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It’s exciting, the first date with her. But how do you make sure the first date ends well for you? And do you call after a first date? Find out!

Learn more about what to do on a first date and/or after it below…

How To Ask A Girl Out – 3 Steps

When it comes to asking a girl out, there are 3 results you want:

  1. She should say YES
  2. She should NEVER say NO
  3. She should really be interested – not just trying to win a free meal

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of feminist hate mail for #3, but I don’t care. I’m here to help you safely navigate the treacherous waters of dating and mating.

The ideal process of asking a girl out would never include the possibility she would say NO to you. Rejection is something men universally despise.

So I’m going to give you 3 Simple Steps to asking a girl out. I’ll also give you the (mostly) foolproof method here to accomplish the goal.

What you will have to do is bring a willingness to see the TRUTH about the girl you want, and not fool yourself about what her actual interest in you is. Because here’s my –

UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH #1: If she doesn’t really like you, then you don’t want to date her.

I know that one SHOULD be obvious.

HOWEVER you’d be surprised how many guys want to go out with a girl – even knowing that she’s not that into

How To Call After A First Date And Have Her Begging For More

Want to know how to call after a first date and get a second date with her and more? Then pay attention, because today I’ll show you how to do that!

In case you’re thinking to yourself right now: “Should I even call after a first date in the first place?”

Then the answer (if you want to see her again) is hell yeah! But… you need to call after a first date in a different way than most guys do. And WHEN you call after a first date is important too…


Because you don’t want to come across like you’re indifferent, too cool for school or whatever you want to call it. You don’t want to be seen as a player…

On the other hand, you don’t want to come across too excited either because desperate little wussies scare women away faster than spiders and mice do COMBINED!

Needless to say, there’s an “art” to calling after a first date: call after a first date too late or don’t say enough and you’re screwed, but you’re also screwed when you call too early or say too much.

I don’t want to put pressure on you, but the reality …

First Date Topics That Give Your Girl A Fantastic Date

Coming up with good first date topics to talk about with her is tough because you usually don’t know her that well. Here’s how to make a date easy!

First off, you should know that some good first date topics do more than just prevent those awkward silences we’ve all experienced (and HATED) on first dates in the past.

Why? Because if you play your cards right, then my first date topics will not only help you keep the conversation going… no there’s more…

Because they’ll also boost the attraction and have her begging for a kiss from you.

Do you want proof of how my first date topics make it possible? Makes sense, so here’s your proof…

Why Some First Date Topics Make Her Beg For A Kiss…

Most regular guys like you and me that start learning how to create attraction think it’s done with fancy techniques that require a lot of guts, much macho type behavior, and all that.

First date topics that work well don't contain any macho BS

Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s not the full story of what attraction is and my first date topics can prove it!

You see, no matter how much you make a woman feel attracted to you …