Write A Dating Profile That Attracts More Women Than Other Guys

You can learn to write a dating profile that attracts women yourself, but why do that when you can learn from dating profile mistakes of other men?

I’ve talked about how to write a dating profile many times before here on the Win With Women blog… and you may have read plenty of tips on writing a dating profile on other sites already, but no one seems to have the balls to go out there and show you your competition.

I wonder why, because you WON’T believe how many stupid mistakes other men make when they write a dating profile!

And today I want to show you how writing a dating profile is done by first showing you what the competition does and then showing you why it’s wrong… so you’ll be able to stand out in the crowd on ANY site, because these mistakes are made by 89% of the guys on dating sites.

Are you ready? Then fasten your seatbelt because this may be a bumpy ride filled with mistakes that are a little too familiar…

Hey, no one’s perfect right? You have to learn some time!

Write A Dating Profile By NOT Being So Damn Desperate

Think before you talk about what kind of women you would like to meet when you write a dating profile.

Otherwise you get stuff on dating profiles like this:

“I’ve been single for a while now and thought I’d get back in the dating game!”

“I’m hoping to meet a nice girl here that I can settle down with…”

“I’m not looking for a fling or anything like that, but something serious.”

“I’m slowly but surely thinking to myself that it’s about time I get a wife and kids and…”

I can almost hear you think: “Do other guys really say this when they write a dating profile?”

The answer is, sadly, YES. But like I explain in my Online Mentorship Program (my guide for meeting women online): it’s not how writing a dating profile is done.

Think about it: when a woman is still thinking about what she should wear on the first date, you’re already talking about getting married and ruining her body because she needs to poop out some kids as fast as humanly possible.

You can tell from the way I described it that being TOO serious beforehand scares women away. Ask yourself: why so serious?

Learn how to write a dating profile that's not too serious below

And let me tell you… telling women you’ve been single for a while only makes them wonder if you really want to meet THEM… or just a woman, ANY woman, that gives you love and attention.

As you can see: none of this stuff works so avoid it when you write a dating profile.

And if you’re wondering what you should write then because you have no clue what else to talk about, then make fun of it when writing a dating profile:

– Say you want to get married, divorce her the next day, and take half her money

– Say you want a woman to poop out at least 6 kids in the next 4-5 years so you all can start a family business that’ll be bigger than Trump’s child slavery uhh… I mean family bizz

– Say you only want flings, will never look for something serious, that you’re a total heartbreaker and that your idols are Casanova, Don Juan, and any other womanizer that’s worth mentioning.

Now THAT is what makes you stand out when you write a dating profile. Make fun of dating-related topics everyone else takes (too) seriously on dating sites.

Write A Dating Profile By NOT Being So Full Of Yourself

Sometimes, I wonder if some guys are madly in love with themselves when they start to write a dating profile.

Why? Sit back, listen, and understand:

“I’m a lawyer, earn 300k a year and drive around in a cute little Ferrari.”

“I’m sweet, have a well paid job, I have a good sense of humor, I’m romantic, a good listener, I can be shy but very outgoing as well, etc.”

“You should definitely come chill out on my yacht if you’re interested.”

I have two words for dudes who write a dating profile that says crap like that: EGO… MANIAC!

Because who cares? Women certainly don’t. Women are attracted to a man’s personality and charisma, so the only thing that you will do when you try to brag about how rich you are…

Is let women know that you’re probably a workaholic and don’t have much to offer them besides shiny things. Sure, that works for gold diggers and woman who want “security” in their lives (read: them knowing they never have to work again)…

But that doesn’t work on REAL women. So don’t you write a dating profile by bragging about materialistic crap, capice?

Unless you actually WANT a woman who loves your money and not you 🙂

So how CAN you describe yourself in a good way when writing a dating profile?

Write a dating profile like you would write answers for an English exam: don’t make grammatical errors, watch your spelling, don’t use CAPS LOCK TO WRITE EVERYTHING, don’t use “text language” where tonight becomes 2nite, etc. Several research projects have proven that women HATE a men who screws up his spelling and what not and that they actually pick an average looking guy with normal spelling over a good looking one with crappy spelling!

