This Is How To Text Girls And Get Dates Over And Over Again

If you don’t know how to text girls to attract them to you, you’re screwed! So let me show you 17 things to text girls that attract them like CRAZY!

Because you know what? Learning how to text girls and getting dates over and over again with it is super simple when you know WHAT creates attraction in general and WHY.

That’s why I’ll reveal many specific examples how to text girls using different personality traits today. Why personality traits you say?

Because here’s an overlooked secret of how to text girls (and of getting girls in general):

While men are attracted to youth, beauty, physique, and materialistic things… girls are attracted to a man’s personality.

Sure, looks count too for girls, but only for 10-20% of the big picture just like guys only take a girl’s personality into account for 10-20%. Meanwhile, both guys and girls assume that because THEY like certain things, the opposite sex must fall for them as well.

That’s why most guys are obsessed with getting good jobs, money, working out, shiny cars… without knowing that’s actually NOT how to get girls and NOT how to text girls!

And now you know why your personality is important if you want to learn how to text girls and get one date after the other, after the other… after the other? It’s time to look at several personality traits, why they create attraction, and some examples of how to text girls for each trait. Here we go! Are you ready?

How To Text Girls With Dominance

Dominance is one of the most effective personality traits to use if you want to learn how to text girls (or get girls in general), because for hundreds of thousands of years men have been in charge.

Hey, emancipation is great and I think girls deserve positions high up the corporate ladder, but on a genetic timescale of hundreds of thousands of years? Emancipation is a tiny dot, as it’s only been around for 100 years. Girls are still genetically hotwired for wanting a man to lead them, to show them the way.

That’s why dominance works. These insights might come in handy if you want to know how to text girls, right?

Anyways, when it comes to how to text a girl, there are plenty ways to be dominant:

– She tells you she wants to go there and there on a date…

You: “No problem! We’ll go there, right AFTER we go to –fill in your favorite place here-

– She needs help with something:

You: “Sure, I’ll help you. Let’s meet up at … ! Be sure to bring a reward for me woman!”

Here you’re telling her where to go and what to bring. Sounds dominant to me!

– She mentions she did this and that (when her computer crashed for example)…

You: “No don’t do that! You should do … instead”

Sorry for the vague example. Just wanted to show you what to say no matter what she does 🙂

I’m sure you can come up with many more ways of how to text girls with dominance yourself now I’ve shown you the way. So let’s keep it moving!

How To Text Girls With Playful Teasing

One of the most fun ways to learn how to text girls is by playfully teasing them. Why does it work you ask?

It creates attraction when you text girls because it shows a girl that A) you’re not impressed with her looks so she’d better bring something else to the table and B) you’re harder to get than the losers who always kiss her ass (because they’re impressed with her looks).

And now for some examples of how to text girls by playfully teasing them:

– She tells you she was really annoyed by someone today and her day sucked and bla bla…

You: “Omg, that person is like soooo annoying. It’s, like, a total freak of nature. Whateverrrr”

In case you didn’t notice: this is making fun of how girls talk used as an example for how to text girls. Using what girls do “against” girls always seem to works. Funny huh?

– She mentions she’s going to the gym, work out, or do any other kind of sportsy thing…

You: “Hey, do your thing girl! But you have to promise me something: if you start looking like a female Arnold Schwarzenegger, promise me you won’t get mad if I don’t want to date you anymore!”

Learn how to text girls by teasing them with being Schwarzenegger above!

Let’s check out some more examples of how to text girls with playful teasing:

– She’s into martial arts, tae bo or any other kind of workout where she throws punches and what not:

You: “You know, normally I know how to text girls but you? You and your love for kicks and punches must be single because you beat up your ex! Will you abuse me too? Be honest!”

– She says she’s tired:

You: “Photo, photo, photo! I want to see a photo of your zombie face so I know what you REALLY look like without make up!”

– Women are very fashion conscious, so use that to your advantage when you’re learning how to text girls:

You: “You like to wear silver huh? Well, it’s fine with me as long as you don’t look like one of those classic garbage cans (which you probably do).”

– She tells you she’s a little hung over from yesterday…

You: “Oh you big baby! You should be happy you didn’t have a hangover, woke up and couldn’t remember the monkey or the guy in the trunk of the car like in the Hangover movies”

– She tells you you’re cute/funny/mean:

You: “Well you’re disgusting/boring as hell/Satan’s little angel… just kidding! Or am I? :P”

Now THAT is being rude when learning how to text girls… and getting away with it!

