Finding A Girlfriend Online Is Easy With These 9 Secrets

You know what? Finding a girlfriend online is easy IF you know what you’re doing. So let’s make sure that you know what you’re doing online, shall we?

And in case you’re wondering: “Is finding a girlfriend online for the long run really possible?” Then my answer is: HELL YEAH. Why?

Because several years ago, I started finding a girlfriend online myself and I pulled it off. And she’s hot, funny, intelligent, real, and we’ve been together for almost 4 years now.

Plus, over the years I’ve coached plenty of guys who were also able to find a girlfriend online.

And if I, and they, can find a girlfriend online successfully, why can’t you?

Like I said before: if you know what you’re doing online, finding a girlfriend online is only a matter of time. So are you ready to speed up the process with my insider secrets of how to do it?

Finding A Girlfriend Online Starts With Your Type

Finding a girlfriend online starts with finding a site for your type of woman… and if it doesn’t exist? It starts with writing a dating profile that attracts your type.

Don’t believe those online date tips that say you need to sign up for site such and such because they have XYZ million of subscribers, because what good does that do you if all those women are NOT your type?

That’s why you need to put some effort into finding a site that attracts your type of woman, so you can start finding a girlfriend online without much effort.

Because isn’t that what you want?

A site for finding a girlfriend online that’s your type
Check out this awesome list of sites to find out if there’s a site or soial network for your type of girl.

Did you know there’s a site for people who love running and swimming where you can find a girlfriend online, for example?

Let me guess: you didn’t think there were so many sites for so many different interests and countries, right? I know!

Once you’re on one of those sites, just talk about the same passion as your type of woman has on her profile and show it in your photos… and she will come. Trust me.

And hey, in case you’re beating yourself up about the fact that there’s no site for your type of woman so finding a girlfriend online must be impossible… chill out!

Only when you chill out you can start finding a girlfriend online


Because you can always write…

A profile for finding a girlfriend online that’s your type
Before you go ahead and write a dating profile that tries to attract everyone, STOP. It will only somewhat attract some women, but the moment you write one for 1 specific kinda girl?

That’s the moment you will attract that type of woman (YOUR type) like CRAZY, while other women won’t be attracted to you… but they aren’t your type anyways so who cares!?

And if you want to start finding a girlfriend online thanks to your profile, follow these steps:

– Ask yourself what hobbies and interests she would have. Use some of them on your profile
– Ask yourself what she would hate… and voice your own negative opinion about it
– Ask yourself what she would eat and drink… and mention some of it
– If possible, use photos and videos of stuff she would probably like
– Ask yourself where she would go to on a date or in her free time and mention it

I can almost hear you think: “Finding a girlfriend online with this sounds easy, but how do I actually write a profile based on my type of woman?”

Stop worrying already man! Because I’m about to give you an example of how to find a girlfriend online because of a profile that attracts her… that attracts your type of woman.

Finding A Girlfriend Online: A Profile Example

Alright, in this example of finding a girlfriend online with a profile, my type of woman is a cultural, artsy chick. So a woman who loves art.

– Hobbies: bashing on art critics who don’t know what they’re talking about, appreciating paintings of still unknown artists in a local art gallery
– Favorite food: 5 star restaurant stuff because those chefs make a piece of art of my plate, lol
– Interests: Picasso, Van Gogh, Dali, painting wannabe paintings that I won’t show anyone, ever, because they’re THAT “beautiful”, visiting the National Gallery Of Art and the Guggenheim

Do you see what I’m doing here to find a girlfriend online?

I’m using humor to express my love of art AND that I don’t take myself too seriously. Showing you’re not too serious is important, because most men have expectations BEFORE the first date that women end up having after several months or even years: I love you, marriage, making babies, etc.

By showing you’re not so serious, you’re showing a potential girlfriend online that you’re not desperate.

Let’s continue with some more examples of finding a girlfriend online who loves art:

– The photos I would use: some museum photos, one of me painting or me making some pottery stuff, me next to a well-known artist, a picture of a famous painter, etc.

Who would've thought you could start finding a girlfriend online with Picasso?

– Videos: something similar to what I mentioned above

– Profile text: I would talk about who I’m fascinated by the lives of famous painters and how their success didn’t come without drama, that I hope to become a great painter once without cutting my ear off like “You Know Who” did (an artsy chick will know those)…

This is just an example of how finding a girlfriend online is done when your type of woman loves art, but you can use something similar for ANY type of woman as long as you A) be specific so she knows you’re a lot like her, B) use humor to attract her, and C) make fun of yourself here and there.

Just use your imagination to come up with stuff for your kind of girl.

More About Finding A Girlfriend Online

And now you know where to start finding a girlfriend online and how to do it using your profile, you want to know what to do once you find her, right?

Then wait until you hear this:

I have dozens and dozens of FREE tips about how to talk to women online, attract them, and get a date waiting for you inside my Online Dating Newsletter. So sign up now to get those tips about what to do AFTER finding a girlfriend online.

And while I’m about to go watch myself some Super 8 like the true movie junkie that I am, I want to end this thing by saying: stay tuned to the Win With Women blog for more tips on finding a girlfriend online!

Check out the rest of the Profile For Dating series.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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