Dating Women Online: Use Your Vacation

This is probably THE most obvious tip of my entire list, but still a lot of guys don’t have a freaking clue. In a way, that’s awesome, because it leaves that much more women up for grabs for me and you… my dear reader.

Alright, before you go on vacation you usually check out what’s popping in the country or area you’re going to. Don’t you? You know, what kind of restaurants do they have. What kind of clubs and bars, tourist attractions, etc.

Why not prepare for the women online as well then? How? Let me tell you how to date women online thanks to your vacation buddy!

Every country has it’s own popular social networks:

– Brazil has Orkut
– Holland has Hyves
– Belgium has Netlog

So, wouldn’t it be fair to say that if you want to date women online who are from Brazil for example, that getting a profile on Orkut would be a GREAT idea?

Oh come on dude! You can talk to them before you go there and meet them when you get there. What more could you ask for?

Date Women Online By “Faking It”

And now that’s over with, it’s time for me to show you another secret way to make dating women online a whole lot easier for yourself…

And it’s this: make a fake female profile!

I can hear you think: “Why in the world would I want to make a fake female profile to learn how to date women online?”

Well, when you do you’ll see one or more of the following:

– How many guys per day, on average, send a message to women online
– What the most common and cheesy email subject lines that they use are
– What kind of crap they tell women in their messages (it’s far worse than you’d imagine)

Now the benefits of doing this are obvious to me: you’ll know EXACTLY how the competition tries to date women online so you can do better than they’re doing.

I think that says it all, really. So, let’s continue!

Date Women Online By “Friend Surfing”

This one’s tailor made for social network sites like Facebook, MySpace, and so on, and not really for online dating sites. And I call it friend surfing.

Learn how to date women online by friend surfing below

You see, whenever most gentlemen try to date women online they do a search for women online and type in the most obvious things…

For example, they’ll look for women from a well-known city, of a certain age, and maybe even with a certain name. And that’s where they go wrong because:

A) There are plenty of women who live in places you’ve never heard of in your entire life
B) There are tons of ladies who cheat when it comes to age
C) There are women who use “cute” nicknames that most men never think about

In short, there are more women online than you’d think.

The KEY to learning how to date women online is to learn how to find them.

And what I’ve done since day one is send a woman a message and then look at her friends list. Then, I’ll send some friends a message as well so I know that at least SOMEONE in her circle will reply to my message. And that’s when you’ll encounter some strange ass sh*t!

Pardon my French there, but you’ll see stuff like twenty something’s saying they’re 99 so they won’t be bothered by men, women who live in villages with a total of only 9 inhabitants… and more.

Trust me when I say that you would have never found them if you tried to date women online without using a woman’s friends list…

Date Women Online By Voting

Do you know what a hot or not site is? Ever been on one? If not, then you’ll learn how to date women online with them in a sec!

Hot or not sites are sites where you can vote on women’s (or male) photos on a scale from 1-10 or based on if you want to date women online based on their photos or not.

They key here is to look for hot or not sites that allow you to leave comments and/or send messages. Then all you need to do to date women online is rate your type of woman and then create attraction with a comment/message and it’s a done deal!

And believe me when I tell you: a surprising number of chicks who want to get rated… want to get dated!

So do them a favor and date women online that want to get rated and dated, alright?

The Grand Finale Of How To Date Women Online

And there you go: I just showed you how to date women online (more than ever before) by using forums, niche dating sites, new sites, couch surfing, your vacation, a fake female profile, and friend surfing.

But let’s back it up for a sec, because you may be thinking to yourself right now: “Yeah that’s nice and all, but what do I actually do or say on forums? On couch surfing sites?”

If that’s true, then don’t worry my friend. I got your back. Because now that I’ve opened your eyes and shown you that there’s more out there than Facebook or Match.com?

I also want to give you some practical, effective tips for using all of these ways to date women online without much effort. And I’ll be doing so inside my Online Dating Newsletter, so make sure you get those tips today if you want to achieve online dating success.

And I hope you liked my 7 “secret” ways to date women online buddy. Until next time!

Check out the rest of the Profile For Dating series.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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