How To Do Flirting – A Men’s Guide To Getting Women

When it comes to how to do flirting, most regular guys like you and me are clueless. Why not change that? Learn how flirting is done and get dates!

And in case you’re asking yourself what made ME the expert on how to do flirting, then my answer’s: I didn’t, but women did. You see, I know how women think in the dating game.

I know because I’ve been trying to learn how to do flirting myself for many, many years now. Plus, I’ve successfully coached hundreds of guys with meeting and dating women during the last 3 years or so… so you could say that I know what I’m talking about.

Hey, I’m not saying I have ALL the answers when it comes to how to do flirting, but I will tell you this:

Once you know how women think and what attracts them when you’re flirting with them like I know? It’s a matter of time before you’ll get dates here, there, and every freaking where!

So, let’s see what knowing how to do flirting boils down to, shall we?

Learning How To Do Flirting Is Learning A “Secret Language”

The most important thing you can ever learn about how to do flirting with women is that normal language and social behavior DO NOT WORK.

There’s a “secret language” that people speak when they’re flirting successfully and it’s completely different from what’s socially accepted.

Hell, learning how to do flirting with women in a way means UNLEARNING everything you’ve been taught to believe by your parents and by society.

Why is getting women so different from “socializing” you say?

Learning how to do flirting is different from learning to be social

Because normal conversation and normal social behavior is based on logic, opinions, and social standards. Social standards like respecting other people’s opinions for example.

Attraction, however, is a FEELING based on EMOTIONS. Emotions are illogical, come from mostly subconscious needs and wants instead of conscious opinions… and they definitely do NOT follow social standards.

Let’s take a step back here, so you can really understand what learning how to do flirting is all about. Let’s talk about that subconscious stuff first…

Why are women attracted to you on a mostly subconscious level?

Because what they think and say they want (which are opinions based on logic) is not what they NEED (what makes them happy and satisfies their emotional needs).

Example of how to do flirting with a woman who grew up without a father:

She may SAY she wants a man who’s sweet, nice, funny, and all the usual suspects…

But what she NEEDS is a dominant, male authority figure because she grew up without one.

Every woman psychologically needs a male role model (= a father figure) when growing up that tells her what she can and cannot do. Someone who’s strict but cares a lot about her. If “that guy” was never there, then she subconsciously starts looking for him in the men she dates.

So learning how to do flirting with her would mean learning how to be dominant, because that’s what she needs the most: a dominant male who tells her what she can and can’t do.

Am I going too fast here? Don’t worry, because I’ll explain how to do flirting with your newly found knowledge in a step-by-step way below…

And YES, I will give you techniques you can use to start flirting successfully right after you’re done reading this blog post.


How To Do Flirting: Forget About Social Standards!

Remember how I said that learning how to do flirting means you first have to realize that the dating game doesn’t follow social standards?

Okay, let’s explore the consequences of believing that’s NOT how to do flirting. That flirting is about doing what’s socially acceptable.

It’s socially not accepted to be rude. To treat someone disrespectfully, even if it’s only slightly disrespectful. Plus, you’re supposed to leave people’s dignity intact, which means no bashing on a stranger’s appearance or actions for you Mister! Sure, you can do all that stuff with friends but NOT with strangers.

The result: men who want to get women by doing their absolute best not to be rude, disrespectful, and to please the women as much as possible. Men who give compliments.

Men who chase women around when they’re playing hard to get because that’s what society teaches them: the men chase, the women choose. If a woman chooses you, you got “lucky.”

But guess what? When it comes to how to do flirting, how is THAT interesting for women?

It’s not a challenge…

It’s what every guy on the planet is doing…

It’s being easy to get…

Worst of all: following social standards?

It’s listening to what society THINKS is “the right thing to do,” but attraction is a feeling based on emotions and NOT on opinions remember!?

And here’s a question for you if you’re still not convinced that learning how to do flirting is unlearning social standards: if dating is about doing the right thing, then why does one woman after the other, after the other… after the other hook up with bad boys?

When it comes to how to do flirting, bad boys can teach you a lot!

That’s right: because attraction isn’t a choice based on logic and/or opinions.

