Picking Up Girls Online: The Speed Of The Conversation Counts…

Have you ever had problems coming up with a witty thing to say when you’re picking up girls online, or when she’s standing there RIGHT before your eyes…just WAITING until you say something and getting BORED? Did you ever experience that women when the conversation had already ended and upon reflecting on it, you realize what WOULD HAVE BEEN that nice thing to say and you just hit yourself in the head, feeling bummed out!? I know I have…

UNTIL I discovered that Online Game was the PERFECT playing ground for me to hone my conversation skills. The pressure of a woman RIGHT there in front of me and me not knowing what to say…I still remember those moments with a feeling of horror. Those face to face moments just happened too QUICK for me…I had to think of something to keep the conversation SO fast that my mind just couldn’t keep up. So many of us experience this exact, same problem…yet most DISLIKE Online Game.

But you see, just as everything else in life Online Game has a learning curve: you can´t expect yourself to go from zero to hero, that´s NOT possible…with ANY skills there´s no magic pill that instantly turns you into a higher form of being. That´s for hippies, not for realistic, logically thinking guys like us!

*** NOTE *** it took me 5-6 YEARS, countless errors, stupid blunders, ridiculous experiments and a LOT of subscription dollars to learn this stuff…would you like the same fate? OR, instead…shorten your learning curve by ENTIRE years, and learn in a step-by-step way how to go from online “bore me” to online GLORY almost overnight? Then you might wanna check out my Online Mentorship Program for picking up girls online in a heartbeat, without manipulating them, silly routines OR magic…but thanks to unstoppable, proven “messaging voodoo” that AMPLIFIES the attraction time after time..


What I learned through a LOT of trial & error over the years, is that Online Game ALSO comes down to a little thing called “Speed Of Conversation.” What do I mean by this? It´s very simple:

1) Messaging back and forth on forums or profiles: the slowest speed because you can think for as long as you want about what you´re going to reply without any real pressure at all….you can take minutes, hours even DAYS before you find the `perfect way` of replying to her message. You can write a test version, save it and later on perfect it and so on. If you have a hard time coming up with replies to what she said, and struggle even MORE with keeping the conversation going, guess what a good place to start at would be…because of it’s SLOW SPEED? Exactly!

2) Instant messenger & chatrooms: mid speed, YES you can think about what you´re going to say next and how…but this time, in general people will feel ignored and LEAVE a conversation when you take longer than 4-5 minutes to reply to them. This means the difficulty is a little higher than with messaging girls, BUT there’s NO ONE physically looking at you AND you aren’t expected to reply straight away. This makes it the IDEAL step to escalate from messaging to a little faster speed, yet more natural feeling conversation in the form of live chat. Text Game (text messaging women) is also of mid speed and also allows you to think a bit longer before you answer.

3) Face to face game: high speed, YES you can think about the what and how of saying things, but not only will you freak out people when you take longer than half a minute to a minute with your reply…you also feel the PRESSURE of someone physically looking at you and expecting an answer. Simply put, if you´re not skilled in the art of conversation you´ll have trouble keeping up with the speed…so please realize that only Online Game can TEACH you that! Day Game, Club Game (or Night Game) and even Phone Game…they all do NOT offer the opportunity you gradually increase the speed of conversation because you lack in the conversational skills department!

So this goes out to everyone struggling with picking up girls online or the “What to say next” and “How can I keep the conversation interesting”: consider which SPEED OF CONVERSATION you’re using right now and then DOWNGRADE, practice and steadily work your way up! Rome wasn’t built in a day you know. And than I haven’t even discussed the unique BENEFITS of all these slower ways of talking to women…but that’s for another article.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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