How To Be at Your Most Alpha

Masculinity is a word that gets thrown around all the time, and not enough guys understand what it’s about – or embrace its true meaning.

Some think having a Porsche or cash to burn is what attracts women, but all this external stuff is just icing on the cake. The qualities that constitute “being a man” helps a guy get those things, but more importantly, they’re also responsible for turning women on.

Now, in a world where traditional gender roles are being challenged, the definition of manliness might be a bit fuzzy for some guys. Families with stay-at-home dads and working moms are a good example of breaking stereotypes.

Men in these situations need to make use of feminine skills like nurturing relationships, caring for others and finding joy in the beauty of life. Women in the workplace on the other hand, need to be competitive, driven and focused – all of which are masculine qualities.


But when it comes to dating however, it’s a whole other ballgame. Even if we’re living in a progressive time like this, you’ll still need those masculine traits to activate a woman’s feminine attraction circuitry.

Here are a few ways to be more manly to women and live a fuller life at the same time:

#1: Be Passionate About Something

Are you a dedicated philanthropist or a hardcore extreme sports enthusiast? Being dedicated to a cause is great because being focused on something that enriches your life automatically makes you an interesting guy.

Also, having a hobby or career you’re genuinely interested in also means building principles and values around it – like integrity, leadership, inner strength, and responsibility. All of this makes for an authentic masculinity that draws women in.

So get busy doing something you honestly care about. No matter what niche you’re in, you’ll always run into someone you can demonstrate your masculine qualities to without looking like you’re trying too hard.

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