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All women can flirt, but ask what flirting is and they can’t explain it. That’s what I’m for: to teach you about flirting from a man’s perspective.

Learn more about flirting below, including what it is, how to do it, and WHY to do it!

How To Get A Girl To Like You – How To Touch A Girl (Part 2 of 3)

Dating is a minefield. One wrong step and you feel like you’ll blow yourself up.

Rejection is everywhere waiting to sneak up and ruin your plans.


But it doesn’t have to be so hard – or so brutal on you. You can avoid all the pain and suffering of dating rejection if you know how to get a girl to like you.

And most men don’t understand the value in knowing how to use physical touch to get a girl feeling that gut-level physical attraction.

In fact, most guys think that you need to get her interested and attracted to you BEFORE you touch her – which is a HUGE mistake.

It’s the other way around…

Because there are different ways to touch a girl, and each communicates something different

But one thing is for certain:

In order for her to start thinking about you sexually, she needs you to initiate touch – in the right way.


Yeah, you gotta be smooth and natural with it. Because there’s actually nothing that will kill the attraction vibe faster than getting too touchy with a girl too fast.

But if you wait too long, …

how to get that girl

5 Tips For How To Get That Girl

how to get that girlOver the 13 years or so that I’ve been helping guys like you be successful with women, I’ve seen a lot of mistakes, and I’ve also seen those same mistakes turn into some really great lessons on how to get the woman you want.

Doesn’t matter if it’s for a weekend or for months, either.

And I don’t just want to show you how to get a girl to LIKE you… I want these women to fall madly in love – where they would literally drag you into bed for sweaty, no holds barred passion that would embarrass an adult film star.

So what I thought I’d do is to share 5 of my tips for how to get a girl in your life – and in your bed.

Tip 1: Talk Yourself Up – Without Being a Douche

Guys instinctively know that they need to get their accomplishments out on the table in front of her as fast as they can. Unfortunately, most guys do this buy bragging. And that just comes across as douchey.

What you need is a method to tell her about who you are and what you’re capable of, without making it sound like you’re

How To Do Flirting – A Men’s Guide To Getting Women

When it comes to how to do flirting, most regular guys like you and me are clueless. Why not change that? Learn how flirting is done and get dates!

And in case you’re asking yourself what made ME the expert on how to do flirting, then my answer’s: I didn’t, but women did. You see, I know how women think in the dating game.

I know because I’ve been trying to learn how to do flirting myself for many, many years now. Plus, I’ve successfully coached hundreds of guys with meeting and dating women during the last 3 years or so… so you could say that I know what I’m talking about.

Hey, I’m not saying I have ALL the answers when it comes to how to do flirting, but I will tell you this:

Once you know how women think and what attracts them when you’re flirting with them like I know? It’s a matter of time before you’ll get dates here, there, and every freaking where!

So, let’s see what knowing how to do flirting boils down to, shall we?

Learning How To Do Flirting Is Learning A “Secret Language”

The most important thing you can ever