7 Secret Tips For Texting That Attract Girls Like Crazy

Everyone can give tips for texting things that girls like, but today you’ll get tips for texting things that girls LOVE and most guys don’t know about.

Because today I’ve got some tips for texting girls for you that guys who are incredibly successful with texting (guys like players and dating gurus) would hate to share with you because they make the dating game a hell of a lot easier.

I had to stalk some of those womanizers to get these tips for texting for you…

But it was worth it because don’t you, too, want to make the dating game a hell of a lot easier for yourself by making texting girls so easy a baby could do it?

In short: move over amateurish tips for texting that you can easily come up with yourself. Make room for pro tips from insiders that you won’t find anywhere else…

Tips For Texting: Right Click, Save As…

Learn below why some tips for texting are worth saving!

Most people who want tips for texting don’t realize that what they say makes texting “difficult” is also it’s greatest advantage:

It’s text-based.

Sure, you only have text to attract girls with… where you have your body language, eye contact, your voice tone, clothing style, and more in person. But you know what?

You CAN’T store every conversation you have with girls face-to-face, but you CAN store every conversation you have via text.

I can almost hear you think: “Why is this one of the best tips for texting?”

Think about it man: the more girls you meet, the more it becomes clear to you that you often find yourself in similar situations with them:

– Girls are shopping and you’re texting them about it

– You’re texting girls about exes, how guys and girls think about each other and other dating-related topics

– Girls are going out or in a club right now and you’re texting them about it

Not all girls are made equal, but they often like to do similar stuff. Shopping, talking about dating, gossiping, partying, drinking, fashion, sunbathing, and so on and so forth.

And this is where my tips for texting come in…

Because since you can’t avoid texting girls about similar stuff, why not take note of which replies you sent got the best reaction? If you tease a girl about sunbathing in a certain way and you notice she’s laughing her ass off, then save that text message somewhere or write it down.

I don’t care how you store a text message for later use, as long as you do it you’ll be a master of attracting girls through text thanks to these tips for texting in no time…

Because next time a different girl starts talking about sunbathing as well?

You re-use what you’ve already said before instead of forcing yourself to figure out what to text a girl over and over. Plus, it won’t be long before you figure out what the majority of girls respond extremely well too because you’ll see patterns.

The result: over time you will end up with several great things to say to girls via text that always attract them.

So, if you only remember one of the tips for texting I’ll give you today, make sure it’s this one because it’s the most powerful of the bunch.

Secret Tips For Texting: The Weekend Hook Up

Forget about those tips for texting that tell you to only text a hot chick after several days or that you should text her the next day…

Because the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) is a MAJOR exception to the rule. Keep using tips for texting, and tips for getting girls in general, and you’ll find that every rule has awesome exceptions, but that’s an entirely different story…

Why is the weekend different you ask?

Because texting is a means to an end. Texting gets you the date, but not the girl. That’s why you should see texting girls as the step before victory, not as victory itself… unless you don’t mind becoming pen pals with every single girl you meet 🙂

Whether you like it or not, the weekend is party time. Most girls who have a life love to go to the clubs and bars Friday through Sunday, hell, on Thursday too if they’re college chicks…

So why not use that to your advantage? Here are some tips for texting to use it to your advantage…

Okay, say you get a girls number on Monday. Not many people go out on Monday, so stick to whatever rule it is that you’re following about how long you should wait with contacting her.

Now let’s say it’s one of the days in the weekend. If you get a girls number during the day, then why not text her later that night and tell her to meet you in club XYZ?

Hell, if you get a number in club XYZ on night 1, then why not text that girl on day 2 and tell her to meet you at the same place, same time on night 2?

The result of using these tips for texting in a club/bar situation:

– It will feel like a date to her whether other people (her friends or yours) are there or not

– It’s much easier to kiss and go crazy in a club where people lose their inhibitions with alcohol or without it, then for example in the middle of the street

– If there is alcohol involved, it could make it easier. I’m not saying you should make girls drunk and act like a rapist. All I’m saying is alcohol CAN help you out a little.

Secret Tips For Texting Girls: The Mass Appeal

Get some tips for texting the mass below and learn why they rule!