I’ve already given 50 examples of what to text a girl if you want to tease in another blog post, but I still had some ammo left for my arsenal and now you got it. Hehe.

How To Text Girls By Being Picky

When it comes to how to text girls, I like to see playful teasing as busting a girl’s balls in a non-serious, playful way… but being picky?

Being picky is busting balls when you text girls in a completely serious way! It’s showing your disapproval so they’ll fight hard to gain your approval again. Plus, just like teasing it’s also showing you’re not impressed with their looks and that you’re hard to get because you don’t kiss ass.

Check out some awesome samples of how to text girls by being picky:

– She tells you she’ll wear something red tonight (or any type of clothing for that matter)

You: “Ah that’s boring! I expect a little more from you… so why don’t you wear something –fill in your favorite color here- made out of –fill in any fabric you think looks cool here-

Fill in your favorite color and the fabric (leather, stretch, whatever) and you’re good to go.

– She tells you she didn’t do much last weekend because…

You: “Two words: booo…riiiing! You’re not a lazy couch potato are you?”

When it comes to how to text girls, tease them by calling them lazy

– She tells you she has other plans and can’t text/call/date you

You: “You know I’m way more fun than whatever you’re about to do, so come have fun with me around … !”

It doesn’t matter if she says no here. It’s just to make a statement. You’re lame, I’m cool. That kind of thing.

As you can see: learning how to text girls with this takes guts, because you have to be absolutely sure that you don’t come across like you’re teasing her.

So say it like you mean it dude!

How To Text Girls By Being Challenging

Learning how to text girls by being challenging is insanely easy, once you know the basic principles behind why it works so well.

Here’s the deal:

The more attraction you create, the more a girl hopes you’ll say what she wants you to say. And that goes beyond her hoping you’ll ask her out. She wants you to respond in a positive way when she texts you, but you don’t. This is where learning how to text girls gets interesting…

You don’t because it makes you UNPREDICTABLE. It makes girls want to figure you out, learn to get to know you better so they can keep you all to themselves and so you WILL respond in a positive way in the future.

Here’s how to text girls by being challenging:

– She always ends her texts to you with a kiss…

You: “Only one kiss? Oh come on! You know I deserve two today…”

And if she says no or doesn’t do it, you don’t give her ANY kisses back and tell her that as well. That’s how to be challenging while learning how to text girls.

– She asks you if you know a great place where they … or any other question…

You: “I can definitely help you out with this! But it will cost you two kisses.” And remember man: no kisses from her? No help!

– You’re both partying tonight and agree to meet up somewhere. She says she’ll be there at …

You: “No be there at …” (an hour earlier or later)

The possibilities for how to text girls with this are endless!

Just remember that the whole idea here is to up the ante. To NOT give her what she wants or make it tougher for her to get it.

How To Text Girls By Being A Protector Of Loved Ones

This is one of the most overlooked ways of how to text girls and get girls in general. It has something to do with the effects of being dominant…

You see, when you’re learning how to text girls and you’re being dominant, she must be submissive. You’re the leader, she’s the follower. And what do leaders normally do?

That’s right: they protect their followers. By “protecting” a girl’s interests, money, job, education, or even physically protecting her? You create attraction. You’ll make a girl feel safe. It’s a very cool way for learning how to text girls because…

The examples of how to text girls with this are so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it before yourself!

– She tells you her teacher/boss/ex/friend was being a total jerk yesterday…

You: “Do you want me to go talk to the bastard? Because no one should talk to you like that! It really pisses me off! You deserve to be treated with some respect, so let me teach him some respect.”

I know what you’re thinking: “Does this really help for learning how to text girls dude?”

YES. Trust me. Once you try it, you’ll LOVE how a girl responds to it. Who would have thought you could get the girl by acting like a total mobster huh?

Sometimes learning how to text girls is all about mobsters

– She tells you she saw something she would really like to have had but it was too expensive.

You: “Where did you see it again? Let me go there and make their “tough guy” salesman an offer he can’t refuse. I’m sure he’ll give you a discount afterwards…”

Fun fact about how to text girls with this:

I never actually had to go anywhere for a girl after offering her to go there. Yet still, they really, really like it when I do this.

And I’m sure you can come up with many more examples of how to text girls yourself, but if you want to get your hands on more examples right now for FREE? Then I highly recommend you get the tips inside my Calling Girls and Texting Girls Newsletter. Do it. Get them.

And that’s all I have to say about how to text girls for now. Hope you liked my tips!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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