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Do you know what to say when asking a girl out? And do you hear a YES 9 out of 10 you ask a girl out? If not, this page fixes that problem fast!

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How To Ask A Girl Out – 3 Steps

When it comes to asking a girl out, there are 3 results you want:

  1. She should say YES
  2. She should NEVER say NO
  3. She should really be interested – not just trying to win a free meal

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of feminist hate mail for #3, but I don’t care. I’m here to help you safely navigate the treacherous waters of dating and mating.

The ideal process of asking a girl out would never include the possibility she would say NO to you. Rejection is something men universally despise.

So I’m going to give you 3 Simple Steps to asking a girl out. I’ll also give you the (mostly) foolproof method here to accomplish the goal.

What you will have to do is bring a willingness to see the TRUTH about the girl you want, and not fool yourself about what her actual interest in you is. Because here’s my –

UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH #1: If she doesn’t really like you, then you don’t want to date her.

I know that one SHOULD be obvious.

HOWEVER you’d be surprised how many guys want to go out with a girl – even knowing that she’s not that into

Why You Can’t Get A Girlfriend – 7 Reasons

Why You Can’t Get A Girlfriend – 7 Reasons

One thing I’ve learned doing dating coaching over the last 16 years, and that’s this:

Most men (and women!) have almost NO CLUE about how attraction between the sexes really works.

Now, when I say NO CLUE – I mean that they THINK they understand it, and PRETEND to understand relationships, but honestly don’t. I think it’s mostly because they don’t want to seem like they’re ignorant to the other 98% of the population that is also pretending to know what they’re doing.

Most of the guys who pretend to know how to date a lot of girls will give you the same lame advice:

  • Dude, you gotta be confident…”
  • You gotta know how to talk to women…”
  • You gotta know how to dress…”
  • “You gotta…”

Well, sad to say that half of these guys are usually “naturals” with women (meaning they intuitively have gotten women without knowing what the $#&% they are doing, or they’re good looking.)

The other half are guys that don’t really have ANY skill with women, but just happen to have a girlfriend at the moment. Which means they’re currently doing 100% better …

How To Ask A Girl Out

How To Get A Girl To Like You – How To Ask A Girl Out (Part 3 of 3)

The most important step to meeting women is knowing when AND how to ask a girl out.

Most guys go their whole lives thinking this is the most frightening part of meeting women, and that they will be rejected most of the time.

Let’s be real – if you knew you weren’t going to get rejected, would you approach and ask more girls out?

You bet your ass you would…

The truth is that if you know what you’re doing, you should almost NEVER be rejected by women.

How to get a girlfriend

That’s why I’m going to give you 3 secret ways to get her out on a date – and probably a whole lot MORE from her.

HOWEVER – I need to warn you that I’m going to explain some really ninja stuff here. So if you’re against using any kind of mind games with women, you might want to move on.

We’re going to get serious and straight to the truth.

If you want some wishy-washy nonsense about “just act confident” – this isn’t for you.

Secret Strategy 1: Keep your head in the game

Your mind needs to be relaxed and clear when the time comes to finally ask her …