This is one of the most forgotten but easiest tips for texting girls. Because all it means, in a way, is not wasting your own freaking time!


Because chances are you’re texting multiple girls at the same time. I mean, why wouldn’t you be because not every girl you text will end up dating you…

So you need to spread your eggs across multiple baskets instead of putting them in one.

Anyways, if you’re texting girls (multiple of them), then why not text them at the same time? Did you forget that you can send one text message to more than 1 person?

I’m talking about a mass text here. Sending the same thing to a few girls at once. In case you wonder when you would use tips for texting such as mass texts, then here are some examples:

1) It’s the weekend and you want to see who is ready to “date” you in a local club or bar, then why not text several girls? If one cancels, you’ll have others. If they can all make it, then you’ll have the time of your life if you meet them in different clubs!

2) You want to organize a party at your place. You know several girls that like you and invite them all. Some cancel but some will come. Because they like you and see you flirting with one of the others, they get jealous. Making girls jealous can get you dates VERY fast.

3) You want to go on a date, but not get cancelled on. Then mass text girls so there will always be one who can make it, cancel the others, and you’ll seem hard to get for them = you become more attractive to them!

Now THAT is what I call one of the best tips for texting: something you can always use but which not many guys actually use.

Secret Tips For Texting: I’m Standing Right Here You Know

I hate to give bad news to people, but when a girl’s single you’re not the only one she gives her number to 9 out of 10 times. So, you need to stand out.

That’s where the next two tips for texting girls come in: they easily make you stand out so women will remember you and be more attracted to you than to other, boring dudes.

Okay, let’s say you just got a cute girl’s number. Instead of walking away, stand next to her after you get the number, and text her pretending she’s someone else.

How? By saying something along the lines of:

“Wow! I just met this cute looking girl and it seems like she has a fantastic personality! I would love to take her out some time…”

Of course, she will read your text, be surprised and shy, and then you pretend to get shy and tell her you were supposed to send that to your best friend instead of her.

Then you can immediately ask her out now she already knows you want to!

Tips For Texting: You’re Standing Right There You Know

This texting tips builds on previous tips for texting girls, because you use it when you’re about to meet a chick somewhere.

Here’s the deal:

– Carefully approach the place where you two are supposed to meet and wait until you see her (make sure she doesn’t see you). She’ll probably wonder where you are…

– Text her and tell her you’re waiting for her and just saw the most beautiful girl and she was wearing … (describe exactly what she’s wearing: colors, clothing style, etc.)

– Then walk up to her and tell her you saw her

Now THAT is how you show a genuine interest in a woman and make her shy and attracted to you!

Tips For Texting: Cocky And Texting

Let’s take a step back for a sec and look at tips for texting BEFORE you actually get a girl’s number. Is that even possible? Yes it is!

Because when you have the balls to do this, it’s very, very… very unlikely that a girl will NOT give you her number.

That’s because you’ll be showing a loooot of confidence with this move.

Here’s the deal:

The moment you want to get her number, don’t ask for it. Tell her to wait a second because you think you just got a text message. And while you’re checking your phone, she’s thinking to yourself that you’re incredibly rude…

So guess how surprised she’ll be when you say you just got a text from her but don’t know how to reply because you don’t have her number?

Then tell her to give you her number so you can text back (and if you really want to be smooth, then “text her back” and say that yes you’re not, but she’s hotter).

It’s a bold move, it’s cocky…

Tips for texting the cocky way are the best in my opinion

But I’ve seen it work. I’ve seen all the tips for texting I’ve given you today work in my own life AND in other people’s lives, even when they weren’t players or dating gurus…

These techniques have given a lot of people some amazing results with women…

So, what are you waiting for? Start using these tips for texting already man!

And if you want even more highly effective texting tips that attract girls like crazy and get you dates, I highly recommend you get the FREE tips inside my Calling Girls and Texting Girls Newsletter.

Don’t wait… get those free tips right away, okay?

I hope you liked these secret tips for texting, as I put a lot of time in getting them from some of the best players and dating gurus I know!

Check out the rest of the How To Text A Girl series.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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