5 Steps For How To Be Attractive To Girls 9 Out Of 10 Times

Most guys don’t know how to learn how to be attractive to girls, but all you have to do is follow my 5 steps to attract girls. Check them out now!

I can hear you think: “why are there 5 steps to learn how to be attractive to girls? And why are you so sure I’ll know how to attract girls after checking out your steps man?”

The answer to both questions: because you’re about to learn how to be attractive to girls thanks to certain areas of your everyday life… 5 areas to be exact. So, let’s get to it!

How To Be Attractive To Girls Step 1: Gain Confidence

If you’d meet me somewhere on the street and asked me how to be attractive to girls, then I’d reply with this:

Gaining confidence is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do in the dating game, because how can you love someone else when you don’t love yourself first?

Being confident means many things when we’re talking about how to be attractive to girls:

– A big part of how to be attractive to girls is knowing you have value. Knowing and BELIEVING when she has a choice between you and others, she’ll pick you because you have so much to offer. You’re her caviar and all those other jackasses are only nasty tasting potatoes, know what I mean?

Learning how to be attractive to girls starts with knowing you're their caviar

– Not chasing girls when you don’t hear from them, because if you love something then let it go and… (I assume you know how the saying goes)

– Finding out what your best qualities are when it comes to girls. I, for one, am very charismatic and playful… but what are you all about? What!? I can’t hear youuu!

In short: being confident means believing in yourself and not being needy around girls, because you know you have several things to offer them that no one can… and you’re damn proud of it too!

Now THAT’S how to be attractive to girls! Let’s continue…

How To Be Attractive To Girls Step 2: Improve Your Lifestyle

Once you know what you’re about so you can show girls what you’re about, learning how to be attractive to girls continues with improving your lifestyle.

Right now you may be wondering: “what the hell has my lifestyle to do with how to be attractive to girls?”

Here’s the juicy secret: the more you put yourself in situations where you can’t do nothing but be around girls… it’s easier to meet girls!

Makes sense, but at AT LEAST half the guys who ask me for advice on how to be attractive to girls don’t go out much…

Hmmm, I wonder why they can’t get the results with girls they want?

If you never go outside, you won’t attract girls. PERIOD. Sure, you can try attracting girls online but let’s face it: sooner or later, you’ll need to take things offline so you’ll STILL have to meet girls face-to-face.

Needless to say, you need to put yourself out there when it comes to how to be attractive to girls. How?

– Go to every birthday or other social event you (can) get invited to, because you’ll never know who’s there. Maybe it’s “Miss Right”!

– Go out AT LEAST 2 times a week, either to clubs and bars or to shopping malls and stores. Being out and about already increases you’re chances of meeting girls.

– Whatever you always do, try to do it with girls. Being around them alone helps you understand them better. Yes, do it even if your life takes place in World of Warcraft like that Southpark episode:

If you want to know how to be attractive to girls, then do more with girls!

Being Attractive To Girls By Being Social (Step 3)

Learning how to be attractive to girls comes close to learning how to improve your social skills and conversational skills. Hell, I dare to say it’s one and the same game…

Because the more easily you can talk to people, the more easily you’ll come up with things to say to attract girls…

And the more easily you can socialize, the more easily you’ll meet and attract girls because you’ll be introduced to them. A lot. A whole freaking lot.

So how can you socialize and learn how to be attractive to girls because of it?

– Trade a favor for a favor like this: “I’ll do XYZ for you, but you’ll have to introduce me to … in return.” You’ll be surprised how happy people are to return the favor, even if you want to meet their sister!

– Make some female friends. Go out with them a couple times and challenge them to a duel whenever you go out: the one who introduces the least amount of cute people to the other has to pay for the next round of drinks. Now THAT’S a great way to learn how to be attractive to girls!

– See everything and everyone as practice. You can practice being dominant (which creates attraction) on friends, family, and random people before you try it on girls you like. Same goes for playful teasing, being mysterious and other personality traits that create attraction.

How To Be Attractive To Girls With Psychology (Step 4)

I sort of spoiled the surprise of what this section of learning how to be attractive to girls will be about, because I already talked about it in the previous paragraph: personality traits.

You see, knowing how to get with a girl means knowing all girls are attracted to certain personality traits in a man: dominance, confidence, ambition, risk taking, being independent, being mysterious, being challenging (hard to get), and the list goes on, and on… and on.

Learning how to be attractive to girls starts with knowing and experiencing for yourself that girls respond in a positive way to all these traits. If you’re a total rookie when it comes to attracting girls, then start with learning why these create attraction inside my FREE Inner Game Newsletter.

And if you’ve visited the blog before, then the KEY insight about how to be attractive to girls here is that certain girls respond better to certain traits. It’s because of their background and/or habits:

– Girls from very traditional cultures, for example, are used to all kinds of rules their parents/family enforce upon them. But a caged bird desires freedom, so the more careless you are and the less limits you accept? The more they like you, because you give that sense of adventure they crave after years of oppression.

– Wild girls, especially those who are acting a little “young” their age, usually don’t want to grow up. Because of it, they seek a man to make up for their lack of maturity: a controller. A dominant force in their lives that silences their wild enthusiasm every now and then.

– And I can continue giving you examples of how to be attractive to girls by using their background or habits “against” them, but I think you know what I mean.

And hey, no matter if you’re a total rookie or have been around the block when it comes to how to be attractive to girls… always remember the first rule of attraction:

Where there’s a need, there’s a way. ANY girl that has a psychological need (see above) can feel attracted to you, even if she has a boyfriend, is married or seems extremely hard to get because she’s a supermodel or whatever.

How To Be Attractive To Girls: Don’t Sweat The Technique

Isn’t it funny how I’ve not even covered techniques for how to be attractive to girls yet, unlike many other dating “gurus” and pick up artists that claim techniques are the be all, end all of dating?

And you may be wondering: “Why HAVEN’T you shared any techniques for how to be attractive to girls yet dude?”

Because when you know psychology, techniques will follow. If I know why dominance works, for example, I can create my own techniques for how to be attractive to girls on the spot…

… Like asking a girl where she wants to go on a date, and then taking her somewhere else…

… Like telling her ladies first, to give me her coat, to pull out her chair and tell her to sit down (being a gentleman is really being dominant!)…

… Like saying “NO” to the most unexpected things, even sex, just to show that I’m in control of everything, including her and my own sexual urges…

Do you see where I’m going with this? And to put the icing on the cake of how to be attractive to girls, I’m quoting hiphop legend Rakim here: don’t sweat the technique!

Listen to Rakim if you want to learn how to be attractive to girls!

BTW: if you’ve been around the block and know quite a bit about how to be attractive to girls, then you’d better prepare for my Inner Game Newsletter because it contains TONS of advanced insights on female psychology, improving your lifestyle, and more. Check it out!

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To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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