So frankly, screw what people (including women) think and say, because attraction is only about how something makes someone feel.

Here’s another juicy secret to convince you some more about the right way for how to do flirting:

It’s socially accepted to leave people’s dignity intact, so why then do women giggle, blush, and become attracted to you when you tease them with how they look or what they do? Why, then, are women attracted to you when you treat them like spoiled little brats just like you did in kindergarten?

The answer: it’s because attraction has nothing to do with social standards. Attraction is about creating emotions that women need and want (often without them knowing it).

Put simply, that means learning how to do flirting means learning which emotions women need and want.

Examples Of How To Do Flirting

Congratulations for getting this far! You’re only moments away from knowing everything you need to know for how to do flirting and get dates because of it…

I know it may sounded complicated when I said that flirting, so getting women, is about recognizing what they need/want while they don’t even know it themselves… but it’s actually not that hard.


Example of how to do flirting #1
Look around you next time you’re in a club or bar for example. What do you see? Women who don’t want to be there. Women who don’t look happy AT ALL.

Take a random club for example. If you pay close attention (do it next time alright?), then you’ll know how to do flirting because you see that most women didn’t come by themselves.

They came with friends… and there’s almost always one of them that got dragged to the club. One who actually doesn’t want to be there and who sits in the lounge area or in front of the bar all night. Her friends told her to come and she didn’t want to ruin the mood, but her own mood is crappy.

Guess what she needs? Someone to make her night right. Someone who stops her from feeling sorry for herself and who helps her have fun. Who helps her forget about her worries.

Knowing how to do flirting in this situation means walking up to her saying you can tell she’s not enjoying herself and that she doesn’t want to be there.

Continue by saying she’s there now anyways so why not make the most of it instead?

Then start teasing her, making small talk, dancing with her, having a couple drinks, and partying with her. Making sure she has the time of her life. That’s how you get her.

As you can see: knowing how to do flirting doesn’t mean you need to know a woman’s biography before you can do anything.

It can be as easy as giving her what she needs right here, right now.

Example of how to do flirting #2
In a society where Facebook, text messages, online games, and so on have almost completely taken over any REAL social interactions… people are disconnected.

Look around: how many people listen to their iPods or smartphone music, how many are calling or texting, and how many are having a conversation with a stranger?

I’m willing to bet you for $50 that only one in 100 people you see on the streets are having a fun conversation with a stranger, while the rest is completely living inside their own little bubble.

I can almost hear you think: “What does this have to do with learning how to do flirting?”

While it used to be common for men and women to talk face-to-face, they now talk online, via the phone or via text (if they talk at all and don’t walk past each other). Plus, most people have less and less class and don’t give a crap about others…

And the result is that you immediately stand out if you DO care about a total stranger you meet face-to-face. These days you stand out if you give someone a genuine compliment (instead of telling them they’re hot which is NOT a genuine compliment).

Why is it knowing how to do flirting when you would, say, help a single mom lift the baby carriage down a flight of stairs?

Learn how to do flirting thanks to babies just above this image!

Because it’s catering to the age old psychological need discovered by Sigmund Freud: the need to feel important. Everyone wants to matter, to have a reason to exist.

These days everybody’s unimportant to everybody in our individualistic society, so making someone feel special, VERY important, immediately makes you interesting to them.

Now THAT is knowing how to do flirting! And don’t forget I already gave you two other examples of flirting:

One for women who grew up without a father figure (be dominant to get dates)… and one for women in general (tease them to attract them).

Want To Know More About How To Do Flirting?

I just know you’re going to LOVE this little “detail” about how to do flirting:

Not only are there many other situations than the ones I mentioned just now where you can “get the girl” just by paying attention, and by giving her what she needs…

There are certain personality traits women are attracted to that work in virtually ANY situation. And you know what?

I’ll tell you everything about them AND show you techniques for using them to get dates… FOR FREE… inside my Inner Game Newsletter.

I highly recommend you get the free members-only tips of my newsletter today, because they reveal many other overlooked secrets of how to do flirting besides those I already revealed.

That’s all I have to say about how to do flirting for today!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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