The Art Of Sending Flirtatious Text Messages

Want to learn how to send flirtatious text messages to women? You’ve come to the right place! Check out the basics of sending great text messages now.

Look, I can sit here all day and give you examples of flirtatious text messages you can send to women, but what’s the use if you don’t know the basics of sending text messages that attract?

In other words: why learn WHAT to send as flirtatious text messages when you don’t know HOW to send them, WHY, and WHEN?

I mean, do you want to send some text messages to a hot chick, make her want you, and then ask her out on a date and have a great time?

If so, then keep reading below to find out more about the how, why, and when of sending flirtatious text messages.

How To Send Flirtatious Text Messages

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for a long time now and are thinking to yourself: “will he repeat techniques he mentioned before in this blog on flirtatious text messages?”

Then the answer is NO. I promise you you’ll learn a bunch of new stuff!

And if you never been here before then ever better: you’ll learn a whole freaking lot about attraction and sending flirtatious text messages.

So, let’s talk about how to send flirtatious text messages already:

1) Attraction is sexual tension. Thinking along those lines, you have to ask yourself how you can increase tension with flirtatious text messages. The answer: sending flirtatious text messages at unexpected times, saying unexpected stuff in a text message, waiting a couple minutes before you reply or not replying at all… OR… not telling a woman what she wants to hear by avoiding questions, asking questions in return, etc. These all let a woman wonder about what comes next.

2) Attraction is a feeling based on emotions. Learning how to text a girl is thus a matter of learning how to create emotions inside text messages. You can do that with emoticons (like this one: :P) and with laughter (haha and lol). Just remember when sending flirtatious text messages that the longer a text message is, the more emotional tends to be. Don’t believe me? Try showing emotion in a text in 3 words without using emoticons or laughter. I rest my case!

3) Men are attracted to physique, beauty, youth. Materialistic things. Because you fall for that, you assume women do too. WRONG! Women fall for a man’s personality, so bragging about income, cars, homes, jobs, and other “shiny objects” doesn’t work. Never do that in your text messages.

When sending flirtatious text messages, don't brag about materialistic crap!

4) Women are attracted to a man’s personality. Certain personality traits. Dominance is one of the most important traits to attract women with AND the easiest to use when sending flirtatious text messages. Want to show dominance in text messages? Disagree with what she says, tell her you’ll only answer a question when she gives you something in return (like a kiss via text), etc.

5) The more intimately a woman knows you and the more you know her, the closer she’ll feel to you. A woman needs to feel a connection with you before she’ll even consider dating you. In essence, that means that EVERY text message you use to find out more about her or to let her find out more about you? Every one of those messages are flirtatious text messages!

6) Attraction is filling the gap’s a woman can’t fill in herself. For example, if she mentions her ex or guys in general never did something truly romantic for her? See it as a hint. If she mentions she’s been bossed around all her life, then see it as a hint and give her freedom and excitement. Give her options and risky challenges so she’ll feel free. And so on. Look for what she doesn’t have and give it to her in your flirtatious text messages or tell her you’ll give it as soon as you see her again.

As you can see: there’s all kinds of stuff you can do if you want to attract women via flirtatious text messages!


Why Send Flirtatious Text Messages?

I know this is going to sound corny, but I need to make a point about why sending flirtatious text messages is good here:

Let’s say attraction is like fire. It’s having a passion for someone, a burning flame. If that would be true, then don’t you want to throw some freaking OIL on the fire so the woman you want almost can’t wait to go on a date with you?

Don’t you want to strike while the iron is still hot? You can do that with flirtatious text messages.


Because I’m willing to bet you for 10 bucks right now that, whenever you meet and date women, it usually goes a little something like this: you two talk, you exchange numbers, you call and text a couple times, then you see each other again on the date.

In other words: flirtatious text messages are the bridge between seeing her the first time and seeing her another time (on a date). Do you realize what this means?

It means that the better the flirtatious text messages you send are, the faster you’ll go on a date and the easier you’ll “get the girl” on that date!

The opposite is also true: screw up the text message part (or the phone calls) and it will take longer to get a date and the date itself will be rocky, difficult, instead of in the pocket easy.

That makes ANY text message you send a tool to use and make the dating game easier for yourself (or harder).

Learn why flirtatious text messages are powertools of the dating game above

I promise you that when you start thinking along these lines, you’ll put some thought into all flirtatious text messages you’ll ever send.

And rightfully so, because I can tell you from experience that the difference between getting a date after good text message conversations and getting it after bad ones… can be weeks or months!

When To Send Flirtatious Text Messages

After the how and the why comes the WHEN of sending flirtatious text messages. And there are several things you’d want to pay attention to:

– Women want a man who’s genuinely interested in them and waiting for days or weeks after you get their number does NOT show them you’re interested. On the other hand, you also don’t want to come across like a desperate pussy by sending a text message after an hour. So, text the next day to play it safe.

– Since most women are in college or at work except for in the weekend, you’re most likely to get a reply to your flirtatious text messages in the evening from 7 PM onwards (except for in the weekend)

– Whenever women send you a text message and say they’re at a party, event, birthday or other social event and it’s boring? That is a MAJOR sign of interest in you. Pay attention to the women next time you’re at a social event and ask them who they texted. It’s usually their boyfriend, ex or a guy they like! It would be foolish, then, to not reply to a text message from a girl who’s at a social event, wouldn’t you agree?

Use your memory when sending her flirtatious text messages, because guess how you come across when you remembered it was her or her relative’s/friend’s birthday and you congratulate her? You come across like you’re genuinely interested, duhhh!

And if you want to attract one woman after the other… after the other with flirtatious text messages because you know everything there is to know about HOW and WHEN to send text messages?

Then make sure you grab the dozens and dozens of FREE tips inside my Calling Women and Texting Women Newsletter.

Why? Because they reveal everything a man needs to know about how and when to send text messages to “get the girl” and … if you DO want those… specific examples of what to text a girl! It will be your guide to getting girls via text. Trust me.

And to quote that pig from Looney Tunes here: “Th… tha… that’s all folks!” That’s all I have to say about sending flirtatious text messages, for now…

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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