First Date Topics That Give Your Girl A Fantastic Date

Coming up with good first date topics to talk about with her is tough because you usually don’t know her that well. Here’s how to make a date easy!

First off, you should know that some good first date topics do more than just prevent those awkward silences we’ve all experienced (and HATED) on first dates in the past.

Why? Because if you play your cards right, then my first date topics will not only help you keep the conversation going… no there’s more…

Because they’ll also boost the attraction and have her begging for a kiss from you.

Do you want proof of how my first date topics make it possible? Makes sense, so here’s your proof…

Why Some First Date Topics Make Her Beg For A Kiss…

Most regular guys like you and me that start learning how to create attraction think it’s done with fancy techniques that require a lot of guts, much macho type behavior, and all that.

First date topics that work well don't contain any macho BS

Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s not the full story of what attraction is and my first date topics can prove it!

You see, no matter how much you make a woman feel attracted to you with ANY kind of technique, if she doesn’t feel comfortable and safe around you then she WON’T take things to the next level with you.


She needs to feel safe around you, and comfortable, and that you’re a trustworthy guy and not some creep with rape fantasies if you know what I mean. Good first date topics help you make her feel that way.

And get this: each step of the way she needs to feel comfort and trust even more. For example, she needs 10 times as much trust/comfort to sleep with you than to kiss with you…

So your dating success ALSO depends on creating comfort and trust whether you like it or not. That’s why talking with her is important.

And it’s also why good first date topics can mean the difference between saying goodnight without a kiss… and crashing at her place for the night 😉

The Definition Of Good First Date Topics

Thinking along the lines of how much of a difference good first date topics can make, here’s a definition of what IS and what is NOT a good first date topic…

First date topic do’s
1) It creates trust by revealing very personal details about you or about her of course, preferably details you or she wouldn’t reveal to most people

2) A good first date topic creates comfort by making her relax. Using humor is a good way to do it. Another way is to talk about stuff that interests most women.

3) It gives examples of why you’re a trustworthy guy by using themes like loyalty in your questions and answers

4) Good first date topics challenge her to think about herself or the world in new ways while she didn’t expect that, which makes you unpredictable (that alone creates attraction) and makes you stand out from all the guys she’s dated before

First date topic don’ts
1) It doesn’t create discomfort with negative themes like her or your ex, what sucks about her/your job or other crap. In other words: always keep the fun going.

2) It shouldn’t be about you, because A) the more she reveals about herself, the more she automatically must trust you with that info and B) the more she reveals, the more you can attract her with (by teasing her with it, disapproving it, etc.) In other words: keep her talking!

3) Bad first date topics consist of predictable stuff like how the weather is, how her day was, what her hobbies are. You have to dig deeper to make her trust you AND to attract her…

Now let’s check out some examples of first date topics already, shall we?

First Date Topics: Examples, Examples, Examples

Alright, now we know that good first date topics are about very personal stuff, are relaxing, challenge her, and are about trust themes? Let’s see some examples…

“What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you?”

This starts one of those first date conversations that will do you much good, because it’s a nice way to break the ice and make her relax.

“What 2-3 major events in your life made you who you are today?”

This is one of the best first date topics, because it tells you what she thinks is important (and thus if she’s really your type), it probably reveals her ambitions (who she wants to be), and it tells you how well she knows herself (if she doesn’t know at all, you can bet your ass that she doesn’t have much confidence).

If you see her doubting whether she should tell you or not, go first. This goes for all the examples of first date topics I’m giving you today, because going first creates trust.

“Fun question: you have a best friend you’ve known all your life and who means everything to you. Out of nowhere, you get an offer that will make you a million dollars BUT accepting the offer would ruin your friendship forever because he/she is against the people who made you the offer for very personal reasons. Would you accept or decline the offer?”

Who says money can't be one of the best first date topics?

Now THAT is how you determine whether she’s loyal or not (which is important in a relationship) and how you can show her that you’re a trustworthy guy.

“Question. When guys sleep with multiple girls in one week they’re called heroes by most people around them, but when a girl sleeps with multiple girls in one week? She’s called a slut. What do you think is the reason for that?”

First date topics that involve situations in the dating game always work because women love talking about it.

Plus, it’s also a way for you to show your experience with women. How much you know about women. And women want a man who knows what to do around women.

“What are you afraid of?”

Someone’s fears reveal a lot about them and it’s also a very personal topic to talk about.

It can also be quite funny, because you won’t believe what women can be afraid of: most are afraid of spiders and mice, but you’ll hear stuff like birds, fish, and other crazy things.

More First Date Topics…

There are many other first date topics you can attract women with. Would you like to know them?

And I’m willing to bet you that you want to know more about what to do on a first date in general too, right?

Do you want to know more about how to be confident on the first date for example, how to look confident, when to kiss her, and how to make her come inside with you?

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And right about now this movie addict is going to watch himself some Green Lantern while enjoying a gigantic “bucket” of coffee (a huge cup, and yes I’m a coffee junkie too).

What did you think of my thoughts on first date topics? Be sure to leave a comment!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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