– Show your personality. Tell a joke here and there. Make fun of yourself. Tell a little story of something great or special that happened to you once.

– Leave something out. Create a little mystery. For example, why not tell a funny and exciting story and then, just before the end, tell a woman to send you a message to hear the end of it?

Follow these tips and look at my examples of dating profiles when you write a dating profile and it will look much better and attract many more women than before. Trust me!

Write A Dating Profile By NOT Being An Emotional Wreck

You write a dating profile well by avoiding emotional wreckage

Just when you thought the worst was over, there was actually one more “little” mistake men make when they write a dating profile…

“It’s been a year since my divorce and…”

“After my ex I want something different:”

“I was married for 3 years and…”

Look at the examples I gave you above and tell me: what do you see?

Let me tell you what I see: all these sentences have “EMOTIONAL BAGAGE!” written all over them. That’s not what you should be doing when writing a dating profile. Why in the world would you talk about your previous relationship when you’re trying to get a new one?

Hellooooo? It doesn’t make any sense at all to write a dating profile that talks about your past lovers! And it scares women away big time.

The KEY insight about how to write a dating profile is this one:

Instead of talking about previous relationships when you want a new one, talk about what that new relationship should be.

In other words, when you write a dating profile? Focus on what you want your type of woman to do and not do. This works best if you do it in a playful way:

“I love talkative, outgoing, extravagant women… as long as talkative doesn’t mean you call me 40 times a day just to talk!”

To Write A Dating Profile Well, You Need Photos!

This may come as a surprise to you, but learning how to write a dating profile involves learning that it’s about more than just writing…

Like I’ve said in my Online Mentorship Program (which is about winning the online dating game as a man): it’s about your photos as well.

First off, whenever you try to talk to women online? They first look at the photo you chose to be your main photo, then your message, then your profile.

So, when you write a dating profile you need to remember that photos create the first impression.

Here are some tips:

1) When you write a dating profile, make sure you use a photo of you smiling (with nothing in the background to distract women) as your main photo. Why? Because research has shown that women consistently rate men who smile as more attractive than men who don’t smile on a photo.

2) Since women fall for a man’s personality AND charisma, write a dating profile and use photos of you in a charismatic situation. In other words: use photos where you’re doing what you do best. Displaying your talent. You’re a master with the guitar? Show it! That kind of stuff.

3) A picture paints a thousand words…

Learn how to write a dating profile with attractive pictures above!

And women want a genuine guy. Not a guy that’s a little too smooth (a player) or someone who’s too good to be true (a liar). Just a REAL guy. You can use photos to show you’re a real guy: use some of you and family, use some of you and friends, use some of you at work. Whatever. It’s all to show you have nothing to hide.

And hey, if you’ve made some of these mistakes on your current dating profile or on a past one? I’m not saying this to make fun of you. I’m saying it so you can start to write a dating profile that DOES work well and which WILL attract women to you like CRAZY.

One More Thing About How To Write A Dating Profile

As you can see by now: there are many mistakes made by men who want to write a dating profile, but you know what?

Learning how to prevent them puts you ahead of 89% of the competition. As a guy who has met dozens and dozens of women online through sites like Hyves (the Dutch equivalent of Facebook) and Facebook, I can tell you that from experience.

Most guys have no freaking clue what to do to meet women online successfully and over and over again. Don’t be that guy. How can you NOT be him?

Well, I can show you many other ways of writing a dating profile that attracts women to you.

Hell, I can show you things you can do with your dating profile to attract YOUR type of woman… whether it’s a Latina, a lawyer, an artsy chick or a model.

And isn’t that what you want? To meet your “dream girl” online?

I can show you how, inside my Online Mentorship Program. Check it out right away if you want to start kicking ass online and write a dating profile that blows women’s minds away.

Check out the rest of the Profile For Dating series.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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